Monday, June 28, 2021

Last Night Road Trip!

Saturday evening out and about with the You & Two Friends retreat, group 2!

It's not often that I get to run around with the retreat gals, but Saturday gave me an opportunity!

And we didn't have to go far - about 8 miles "up the road" from Quiltville Inn stands Sarah's Fox Creek General Store.  

Not only is the building an icon in these parts (In Grant, VA - near Troutdale) but Sarah's menu and food offerings are top notch.

And the ambiance couldn't be any cuter!

She also has plenty of outdoor dining at umbrella shaded tables - she smokes her own meats, and we were stuffed to the gills by the time we were done.

And that didn't stop folks from bringing home large slices of carrot cake "to go" for midnight sewing snacks!

I love seeing places like this thrive in my area - hard working folks with a dream who will do anything to make it come true.  In the middle of nearly nowhere - the best place on earth to be.

Oh, and I had the shrimp and grits - best EVER!

Saturday was also a special day for me - I got to pop in during Gudrun Erla's Hey June Quilt Along and say hi to everyone!

She also had me do a  video of the retreat goings on, and include some photos for my interview.  My interview happens at about 10 minutes in to Part 2 of the sew along.  Click to Play:

I hard wired the lap top.  I used the lap top camera, not the external one.  I also had on a headset with built in mic to help with the sound.  Still a bit choppy, but the best we can offer.

You know there have been many problems with my slower internet - and the video of the inn was nearly impossible to get to her due to file size, so I'll share it separately with the photos embedded in the interview so you can see them full size.

The end of June has us leafy and green!

Let's see what the quilters are doing inside!

Click to Play:

We had one still sleeping!

I waved these ladies off yesterday morning -

I'm going to miss seeing their quilts on the design walls!

Please come again!

Scrappy Mountain Majesties from the Free Patterns tab!

Love it!

All is quiet - 

Waiting for The Grateful Threads to arrive on Wednesday!

The porch will once again be ready for meal time and relaxation.

The porch rails will be draped with gorgeous quilts!

And for just a few days - I'll enjoy the quiet!

Today is also the day we draw for the winner of the Rivanna + Bitcoin Bundle and Facets of Blue fabric roll!
Who is entry 1812 of 6610 entries?
Susan Wheatley!!  Congrats!

Susan, please reply to the email I sent to the email address you provided with your entry.

I'll reply with the pdf pattern files, and Irene at Cottontoquilts.com will be getting your fabric bundle in the mail to you.

If you didn't win - No worries - we have another gift-away opportunity for the Rivanna + Bitcoin Bundle and a special collection of blue/neutral fat-quarters from Mary’s Quilt Shop happening TOMORROW!

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And that's not the only thing that is going on!  Did you see our Simple Whatnots II Gift-Away that started on Saturday? 

Click the link for that post and get your entry in - you will LOVE this book!  (And all of the other goodies I'm throwing in with it!)

I think that catches me somewhat up til now.  It was a busy weekend, I'm kind of easing into the quiet pace of a peaceful Monday.  It's a studio day for me. More behind the scenes time of work - 

How was your weekend?  Those in the PNW - how are you holding up to this horrendous heat??

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage quilt found in Kentucky.
Your life is 100% yours. Your opinion should matter more to you than the opinions of others who don't have to live within your skin. ⁣

Have a great Monday, everyone!⁣



  1. I absolutely love that welcoming door.

  2. Thank you for sharing! Looks wonderful! Marilyn Marks

  3. Good morning…at 6:44am it’s already77.5 degrees with a forecast of 113 in my small Washington town, it’s going to be an inside day. Fortunately, we have AC but many don’t. We will hang in there, cooler weather on horizon. Grandson has us up early and keeping our minds off the heat.. busy busy busy.

  4. I've been watching the Olympic Trials and Gudrun's & your comment about Cov19 changing your lives, was imagining all the work and the extra year the athletes had to dedicate to staying fit and following their dream... Just as it has yours and many others... i'm grateful, I got to stay home and quilt! Love, and Blessings to all -- Cats in Carlsbad CA

  5. Oregon is hot!!! The Lilipup Labrador declined to go outside once. Even the slim possibility of a person walking down the road that MIGHT pet her did not entice her!

  6. Love seeing all the quilters and their work.. so glad you have been able to get back to having the retreats.
    it's even too hot to sew here, all-time records be shattered in the Willamette Valley as well as the rest of the PNW. normally mid 70s this time of year, 113 here yesterday, and still hot for the next week or so.....
    looking forward to Leaders & Enders
    MaryAnn in Dallas, Oregon

    1. Hello MaryAnn, I live in Dallas too!

    2. Hi MaryAnn in Dallas Oregon we're neighbors I'm just south of Independence in all the mint fields. Boy are you correct I was up at 5:30 this morning and it was already 78. It's going to be another scorcher today. Keep cool.

  7. Thanks for the tour... what a wonderful quilty haven! So great to see friends sewing together!

  8. Bonnie, you are one of these hard working people with a dream and worked hard to make it happen in the middle of nowhere. Congratulations to you❤️

  9. Bonnie, what is in the area under the porch that is bricked and has windows? It doesn’t look to tall to be a room, perhaps “ cold “ storage room.

  10. pea green with quilty envy....ooohhh i need a retreat bad!

  11. Yikes it's HOT. Even Whidbey Island in Washington is baking. Depending on where on the Island, temperatures varied, mid 90's to 100+. One more day then we're forecast to be back to our 70° range. Can't even use my sewing shed. It's an oven. The air conditioning in the house is struggling to keep the temp half way comfortable. Businesses are closed or closing early. One more day, we will make it. Then I have a quilt to get layered and quilted.Æ

  12. Just popping in to ask - what are your design walls made from? If they're batting, what kind is it? I'm up to my 39th quilt and have yet to put up a design wall, but I really need one.
    What a shame your retreat isn't in Australia!

    1. foam insulation board covered with white flannel.

    2. excellent idea Bonnie. I have heavy wide FELT (just from JoAnnes) staple gunned to my walls. I could line the entire house with this stuff. I can run my lint roller on it and it cleans up nice of threads. I have also taken ruler and blue pencil to make a light grid
      with a few diagonal lines. I have had mine up since 2004 and they are still in the best shape ever. I also have a folding step ladder (walmart) that is easy to move to my various walls.
      One last thing for those times my two walls are full, I bought a white twin size quilt at Target mannnny years ago. I have that available and ready at a moment's notice to put on clippy hangers and hang on the curtain rod.... kind of nice on those days it is super hot outside or super cold in winter. 🥰😇😁

  13. What a beautiful, fabulous view you have from your back porch! Such calming, relaxing scenery :)

  14. Loved your little video!

  15. LOVED your tour of the Quiltville Inn! SO huge and the house itself is so beautiful! Loved seeing the quilts made and in progress!

  16. Sweet as always. I love the pictures and your stories and adventures
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I admire your enthusiasm and efforts

  17. Your retreat house is a wonderful culmination of your dream! It makes me happy to see it!

  18. Your retreat house is a wonderful culmination of your dream! It makes me happy to see it!

  19. When you opened the squeaky door to the back porch my dog jumped up and ran to the front door barking. I don't have a squeaky door. I just laughed & laughed.


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