Friday, June 26, 2020

Thursdays are for Quilting!

Yesterday’s progress on the Snails Trail project!

I took yesterday to embrace the “no more laundry” silence – declared it a day of “social media distancing” and tuned into a couple of podcasts while giving myself permission to do NOTHING BUT SEW.

As I talked to my dad last night (We talk every evening around 7pm my time, sometimes by video call, sometimes just voice.) and tried to explain my day to him in terms of “I really didn’t do much.” it hit me – It wasn’t that I didn’t DO MUCH, it’s that I didn’t have multiple plates spinning all at the same time trying to keep them all going.

I did ONE THING.  I settled in and sewed.  I didn’t read other people’s rants on Facebook (Because sometimes, you know – if the rant is good enough you have to also read all 937 comments and it's a time suck!) I didn’t get drawn into anything political or bad-newsy.

I just sewed.

And I loved it.

And so did Lola.

Who loves to ride shotgun on my lap while I stitch.

Love the creative mess you make!

We are kicking off the “Love your Creative Space” tour today – and I may be the first one to direct you to Christa Watson’s blog as she is the first stop on the tour.

And then head over to my publisher to visit the C&T blog for their post!

As I am on the East Coast, at my own writing time the C&T blog isn’t showing their new post yet, but it’s only 5am there time.  So check back if it hasn’t gone live yet.

And yes, there is a Give-Away.  Find the directions to enter on each post and leave your entry there.

The entire line up:

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What else can you find on the C&T blog?  

How about a Podcast episode with ME?! Listen Here!   I had a great time chatting with Roxann about This, That & Everything.

Itching to get back to these today.

Snail’s Trail is a traditional block and there are many different variations out there if you just turn to the magic of Google (Also known as “the oracle!”)

My quilt is not complete yet so there is no pattern at the current time.  As in the case of the chicken and the egg – for me the quilt comes first, then the pattern when the quilt is finished.  Thanks for understanding!

This was waiting for me when I got home -

“Where’s dinner?!”

And just to start your Friday off with a giggle and a grin -

Click to Play:


You are such a hoot!

Our weekend will kick off this evening with a quick trip to Wallburg to retrieve some things and do some other things that must be done.  We should be back by bedtime.

My post will go live in the morning when I can get it posted.

And then into the weekend we go!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Send out positive ripples, my friends. (And try not to multitask yourself into a frenzy!)

“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” ~ Dalai Lama

Have a great Friday!


  1. Oh, Zoey, indeed! She is so fun to watch. :) Thanks for sharing her with us.

  2. A day of sewing can recharge your batteries--as can Lola and Zoey time.

  3. Sometimes you need to be electronic free. I spent 4 days at a sewing with friends event where I couldn't get cell service and there was no wifi. It was great.

  4. I love Zoey's smile as she is asking "What's for dinner?" Thank you for posting videos off her. She's a real charmer. Her "Zoey pose" is hilarious! Yes, yes, yes, let's use our energy to love instead of worrying. The choice is ours!

  5. I've never seen a dog act as crazy as this one! She can't help but re-charge your batteries!

  6. I think Zoey has her head and her rear mixed up,

  7. Loved the video of Zoey. My pup loved it too--wanted to know where I was hiding the toy?!! He's searching my sewing room as I write. LOL

  8. I finished piecing a quilt top yesterday. Now to finished the backing and then to the quilter next week. Hooray.

  9. When I was playing your video of Zoey my dog Ruby would watch and watch and then look at me like - "Mom what is wrong with that dog?" Just as much fun watching her as it was Zoey. We bought a whole bag of squeeks (as we call them) on Amazon. I leave one by the door - a great way to get her running to come in. She also plays fetch with them. Love dogs.

  10. I've stopped FB for the time being....I just NEEDED a break! So I understand your wanting to unplug! We watched Zoey play, and my Shit-Zue went into the house to get HER toy to play with! Our fur babies and US HAPPY, don't they!!!!! Have wonderful weekend, I sure will!
    Laurie Baum from Idaho

  11. Good for you !
    I've not ever had Facebook! Never will!
    Don't have internet , don't have tv (well I do but it's an old fashioned antenna and I get major networks and PBS -14 to 18 channels! I don't watch tv because I'm busy in garden ...)
    So I just have a phone to do things like this and don't stay on it. Don't know how people cope with all the news (don't watch much at all) and al the Facebook and Instagram and this and that ...
    Not really living your life.
    It's sad.

  12. It felt good to click the funny button. Thank you for sharing Zoey's antics with us. And Lola looked to be a very contented cat. I'm in the throes of organizing/reorganizing my fabric stash and setting up a better scrap user system - again thank you. While it's a big job, it'll be so worth it and easier to maintain once I get through this initial set up. Looking forward to the new Leader & Ender challenge. Alas mine for this year is not enough for a quilt (yet). Soon - hopefully before summer is over. Glad you're giving yourself breaks from all of the "you know". I've cut way back myself, and scroll past the "you know". Enjoy your weekend

  13. I wonder how happy Lola would be to ride on your lap when you were using a treadle??!! Snail trail is coming right along.

  14. Watching Zoe reminds me of Cirque du Soleil. Love her! And those pretty ears!

  15. I so agree with your reading of all the comments! Sometimes I share posts just because the comments are worth it. LOL!

  16. ZoeyJo’s always makes me smile with her doggy yoga! Love how Lola keeps your lap warm whilst sewing , she certainly looks a very happy girl.
    Looking forward to seeing you snail trail quilt when you put it together those blocks look so pretty.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs

  17. So glad you had a day to just sew. An excellent use of time, refreshing and productive.

  18. Zoey is so funny.
    Nothing like a bff cat - Lola - to help you sew.
    I miss my fur baby helper.
    Take care and smile.
    thank you for being a bright spot of my day.

  19. I don't know which is more fun, the snail's trail blocks or Zoey's butt reaching for the sky (but probably Zoey...)

  20. Toys are played with best upside down. HA HA

  21. Maybe you could put one of those girls headband with the cAts ears on her rear so when she is in he favorite position she could be ca!!ed a dat or cog. Maybe eye on either side of tail and you would have an elephant on your couch, She is a character!


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