Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Scrap Therapy!

This is where I was -

Sitting on the floor with fabric all around me!

(And still no pedicure!)

Saturday morning I arrived at Quiltville Inn to find 3 large boxes of scraps had been placed on the front porch – a delivery made by USPS, sent from a friend who knows that fabric therapy is good for my soul – and my creativity!

THREE paper ream boxes full!

As in – Is it Christmas already?!

In my own method of organized chaos, the first thing I did was dump one box at a time and start sorting into color piles. Evidently Lola really likes the purple.

I mean – REALLY likes the purple!

Some pieces were small enough that I could funnel them right into my current Snail’s Trail project for spark and variety.  (Isn’t it always so great to play with someone else’s fabrics?!)

She is still not leaving that purple.  Silly girl!

Cute cute cute bugs for masks!

My Sunday's mask production was mailed out to extended family members yesterday.

My brother Scott owns Wilkinson Pest Control in the Boise, Idaho area and I made 2 for his new tech Emma using cute bug fabrics.

And another plain blue one for Scott.

My sister Mary asked for 2 in school colors, purple and black & white.

My tutorial is found under the Free Patterns Tab at the top of the blog.

For the child size I made Casden I started with a 7’’ x 16’’ rectangle and cut down the side casing pieces to 1 3/4’’ x 4’’.

I made these in the halter style using t shirt fabric cut 1’’ from the belly of the shirt that had no side seams.  Pull the strips to curl the cord and cut to length.  These are 55’’ pieces.

Mary's hubby Kelly is a paramedic and works for a company that provides life flight. Latest word is that he may be called up by FEMA to transport the overage of serious Covid patients from maxed out hospitals in Arizona to where space is available, a job that brings Covid way too close for comfort for all of us. We are so proud of his willingness to help others.

He has asked if I can make some cloth masks to go over his issued N95s to extend their life. Of course!

He is going to try his N95 inside of Mary’s filter pocket on hers and let me know if it fits or what adjustments to make.

I know there is a debate against masks and mask makers.  It’s better to try to help, than not to help at all.

Interesting experiment from the Today Show.

I wish I could embed the video here, but I can’t so here is a link – It’s a 4 minute video and well worth the watch.

All in all – it was a great productive day -

And I unearthed a TREASURE!

It’s an ongoing thing really – my friend Irene tells the story of how she learned to quilt in the 90s by an Amish woman when she lived in Delaware.  This piece of fabric was in the very first quilt she ever made, and she has tried to incorporate a piece of it in every scrap quilt since – and after nearly 30 years was running OUT!

Through my traveling workshops over the past many years, if I saw a student working with this humble old print I’d ask for a small piece so I could forward it on to Irene.

Sometimes it’s as small as a 1 1/2’’ square being sewn somewhere in a block.  It’s just a small piece -

Well, the 3 Xerox boxes unearthed a 1/2 yard piece!  Oh, happy day!

I quickly stuck it in an envelope and it is off to Kentucky as a housewarming care package as Irene has just moved and is in the process of unpacking and setting up her new sewing space.

It’s the little things that count, right?

Today there are many things underway.  Behind the scenes kind of things.

My 6 selections for my 2021 Addicted to Scraps column with Quiltmaker Magazine are complete, all except the instruction and dialogue writing.  That is definitely on the list for today.

I may be in the midst of a fabric pull for this year’s Quiltville Winter Mystery!  Yippee!  And that’s all I can say about it for now.

The Love Your Creative Space book tour continues!

I am looking forward to visiting each stop in the tour and seeing what others are sharing about their studio spaces as well as what they are gleaning from Love your Creative Space.

Who is on the line-up today?  Click to the ORIGINAL POST, get your entry in on my gift-away (Open to ALL as this is a PDF gift!) and click the links to visit those in the tour.

I am also accepting what I am calling “PRE ORDERS” for Love Your Creative Space as they are on their way, but not in house yet. I expect arrival to me in Virginia in about a weeks’ time. We can be well on our way to organizing  all the things – TOGETHER!

You'll find it in the New & Books categories of the Quiltville Store.

How is Tuesday shaping up for you where you are?

It looks like more rain on the way here – but I’ll be safe inside playing with fabric and having fun incorporating what was in those boxes into my Scrap User’s System!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Are you really listening to those around you who are crying out? Or instead of truly listening have already formed your response and are only waiting to reply?

What about those who keep their fears silent? Can you hear them?

Spread hope. Share hope.

Much love to you on this day -


  1. omigosh...that vintage print is an oldie but a goodie...i had some of that back in the day...lol

  2. I think the purple must just SMELL better! HA Lola is too funny. What a GREAT idea Irene had lo those many years ago when she decided to use that same fabric in each and every quilt she made. I never would've thought of something like that. And what are the odds you'd get some of that very fabric in a fabric giftalong?

  3. I can’t believe the luck! Thanks for sending it to me! I’m down to about a 10” square so you’re saving the day!!! Talk to you soon! Irene

    1. Irene, I have a piece that is almost a yard and several sizes of scraps of that print.. Selvage says Concord Fabrics. I would be happy to send it to you. I've loved reading about your adventures with Bonnie. Let me know.

  4. I may still have some of that fabric. Will have to check and will let you know because I am willing to add to her stash of this fabric.

  5. Congrats on the MAJOR scrap infusion, Bonnie!!!

  6. I love that vintage quilt! Can that be a leader/ender challenge????

    1. I second that suggestion! Sew sweet!

    2. I love that one too! future L/E for sure!

    3. I love the vintage quilt too. Paula in KY

  7. Oh, be still my heart! That would be better than Christmas! LOL I love playing with other quilter's scraps.

  8. I really like the quilt behind your quote of the day! Is there a pattern name?

  9. "New" scraps are so much fun. I like the way Lola thinks, purple really is the best color! I have a piece of calico that my husband rescued from a rag bag at work years ago. I have included some of it in each of my scrap quilts over the years. There is some of it in my Pineapple Blossom quilt I started in your class.

  10. thank you for adding the link to the Today Show. Informative and reassuring

  11. Thanks for spreading and sharing hope! I'm trying to do the same!

  12. What a lovely surprise for you and your friend. A half yard will go a long way as she pieces memories into her quilts. Happy Tuesday I'm cleaning and exploring digging out UFOs etc.

  13. Cats know color--when I used to be able to have kitties--I had one orange tiger male who would only play with the red and purple stuffed mice--my male black and white one liked the other colors--yellow and green--it really was funny how each one had their own favorite colors--
    well--you got a nice 'gift' haul there--keep sorting--
    be safe--
    luv, di

  14. I have a piece of fabric from the first bolt I bought when I started a quilt shop in 1990-1998. I, too, put it in every quilt in some way or another, either on the front or back of the quilt. I'm down to less than a half yard.

  15. Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. Remember that song? It has been on my mind for other reasons, but seems appropriate. My girls like hot pink, lime green and parakeet blue. My orange guy? can't say he's told me yet. And my previous luv didn't bother anything unless I was working with green. I promised him a quilt and it never got made. Now it is too late. (and how big does a cat need, anyway?)

  16. Happy for you...getting all that fabric! I would love to get packages like that!

  17. Yes, other people's scraps are more fun. Lucky haul!! Making a couple Masks dor my Wyoming son who is a Teacher. Gotta be ready for Fall.

  18. Oh Lola! Happiness is purple for her then!
    And ooh the little rosebud fabric - also in my first completed quilt - trip around the world - still on our bed, somewhat faded, but still good. I have also added some to other quilts too! I only bought a yard when on holiday in Florida so many moons ago and also nearly all gone. Currently in a quilt for my daughter's wedding. I loved that little print so much.

  19. Lola has that "catnip happy" look on her face !!

  20. What is the name of the lovely quilt at the end of this post?

  21. We lost our mom in 1998, and I made a quilt using her clothing as the fabric. However, she had one huge gathered skirt with tiny pink flowers. Since red in my favorite color, and pink is just light red, pieces of that skirt (I still have more) appear in almost all of the quilts I have made since. It remains a wonderful memory.

  22. I have purchased scrap fabric from others either at a quilter to quilter sale or a flea market and I totally agree it is so much fun finding these treasures that only a quilter could appreciate. The other reason for writing is when I try to open the mask pattern all I get is a larger picture of the mask with no directions. What am I doing wrong. I am particularly interested in how you pleat yours (they look different than mine) and also you way of adding the elastic or ties looks interesting and easier than the pattern I use which I must admit is a hodge podge of various mask patterns, I like to experiment to see what I can come up with. Problem is the last one I made I don't know what I did but it looked like what my family calls a duck beak, the sides stood straight out and I don't know what I did different. I took it apart three times and repleaded it before it was right. I still don't know what I did. Have fun with the fabric gift, will be fun seeing what you come up with.

  23. How lovely rummaging through scraps is so much fun. Lola is just adorable and definitely seems to love that purple pile lol.
    I think your brother in law is a true hero, bless him for all he is doing.
    Thank you for sharing your fun.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  24. I was "gifted" some of that print, a long time ago. Still have so much, so I will make pillow cases. It was such a popular fabric, I guess!

  25. Bonnie,
    The online mask pattern "To a Nurse-By a Nurse-For a Nurse" is a tie pattern made to fit over an N-95 mask. I have heard positive results from a nurse and a respiratory therapist that it offers great coverage...

  26. What fun it is to play with new fabric. I am in Boise visiting my son and daughter in law and granddaughters. I was hesitant about traveling, but wore my mask and took all of the CDC precautions. Weather is delightful. Your brother must love living here. I am looking forward to your new project coming out soon.

  27. Love, love, LOVE the quilt behind the quote today!


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