Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Gleeful Hearts & Fond Farewells -

And back into the world they go!

We did our own Stitch Mob version of “So Long, Farewell” as cars loaded up, last minute requests of “Text us when you get home so we know you made it safely” were given and one by one….off they went.

The house was eerily quiet by 1pm, only the sound of the washing machine sloshing and the dryer tumbling breaking the silence. “Hello, Laundry my old friend…” sang the lyrics of my rewritten favorite “Sounds of Silence.”

And I will remember the wonderful meal times we shared as I was left plenty of “Would you like the left over chicken salad, soup, veggies, dip, fruit….” as some things would not travel the long drive home well.  The love will continue to feed me and I will remember!

So much love and gratitude for all we shared this past weekend!

And I made the Scooby Doo pillowcase for Casden!


(Binding on the Scooby quilt was finished last night – just still the label to go.)

I had some impromptu longarm training from Jessica!

She taught me things I had never tried -

Like “floating the top” with no pinning to the leaders!

This old dog CAN learn new tricks.

And the rubber chicken wins the day!

(I am chicken no more!)

And “off the rail” photos were many!

Because this porch was MEANT for this!

And so much this!

(With binding to come!)

Loads of this -

And so much all of this!

And even my sharing of my own Unity Quilt Along!

With all of its imperfections and nuances.

Sharing it in person for the first time.

For those who asked – Unity has been retired from the blog and is now found as a digital pattern booklet in the digital patterns section of the Quiltville Store.  All of the methods, tips, tricks, hints are included with full color photos and options.

The sale price of $9.00 is good through the end of June.  Price goes back to $12.00 on July 1st.  No coupon required.

And July is when our NEXT Leader & Ender Challenge starts!  Are you ready?

So what about my Tuesday ahead?  I feel rather like a zombie. While laundry continues (All is now done except for the blankets) I think I will take a slower pace and plan on piecing a batting from scraps for my Shoo fly Shoo variation II.

It may get loaded into the machine.  It may or may not get the quilting started.

Our next retreat happens July 9th, hosted by Yadkin Valley Quilt Shop of Elkin, NC. 

We will be ready for the fun they will bring!

How about your Tuesday ahead – anything interesting going on in your neck of the woods?

Quiltville Quote of the Day

I care more about what you DO, than I care about what you SAY and don't do.

And that applies to myself too.  So I am checking in with myself constantly these days and making adjustments where needed.

Have a wonderful Tuesday, folks!


  1. Such beautiful photos of the quilts... this house was totally made for this!
    Thanks for sharing the joy of the quilters and the beauty of the quilts with us! I just ordered some pandemic fabric from Spoonflower so I can make a fun backing on my Unity quilt too!

  2. Such a delight to see those smiles. Weird when the house goes quiet again, but peaceful, too. It's so quiet here, with lots of bird song! Just gardening and quilting...

  3. Looks like it was a wonderful gathering. Love your blog posts!

  4. I am so envious of you ladies. I'm missing the quilt gathering where you sew into the wee hours of the morning, laugh so hard your side hurts, and add a couple pounds from all the good food. It is so good for the mind and the soul. Could use one of these after the lock down and racial unrest we've experienced the last 6 months.

  5. Absolutely love the pictures of the quilts displayed over the railing!!!

  6. The quilts over the porch were fantastic. A talented group of ladies for sure. Today is get the car serviced day. Had my ask and waited for it to get done. A storm was brewing and they got me out before it hit. Recuperating from a weekend softball travel tournament and getting ready for another this weekend along with leaving Sunday for a few days retreat in Texas. Limited group of ladies and spacing of machines. Mask required and we eat separately at our stations. Food is prepared for us. You inspire me every day.

  7. Looks like great fun had by all and you got to socialize again. You need that way more than most. Keep on smiling!

  8. It's a beautiful day here and my laundry is swinging in the breeze outside!

  9. What fun and inspiration. Loved the quilts over the porch rails. A dream come true!

  10. I love all the quilts over the rail that porch was made for them just beautiful.

  11. Oh it looks like such an enjoyable time had by all - I'm jealous!! I'm glad the Inn is back in business.My Tuesday consisted of mowing the yard and it's done for another week!

  12. Love the cheddar and the Garden Party! I'm partial to the Garden Party, though, because I love mine so much. I am delighted that your first group since Covid hit turned out beautifully.

  13. Those over the rail photo's, such a beautiful sight. Love them!
    Can I ask? The first "over de rail" photo, is that one of your patterns?
    Love it, but don't recognize it.

  14. I just loved the picture of all the ladies with their quilts hanging from that wonderful porch. What a perfect place to show such happiness and talent all at once. It was such a delight to read all about your activities, camaraderie and the good food, as well as the quilting. It just made me happy to see all of you having such a good time and to see Zoey getting her share of the love too! Thanks for the inspiration and wonderful pictures. What a lovely group of ladies!

  15. Such beautiful quilts they look amazing over the balcony rail.love casden’s beautiful scooby pillowcase he will love it such a very lucky little boy.
    Thank you for sharing some of the retreat fun with us it looks like everyone had a blast.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  16. Loved all the photos of the quilts, but what really caught my eye was your Omaha tee. Is there a story behind it? I live across the river. So nice to see the inn back in business. I love all your photos.

  17. What fun these ladies must have had over the past few days and memories (& quilts) to share in the coming years :)

  18. Love all the quilts on the porch. Such a nice looking group of ladies. I could see that in the fireside chats that were going on. :) May I ask a question about the fox face earlier? If not, that is fine. Why did the one woman need to fox out her face for a while? I see at the end she is no longer foxed. Have a great week, Bonnie!

  19. Can you share the name of the quilt pattern which was on your longer? It is very bright and calling my name. Dianne from New Mexico.

  20. I love making burrito style pillow cases. So fun!

  21. I am so glad to see Quiltville Inn up and running again. The porch pictures will become a trademark for every group who is lucky enough to stay there. Thank you for your quote today, i needed it.

  22. Love Love Love seeing the quilts and quilters wrapping your inn's porch in so much love and beauty.

  23. Thank you for sharing the pictures of the quilts!!! They are beautiful & inspiring. Sounds like you deserve a quiet day after all that activity.

  24. Absolutely love the bow tie quilt in mustard! My favorite color and one of my favorite blocks. Stunningly beautiful quilts, every single one!


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