Monday, June 22, 2020

Sunday In-Between The Rain.

You can’t come to the Blue Ridge Mountains – and NOT see the Blue Ridge!

But sometimes trying to catch the right moment in between the rounds of summer rains makes it a bit challenging!

For days we had planned to do some scenery shooting – some long range view finding.  Kind of hard to do when the tops of the mountains are covered in fog layer.  There isn’t much to see at that point!

We had just about loaded up in 2 vehicles (There were 6 of us so we tag-teamed) and the sky opened up in a huge down pour and we had to wait it out once again!

The ultimate photo op!

Straddling the NC/VA state line!

And the photographer trying to selfie-in on the action -

Which blurred the background.

Zoey included!

It’s impossible not to feel the peace of this place.

And take a moment to marvel at the wonder of nature.

The power of the moving water of the New River.

And to hear the buzz of the 17 year cicadas that are still vocalizing their song.

The mountain of green viewed from the back porch.

I love that we have enjoyed as much time outside -

As we have inside sewing!

Relax and exhale.

Doggie lovin’!

Sunny spot on the porch!

Can’t we just stay a day longer?

And the gorgeous food just kept coming!

(We need more hikes!)

The ever increasing fruit salad!

As everyone departs today – yesterday was a day of “let’s use it all up!”  And instead of stone soup – we had “stone fruit bowl” which migrated from a small bowl, to the next size up, to the third size up as each addition was unearthed from the fridge – finally reaching the largest bowl when someone said “Here’s a can of mandarin oranges and crushed pineapple – do you want those?” And in to the biggest bowl it all went.

And we loved using Carrie’s great-aunt’s magnolia fruit bowls to make our Sunday Brunch on the porch just that much more memorable.

I’m sad to see these folks go their separate ways today!

And of course there are more photos that I will share over the next couple of days – of quilts off the rail, of projects on the design walls, of fun moments and things we won’t forget.

Many conversations of “What to do next?” have occurred.  For many it’s back to quarantine to keep those in their communities safe from anything they may have picked up along the way home.  Of back to the land of mask-wearing in public spaces and sanitizing all the things.

Was it worth it to quarantine before coming, being careful while here, and going back to stay-at-home status once life gets back to our revised normal since Covid happened?

A resounding yes – with our hearts full and our projects progressing.  Just getting to BE with each other in this safe space to recharge our batteries enables us to go back and take on the world where we live and make it a better place to be.  In oh, so many ways.

And now that I’m to this point – let’s draw for the winner of our June 2020 Quilty Box

All the details on this Give-Away are found HERE.

Who is entry 441??

Marlene Chasteen!

Marlene, I’ve sent an email to the address you provided with your entry.  Please reply with your mailing address and I’ll forward it on to the folks at Quilty Box and they will get your goodies on their way to you!  Congrats and enjoy.

And our thanks to Quilty Box for making our monthly Gift-Aways possible!

So here we are at Monday – what will you do differently this week to make this week just a bit better than last?

Quiltville Quote of the Day

It's never too late for this old dog to learn some new tricks!

I learned so many things this weekend by sharing time and experiences with the Stitch Mob girls on retreat at Quiltville Inn.

I can't wait to put all of these things into not only my quilting life, but this also moves on into how our daily life experiences can be a catalyst for increased knowledge, compassion, understanding, acceptance, friendship, and the expansion of our own hearts and souls.

Wow. Kind of deep for a Monday - but there you have it!

Have a wonderful day -


  1. Seems like a wonderful group of ladies! Don't you just love quilter's?
    Thanks for sharing....

  2. Bonnie, I am so happy for you. This virus has changed us and our way of life. But, the good outcome is that you are getting to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Without the virus you would probably be somewhere far away and teaching. Enjoy this time as much as you can.

  3. Thanks Bonnie, so much to feel and think about today. What a delightful group of women filling your house and life with love ❤

  4. Single fold binding on a panel is what's new in my bag of tricks. I watched too many videos on You Tube and now it's time to get with it.!!

  5. So good to see something looking "normal" again. As always so good to enjoy the beautiful faces of our quilt sisters. It's only due to your extra work and thoughtfulness in making it all safe that all could enjoy the special treat of being together. Once again, Bonnie, YOU ROCK! ♥

  6. I bet Zoey had a great time with all her new friends. What a great experience for her also!

  7. I would quarantine for a very long time to get together with my quilting friends, but unfortunately they are all in the US and I am in Canada. The border is closed until end July and will probably be extended. My sister is in south Virginia and I can't see her either. Seeing all your happy faces brought me to tears today. Looks like a great bunch of quilters.

    1. A coworker has a daughter who was planning to be married this coming weekend - to a boy from Canada! They have postponed to end of August, and praying! Facetime has been a good thing this year. Blessings to you!

  8. Bonnie, My husband and I have been watching "McCloud's Daughters" on Amazon Prime (also on Acorn). They have a Kelpie dog named Roy. We are enjoying it immensely and thought I'd recommend it to you. I'll be sad when we finish the 8 seasons. Looks like the ladies had a wonderful time--I'm jealous! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Loved seeing all the pictures! Beautiful area for Quiltville Inn. Thanks for sharing.

  10. zoey didn't realize she would be a mascot too!

  11. It looks like everyone spirit has been refreshed and filled back up! I love how Zoey knows that it is all about her. I am sure she thinks your guests are there to see her and be her new friends! I would love to be there.

  12. What a wonderful time you all had! Wish I could be there. We are busy building a chicken coop and run. Can't wait to get back to sewing.

  13. What wonderful memories you have all made, so pleased you were able to start retreats again.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs

  14. Congrats Marlene on winning the quilty box. It was a beauty.
    I loved seeing the beautiful indoor, porch, and outdoor pictures. Zoe found a new friend on the porch. She is such a friendly girl.


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