Sunday, June 21, 2020

The Stitch Mob, Summer Solstice and Birthday Celebrations!

The Quilters are putting it all together!

Projects are reaching layout and assembly stage – It’s amazing how we can relax and just let creativity take over when we stop watching the clock thinking we need to be somewhere doing something else at any certain time.

And the hum of machines – do I have to tell you what a beautiful sound that is to my ears?

And there were no more exploding irons yesterday, so that was all good, too!

Square them up, girl!

Even the trimming of forty gazillion triangles (or what felt like it) is not such a bad job when you are surrounded by conversation and laughter.

And the laughter?

Let’s just say it started with a rubber chicken.  LOL!

Tanya’s gorgeous Frolic blocks -

She is definitely getting there!

I think there are three projects going on at once here! 

Which started the whole thought of – “Why be an underachiever?! Just bring your UFOs from home and slap those puppies up on the design wall to make it LOOK like you are extra productive!” LOL!

Seriously – that border is going to be ready to go on to Frolic in no time – and there has been MUCH productivity all around.  As for the Jack’s Chain on the wall – do you see two eyes staring at you? Or is this a reminder that you are due for your next mammogram?

(Again, more laughter!)

It was ALSO a great day for a 60th birthday!

Happy Birthday, Kate!

I wish I had a summer solstice birthday.  Such a lovely time of year.  Even with the rain – and it was made extra special by a wonderful meal and birthday pie and ice cream. (I will be remembering this when my birthday rolls around again come January.)

We were stuffed to the gills, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying a birthday fire pit as well!

The fog came in after late afternoon rain -

It was ethereal – think Brigadoon.

And even after pie ala mode there is always room for s’mores!

Okay, – maybe just ONE.

Listen to what Tanya says toward the end about how full we are!

Click to Play:

"Full as a tick!"  LOL!

The foil wrapped things?  Ice cream cones stuffed with marshmallows, mini Reece's peanut butter cups.  Prepare to lick messy fingers!

And let me just say that it is a good thing I didn’t record the camp song craziness that happened after. 

And the fire flies were out in droves - so much fun.

I was one tired girl by the time I pointed Moby the Van home to the cabin.  Too tired to think of showering – I peeled out of my clothes and climbed into bed smelling like wood smoke and burnt marshmallows. 

Quickie Reminder – we have less than 24 hours until our June 2020 Quilty Box Gift-Away closes to entries and our winner will be drawn tomorrow morning!  Enter to win ON THAT POST.

Today I want to wish a very happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads in our lives.  The ones we are still blessed to have with us.  The dads who are across country on lock down due to Covid (That’s my dad in Phoenix.  I worry about him every day being alone and “out there.”)

The dads and granddads that have passed on yet still are on our hearts daily.  We love you and miss you.

I am also thinking of my brother Mark as his children and grandchildren (that he never got to meet) are likely holding him in their hearts and remembering him and missing him today.

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Happy Father’s Day -

Happy Father's Day - to those who are with us, and those who are with us in spirit.

Have a wonderful Father’s Day.


  1. I'm glad you had that quote today! My dad and I had a rocky relationship. But I was with him at the end (3 years ago last week), and you've reminded me of the faith he always had in me. Thank you.

  2. Looks like so much fun!!! Happy you have the retreat up and going again. Best to you, Bonnie!

  3. Thank you for sharing the day with us. It looks so special.

  4. I sure look forward to your posts! Thank you!

  5. Looks like another great retreat, Bonnie!

  6. "Fuller than a tick!" I haven't heard that phrase since my grandmother passed away. It was one of her favorites. Thanks for that wonderful memory.

  7. OH so much wonderful fun and creativity to enjoy!

  8. What a beautiful group of ladies!! How I wished I was There!!

  9. Thank you Bonnie for another wonderful post.
    Susan, over a few mountains in Linville NC.

  10. Looks like a wonderful, productive time. So happy for you all.

  11. Your quote is the best thing about my Dad. Glad I can still carry that with me thru the rest of my life even without him.

  12. I can almost smell the wood burning and feel sticky fingers! :) Thanks for letting your readers be there in spirit with you. Have a blessed week.

  13. Quilt retreat birthdays are fun. Nine years ago I went to a fabulous retreat in Wisconsin around the time of my 60th birthday and my youngest daughter had a birthday cake shipped to the retreat center. What a great surprise. She was in the Navy at the time and somehow managed to contact the owner to get it set up. Something I'll never forget.

  14. Looks like a wonderful week-end. Wondering where you stay when this is all going on. I gather you do not stay at the retreat center.

  15. Bonnie- you have done exactly what you set out to do: build a "frolicking", supportive, inspiring (inspirational), and creative community of quilters at Quiltville Inn (and virtual). Even if you had done nothing else in your lifetime, this would be a towering and outstanding achievement. But as it is, it is only one of many in a long list of amazing accomplishments owing to you. You have so much to be proud and gratified by. Thank you for your daily and ongoing inspiration!


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