Monday, June 29, 2020

Shoo Fly Shoo Times Two!

Zoey is in the middle of everything. Always!

I finished the binding on the Shoo Fly Shoo, Variation II last night.  This was SUCH a fun journey – our Shoo Fly Shoo Leader & Ender challenge.

And a productive adventure, too – resulting in not just one, but TWO quilts for Quiltville Inn, all from one simple Leader & Ender challenge of building units and blocks in between the lines of sewing other things.

For folks who say that they “Don’t Get Leaders & Enders”  this is a significant demonstration of how you can accomplish something wonderful with very little effort.

All you need to do is pick a unit, cut enough ahead to keep some by your machine, and use these little pieces as “sew betweens” to get you from one line of chain piecing, to the iron, and back again.

First quilt, straight set -getting binding in March.

Missing Dresden!  He was such a good kitty.

Blocks set 12 x 15 = 180 4’’ shoo fly blocks!
(387 sashings, 180 cornerstones!)

Blocks on point.

11 x 14 = 154 4’’ blocks!

I made 334 shoo fly blocks over the course of the past year and it was pure pleasure, no pain involved!

Attempting to get a photo of the back side -

Who jumps on top?


She MUST be in the middle - always. And yes – her toys are all out, everywhere.  We have a basket we put them in, and she gains great pleasure pulling them all out.  Last night she had at least FOUR of her flat babies in one mouthful – all at once – it was hysterical.  

We love this girl.

If she wants to photo bomb my quilt photos – she is welcome!

Label waiting for info.

I will do that today.

I’ve had folks ask what I do for a label, and this is my way of using up my stack of white on white or white on cream fabrics.  They do make great labels. 

This is an 8’’ square folded in half, pressed, and basted into the corner of the quilt, and then anchored in place when the binding is sewn on.  I just hand stitch the top fold during the binding process.

My labels are hand written in fabric pen – the Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric being my favorite.  I have linked to these both the set of 2 shown here, and also available in a box of 12 in the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store.  You’ll find them in the Quilting All the Time category.

Did you know you can also click to my store by the icon in the left hand side bar of the blog?  As an Amazon affiliate I do earn a small percentage from items sold through the store which helps with the running expenses of Quiltville Inn.  

If you use my Amazon Affiliate Store as your entry portal to Amazon, anything you purchase helps me keep the Inn going.  Thank you so much!

Our next Leader & Ender challenge is starting soon!  And I promise – NO TRIANGLES!  At least in the blocks – how you choose to set them is up to you.

The Love Your Creative Space Book Tour & Gift-Away continues!

If you haven’t been following along with the daily studio tours and write ups, maybe today is your day to catch up from the beginning?  Click HERE for the original post where you can find the full line up, and also enter my Gift-Away for a free PDF copy of Love Your Creative Space. 

I love this book – it is giving me SO many ideas for combining all of my scattered spaces.

You will also find Love Your Creative Space available in the Quiltville Store under both the NEW and BOOKS categories.

The books on are their way to me from the warehouse, and I will be shipping them as soon as they arrive.

We will be drawing for our lucky PDF copy winner on Thursday, July 2nd, giving everyone an opportunity to also enter on ALL the blog stops along the tour!

As I put in the final stitches last night -

Oh yes, life is GOOD!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Recipe for a happy life!

No matter what the world is going through around us, these are things we can focus on!

Have a great week come everyone! Stay safe!


  1. Your world is a gentle, productive, thought-producing place. And while I'll likely never have the patience for piecing a scrap quilt( I certainly appreciate the work involved in making one)....your photos and philosophy bring me to your blog daily. May your tribe increase!

  2. Four flat babies at once would have been a riot. Zoey is such a smart girl, she could probably learn to put her toys away in the basket pretty easily. We're trying with our young Lab, but she mostly just loses things under furniture. ;) But a Kelpie might think it was a great game and a Very Important Job. She's pretty darn cute!

    1. My chocolate lab put his toys away and stood in front of you as if to say "Its now time for bed, let's go."

  3. Those pics with Zoey posing so proudly on the quilts make me grin. What a ham. She is so happy you are taking her picture -- "Oh, and thanks for the pretty quilt background, Mama!"

  4. I love your leaders and Enders idea. A friend gave me a huge bag of flying geese she had made and I am using them as leaders and Enders and sewing them together. Amazing how fast you can get them done.

  5. God has brought you what you need during this time in your life - Joey! I do love seeing her on the quilts. Nice to see a picture of Dresden too - I know how it is, I too still miss my little gal. As for the leader/enders I hope to do that this year. I almost did last year - but I wasn't "together" enough for it.

  6. I think this is the year of me actually doing the challange quilt. Cleaning up, I found more scrap bags than I knew I had. They need managing. Right now just getting in one spot, then I can start the cutting once I know what the new challenge is.
    Love Zoey, she can photo bomb anytime.

  7. Zoey's coat is so glossy and pretty. You obviously take very good care of her. She is a very lucky girl!

  8. Zoey's ears get me every time. She is so adorable, and a great addition to the Hunter Home(s). Today's quote = wonderful message.

  9. This may be the year I do the Leader Ender Challenge. I certainly have the time! Love Zoey!! Her face just speaks happiness!

  10. Leaders and Enders rock! I first learned of this about 8 years ago from Brenda at Pink Castle Fabrics. I am sad to say she's going out of business. I hope you've had a chance to meet her.

  11. That's a lotta 4" blocks in a year!!
    Great layout designs. Cute puppy included. Happy Monday, gonna get my stitches in today.

  12. It's such fun seeing your photo bombing (and well loved) pup! I'm looking forward to your next Leader & Ender Challenge.

  13. LOVE both of your Shoo Fly Shoo Leader/Ender Challenge quilts, Bonnie! Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the next 12 months. The anticipation is peaking. SEW glad we only have a couple of days before you spill the beans! :o))

  14. I used to have a really smart lab, & tried to teach him to put his toys away, but he just couldn't quite get it! (Or maybe just didn't want to do it!! He could also be pretty stubborn!) Love all the pictures & posts about Zoey!!

  15. Zoey seems to growing. She is looking bigger. What a showoff she is.

  16. My daughter teaches world history to 7th graders and they discuss the importance of different inventions. For their end of the year project she asks them to create a commercial for a product they would like to invent. One of my favorites this year was a box of dog toys that automatically return to the box. The commercial had the kid dressed in different outfits and speaking in varied voices for different examples with a family member off camera reeling the dog toys back to the box using a fishing line. It was hysterical but now everyone who saw it wants a real set of those toys. I'll let you know if they become a " thing"

  17. I love watching Zoey grow up and keep you on your toes Bonnie.. you two are both high energy and a perfect couple together. Were you sure how perfect a fit show would be when you adopted her... I doubt it! lol We have a pup who gives me a reason to get up each morning too and keeps us on her toes! lol I love how your quilts turned out and love your method for making them! I hope to use your Amazon link to order some things this coming month.. I already use those marking pens and agree they are great! Wash after wash :) Kathi

  18. It makes me chuckle to see that Zoey thinks it is always about her when a quilt is being photographed! Love seeing pictures of her in your quilting world. Thanks for all the time you spend blogging and providing pattern, leaders/enders, and inspiration for all your readers! You do have a gift for this.

  19. I love seeing your pets in your pictures! As for Zoey's toys, my friend taught several of her dogs to put all of their toys back in a toy box every night before bed!

  20. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us, Bonnie. As I check in each day, it feels like you're a real friend I get to touch base with these isolated days. God bless you. May you continue to overcome! love you, Dianna

  21. Zoey is a hoot! Thanks for including her in your posts. I am ready to subscribe to a new quilting magazine in the near future. I know you mentioned that you subscribe to ONLY one and I would like to confirm the title. (I think you said Quiltmaker.) Thanks for all you do!

  22. I am currently making the Tiny Houses blocks as Leaders & Enders..Missouri Star utube..they are sooooo cute. You will want to make them!!

  23. Love both of your shoo fly shoo quilts, I will get mine together soon looking forward to seeing your next leader ender challenge.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx


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