Sunday, June 28, 2020

Quilt Deliveries and Family Fun!

This is the great and  abominable polyester log cabin quilt!

I found this quilt in a Goodwill in Charlotte, NC – one of those “by the pound” clearance centers – the last stop on the purchase train before unwanted items get baled up and shipped off to who-knows-where.

Do you have those clearance centers where you are?  They became my self-medicating downfall while in the process of moving from South Carolina to North Carolina when I was trying to sell a house, learned that the new job included a “moving package” and the 100% cotton shirts destined to recycling in my shirt quilts were something like $1.35 a pound.

I still have bins and tubs of shirts.  They are in the under-the-stairs closet and were not shown in yesterday’s Love your Creative Space book tour and gift-away post!

My thought has been “they are contained, somewhat organized and are not hurting anyone.” But as I contemplate moving EVERYTHING to Virginia at some point – we may have to do something with those boxes of shirts.

Anyway – as we left the house on Friday evening with the pickup pulling the big trailer with the commercial Scag lawnmower, and all of the parts of the favorite sleep-number bed rolled up and protected in the pickup bed under the tonneau cover, I remembered to grab a front porch icon off of the front porch swing.

Wonky Courthouse Steps Log Cabin – circa 1970s!

This thing is HEAVY.  It’s all double knit.  and it is hand quilted, though the binding is simply the backing being rolled to the front and machine stitched down.

It must weigh 5 lbs.  Which is why it cost me something like $6.00 at the Goodwill clearance center. 

It has lived on the front porch in Wallburg for the past 12 years, and I thought it fitting that it add a bit of softness and color to the 9 ft church pew on the side porch at Quiltville Inn.  There is NOTHING that will disintegrate or fade double knit.  That stuff will be around long after we are all gone!

This photo was sent to me yesterday morning!

We dropped the mower and the trailer off with Jeff so he could do his own yard (1 1/2 acres) and then bring the mower and trailer up to us to do ours. (Supposed to be today, but hey – it’s pouring.) and I was able to drop off Casden’s quilt to him in person!

SUCH a great reaction – he LOVES it.  He was pointing out all of his favorite squares of Scooby Doo and was excited about the pillow case.  PERFECT.

The photos were sent along with a very short video clip.  CLICK TO PLAY:

We will forgive him for calling Casden's quilt a blanket! Lol!

I love that he is watching Scooby Doo wrapped up in a Scooby Doo quilt on a Saturday morning, much the way Jeff was growing up.

My heart is so full - it was wonderful delivering the quilt, pillowcase and fun masks!

Ashlyn had asked if I had more as they were in need of some and I was happy to oblige.

2 Pokemon, 2 Spiderman, 1 Spongebob and 1 girly floral.

Such a ham!

(And did you get a load of that red hair in the video clip?!)

Yesterday was spent catching up on QPO things – We have so much coming up in the next few days, weeks and months.  I feel like I am pedaling as fast as I can go on some days.

Leader & Ender challenge coming up soon!

Winter Mystery info to be released by Halloween.  That’s only 3 months away.  Time to get going on that behind the scenes.

I have about 18’’ left to go on THIS binding.

But it got to the point last night that I just couldn’t move Zoey to turn the corner.  LOL.  Tonight.  I’ll get photos of the completed quilt tomorrow.

Today?  With the rain I think we are going to dive into some deep cabin cleaning because some of that stuff (Like dusting of fans and baseboards) has been put off for months.

In fact – as I am typing this I already hear the vacuum cleaner going upstairs.  Please tell me why this makes me feel just a tad bit guilty?

Don’t forget to enter our Love Your Creative Space gift-away on That Post. You’ll also find the full line up on that post so you can visit the new posts today and enter to win there, as well as catch up on ones you may have missed.

Our drawing of the PDF copy of Love Your Creative Space will happen July 2nd!  You can also purchase a hard copy book of your own in the Quiltville Store! You’ll find it in both the NEW and BOOKS categories.

Copies are on their way to me and will ship out upon their arrival.

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Some days your going is slower than others, but do not stop!

That's how my Sunday is feeling - a bit in the slow lane, but still moving forward.

And I love Ohio stars!

What is your favorite quilt block?

Have a lovely Sunday, folks!


  1. Oh my, I made one of those Big Polyester monsters in the 1970's. It was our favorite picnic quilt. A few of the blocks didn't hold up. I backed it with flannel and put Prarie points around the edge. That was before Rotary cutters! My favorite block is a double 9 patch. I love using it for a chain block alternatively with other blocks. I do love Any Star block as well. Hard to choose just 1! Have a Happy last Sunday in June. Casden's reation was priceless 🤣

  2. My favorite block is any star block. I never met a star I didn't like.

  3. I have several poly quilts and more tops to quilt. They are very easy to machine quilt too.

  4. Yes, forgive Jeff the faux pas, after all he has been away from all the quilty things and in the company of a precocious 4 year old who definitely loves his new Scooby Doo quilt, which no doubt he will call his favorite blanket... ;)

  5. My sister gave away a king size double knit quilt not understanding what she had. Very sad! My favorite block was the Dresden Plate when growing up. Now I'm leaning towards the Straits of Mackinac or any variation of the 54-40 or Fight blocks such as Storm at Sea!

  6. Back in the late 60's early 70's, my Aunt worked in a sewing factor in rural Alabama. One day a week they put out huge boxes of fabric cut offs and unused
    spools of thread. The public was allowed to go and pick out what they wanted.
    Most of the fabric was double knit. I made an Ohio Star quilt out of some of the
    fabric. We still use that quilt to this day.

  7. LOVE that he loves his Scooby quilt!! Way to go, Bonnie (and friends!)

  8. Good luck with the upcoming move, Bonnie! One would think that between your cabin studio, the QPO, and your room at the Inn (you have one of those - right?), you should be able to find space for everything. A few bloggers I know have had Quilter's Yard Sales right on their blog. That might be a solution for at least part of what you don't want or can no longer house. Hoping that book gives you some usable storage solutions!

  9. July 2 is my birthday. I need to win.

  10. Being born and raised in Ohio, the Ohio Star block is my absolute favorite. Every time I see it used in a quilt, a great sense of peace comes over me and I feel as all my relatives that have gone on before me, are surrounding me with a loving hug!!

  11. We have one of those heavy knit quits that my husband grandmother made. He uses it every day to cover up with when he takes his nap. One happy little boy with his quilt.

  12. My favorite is the one I'm working on at the moment.. love them all... have so many on my want to do list..and I've been doing this forever..

  13. I am a dresden plate/fan block lover. Just love all the different wedges of fabrics to make it as scrappy as possible. Hopefully my storage and organization of all things quilting will soon have a solution. My guys are building me my own separate she shed for quilting and one for storage of my tubs. Won't be finished for my birthday (tomorrow) but soon. Rafters are going up so almost there. If the rain would just give us a break!

  14. Ohio Star is my favorite too!!!

  15. Hi Bonnie,
    When I wear a mask in a public situation I hope to convey a message to each and every person I encounter that "I want to keep you safe and healthy". I am glad you and your family set such a fine example. We can all make it through this challenge TOGETHER.

  16. When My folks celebrated their 40th Anniversary in the 80's, us kids gave them a surprise party. My older sister and I made a double knit queen sized quilt and used embroidery ink to put the names and birth dates of all the grandchildren in squares on it. When they passed I inherited that quilt. My oldest son uses that for a weighted blanket when he comes home for a visit. I use it to check birth dates.

  17. I like simple blocks. My favorite is attic windows.

  18. I'm a scrappy quilter. Love string blocks. They go together so quickly. Love the Scooby quilt. I can see why it warms your heart to see him enjoy it so much. Love is the joy in giving and receiving. Sweet.

  19. Love your bench and that quilt looks fabulous on it, moving is such a hard job. Having just helped my daughter move from a two bed to a three I know what a chore it is to pack up. She is in social housing and was given 10 days to complete the move baring in mind she was told this late on a Friday afternoon and that day counted! My husband a I payed for a removal firm as we would not have been able to complete the task as he has a heart condition. Love Casdens reaction to his beautiful scooby doo quilt, such a precious little man.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  20. Hi,
    Could someone please tell me what a double knit quilt is I have never heard this term before, thank you love all your work,

    1. A quilt made out of double knit polyester fabric

  21. Loved "blanket" ... noted you addressed it immediately. Made me smile remembering how many times my children or grandchildren have said that.

  22. Enjoy your your postings and love your inn!

  23. My grandmother made a couple of baby quilts for our sons out of pastel double knit fabric and they still in perfect condition after being "messed on" by the babies and washed over & over again! I treasure them and all my memories of her.

  24. It's hard to choose just 1 favorite quilt block-Maple leaf/bear paw, log cabin, string, any stars! Have made them all. first one was a log cabin. Love it still! LOVE your daily blog, Bonnie!!!

  25. Double knit, memories too, especially an extra durable floor play quilt for my kids from their great-grandma. If I hadn't ditched it it would be around for my granddaughters, now in their 30's. Glad the memories have stayed with us. It is the use that creates memories, not "perfection", and aren't we glad about that.

  26. So lovely to see the Scooby quilt being used and appreciated. Very pleased for you after your generous heart and hard work. Love the shoo fly too.

  27. We had one of those poly quilts. It was heavy lol. My mnl gave it to us and I thought it was ugly�� and it was. No good color combination or anything thing to make appealing. Eventually it became a outside item that made its way to the dump.��
    Guess I would say that the pinwheel block is a favorite quilt block.
    I totally love the quilty saying! I might be slow but I'm moving forward ��


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