Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Beautiful June -

Scooby Doo is Scooby Done!

On the agenda today is piecing a backing and getting it loaded into the quilting machine and get that quilting started.

This didn’t happen until nearly the end of my work day, they day was SO inviting that after dropping mail off at the USPS, Zoey and I drove right past Quiltville Inn and the QPO on our way back and headed down to Round House Road for a good long hike -

2 miles in – 2 miles out, more than 11,000 steps along our way.  It was perfect.

It’s hard to believe this was under water 2 weeks ago!

They’ve come in and dumped more gravel after the flooding to tame the mud.  Every time it floods there is more gravel.  Eventually the road may be even with the Round House!

It’s a wonderful thing when you don’t see another soul for miles and miles.

Time to think.

Time to soak in just how beautiful this earth is until we humans destroy everything.

The soundtrack in my head was repeating strains of “Let it Be”  and “Imagine” and “It’s a Wonderful World.” as we walked.

Click to Play:

Stream Meditations.

I love the sound of running water.

The green is filling in -

Things have changed so much in 3 months.

From green to blue -

Did I mention it’s uphill all the way??

Click to Play:

The 17 year cicadas are BACK!  

And in some areas it is SO LOUD out there.

Ferns are growing lush and tall.

The best green EVER!

McMillan Cemetery got mowed!

I bet this happened for Memorial Day.  I had wondered if anyone was caring for it.  Still, there is a lot of tall grass to wander through to get to the mown part, and due to snakes and other creepy crawlies, we just said hello from the road and marched on.

Hot, sweaty, definitely in need of a hair cut.

(It hasn’t been seen to since January!)

But this was so good for my soul.

When we got back to the QPO, Martha came by to drop off this book given to her by her uncle.  She said it needs to live at Quiltville Inn!  There are pages including the history of the house, the mill behind us, info on the Fields family as well as many other things happening in Grayson County up until the bicentennial year of 1995.

I was still cooling off, so Zoey and I sat in the shade of the big tree on the front lawn at the inn and just enjoyed some page turning time.

Oh yes, it felt so good!

And after that we came in to finish this.

The top measures 68'' X 93''.

I know it will shrink a bit while quilting.

It should be perfect for a twin bed!

All of the Scoobies are SO AWESOME!

Again, I need to thank everyone who sent fabric – the other i-spy quilt will be coming up in due time – I am thinking of what kind of pattern to use for it.

This one was just SO MUCH fun to put together.

Make her stop looking at me, mom!

I hope to have a quilt to bind by the weekend.  I am missing my hand stitching in the evenings – my hand quilting is languishing and I don’t know with these two in my chair if I really “want” to get back to it right now.  In due time.

Lola and Emmy Lou are still on the outs – there has been much hissing and spitting occasionally, bringing us running to see if either has killed or maimed the other. So far not.

It’s mostly Emmy who at 20 is set in her ways and refusing to let her guard down.  She is taking a stand for injustice in her eyes.  But life would be so much better if she would give love a chance.  They may never be great friends, but they can live in harmony if they will just “Let it Be.”

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Don't let your own righteous indignation keep you from moving forward, breaking down emotional barriers and making a change!

It won't happen overnight. We may not be able to change the world.

But we can start with where we are in our own communities.

Much love on this Tuesday -


  1. they look like 'frenemies'....lol

  2. Thank you for taking us along on your hike... it was beautiful to see and hear! I feel refreshed after reading your blog post :)

  3. I have no creek to listen to but I have a garden to work to get away from the humans' insanity we are making. I understand we need change for the better but all this hate is wearing me down. I find hope in nature and creating projects. May this insanity pass quickly.

  4. Hi Bonnie, 17 years ago, I flew out east for my DIL's college graduation. My son picked me up and we drove on a 6-lane interstate. I couldn't believe it, we could hear the cicadas with the windows rolled up and the traffic noise. There were "hairnets" around the smaller trees. Boy were they something. I even watched a TV morning show woman who was cooking with them. YUCK! Sharon in Colorado

  5. One of the great things that have happened for you is that you have finally had the opportunity to really enjoy the seasons change and the wonderful nature surrounding you. In the past, with all your travels, you have often miss that. It is nice to slow down just a bit and glad you have Zoe to share that with you.

  6. Bonnie, your animal captions are so funny. Zoey Jo will just have to endure those looks!! Thanks for the nature walk. I have a small garden that I nature walk but isn't like your walk!!

  7. I don't know Bonnie, but I think you and I are truly blessed are we not? God continues to bring Spring to us and the beauty of Summer is on her way... Just love the Scooby quilt and that last picture of Zoey resting in the grass, surveying "her grounds" is so beautiful. She is just the most darling dog. I am so so happy you recused her as she could not find a better Mom! I'm off to finish set in piecing on a large hexagon quilt I found in my UFO boxes... All fabrics are in those soft Moda florals done by Three Sisters produced somewhere in the early 2000's. Soft , pretty, floral, wondering who to give it to??? Have fun finishing the Scooby quilt! Blessings your way from Southern California, Carolyn

  8. Righteous indignation...on the parts of our cats, That is my home right now with a new to us dog, Corgi, whom I inherited from a dear friend. She is learning that cat chasing and cow chasing are a no-no, but deer in the garden are fair game to bark at. So many rules! Love your walks and there is nothing more soothing than the sound of water IMHO. Brings to mind the Greatful Dead song 'Ripple'.Yay for the Great Scooby finish, what a lucky boy!

  9. I see in the near future Lola and Zoey being best buds! But, I can understand EmmyLou... As I get older, I usually just want people to leave me alone too! Harmony will ensue in time.

  10. Thank you for sharing your "waterfall piece". Oh my gosh, just what I needed...a moment to relax and let the sounds rush over me. Again, thanks for sharing!

  11. Oh my...best laugh of the day...."mom, make her stop looking at me" just made my heart sing. I've lost so many furbabies over the years...still have quite a few but they all live on in our hearts, don't they?

  12. Scooby Do looks awesome, he will love it for many years. Do you have a pattern available for it?

  13. THANK YOU for sending pictures of your area and the antics of your animals. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, watching quilt cam, and learning more about piecing, organizing and using scrap fabrics, and everything. You are a wonder of the world and a great teacher who feels like my best friend. Take care and stay healthy. Thanks for signing your books! That is so special. I taught writing to fourth graders. Toward the end of the year the students were allowed to send their chosen stories written during the year and publish their own books. It was fun and I miss being with the kids but still sub on occasion. I retired in 2010. Now I try to spend my "free" time in our basement sewing, etc. We still farm and sell insurance so both keeps me busy besides the usual house keeping and moving grands from dorm, to apartment, to house while they attend college. We still have 3 in high school so have a bit more to go. What fun! Love to see and hear from you even though everything is virtual! One of our daughters lives in Temple and is a diagnostician in Belton. I would have loved to attended your workshop there or anywhere. Our other daughter is a counselor/test coordinator for the district in Denver City, Tx. Our son lives close and teaches Freshman computer classes.
    My husband retired as Elementary principal for 37 years in the same District. He previously taught in a couple of other places right after college. I appreciate all you do for all of us out here in the frontier.

  14. Loved the video's, especially the waterfall :)

  15. Wow! Those cicadas sound like something from an alien film! Actually the walk photos are a wonderful other world! Loved the photos and the waterfall. And a super book to have at QI! Super quilt - Scooby Doo where are you? On my bed!

  16. Your walk area seems to be so perfect and the stream was so lovely. That will make you want to walk uphill just to see that. Zoey looks to be super happy and I am sure he and the cat will be best buddies very soon. I love the scooby doo quilt. My son is 19 but loved scooby doo, and so did my husband, who has a collection of the same style ford econoline van here. We used to buy all the scooby doo toys and everything. He will absolutely love the quilt and get many years of snuggle time under it. He and his mom will soon learn what an amazing person you are and are lucky to have you in their lives. Many blessings to all of you and thanks for sharing part of your day with us.

  17. I showed my 19 year old son the scooby doo quilt and he thought it was awesome. It is so great that people sent you fabric for it, since it's hard to find what you need right now. I am sure they were all so happy to do it also. I would of if I had any, but glad you have it finished. Curious as to where you are putting the name now. Are you taking out a row to keep it the right size for the bed. He will absolutely love it, I am sure. Have a great day!

  18. We in Eastern OH can empathize about the 17-year cicadas... our turn to "enjoy" them was just a few years ago. This too shall pass, but it's good they only show up every 17 years!

  19. So enjoy your posts! Keep up the awesome work.

  20. I have never heard cicadas before we don’t hVe them here in the Channel Islands, I thought it sounded like machinery at first lol. Thank you for yet again teaching me something new, I love the relaxing waterfall. You really live in a very beautiful place.
    The scoobie quilt is just fabulous I’m sure Casden will adore it.
    Love and quilty hugs

  21. A beautiful walk, thank you for sharing.

  22. Years ago, we went to Washington Crossing Park, NJ, for an outdoor performance. Despite microphones, the loud hum of the cicadas made it very difficult to hear the performers. It is unbelievable just how loud the cicadas are. I figured if you haven't spoken in 17 years, you have to make the most of it and be as loud as you can when you get the chance.


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