Thursday, June 04, 2020

Layers -

The back hallway and stairwell at Quiltville Inn are getting a bit of a spruce up with new paint.  The hardest part?  The taping off of stair treads and banister rungs and window panes.

But sometimes we do the hard stuff first because it makes the next part, the main part, that much easier.

This bit of ship lap on the side of the stairs is original.  Or at least very very old, and I found myself wondering just how many times this ship lap has been repainted.

The grooves are still visible, but barely.  Coats and coats of paint by each generation that has lived in this house have happened.

We chose not to change the color.  Just upped it a bit brighter as the previous grey/white was a bit dingy in an area that doesn’t see a lot of light anyway.

This looks so much better!

At one time I was thinking that it might be fun to paint the under part of the treads with chalkboard paint so that the ladies could leave messages, etc – Or I could write “Welcome” or something.  But at this age?  Who wants to get on their knees to clean it off and start new again?

At this stage, I’m much more of a wash & wear girl than a high maintenance one.

I am thinking of hanging a quilt in this stairwell for some color.  

Darkish photo -

It’s hard to see, but this area is now done – including the window frames, door frames and doors.  It will be bright and clean and ready for us to open again.

Cookin’ in the Kitchen!

With so much going on, I decided to just bring the ingredients I had on hand and start up a crock pot of chicken soup at the inn.  It felt great after 3 months of standing empty to have good smells coming from the kitchen.

This is kind of a combination between my chicken taco soup and white chicken chili recipes because I had 1 can of black beans, and 2 cans of white northern beans.  No pintos or kidneys!  but it’s SO good and has been my lunch over the past few days.  If I have something on hand I am less likely to eat junk.

And while the red onion looks really pretty here - it was the ONLY onion in the house. After cooking it looks like a purple grey.  But it's still tasty!

In fact, we’ve been eating VERY well -

And saving money in the process.

This was Tuesday night’s salmon ala Blackstone.  I had some leftover baked potatoes that we cut up and sautéed in the back.  Hint – if you like yours with onion as I do, I found it best to cook the potatoes half way on the grill before adding the onions so they don’t burn to crisp black little tasteless bits.

This was such a great way to do the zucchini also – just a bit of oil and seasonings.

Yesterday was a no-hike day.  My legs had been feeling it from the previous two days, and rain is supposed to come this afternoon so I may alter things a bit with my usual schedule and get our hike in this morning after this posts.  As summer falls upon us and things heat up, if there is going to be outside hiking it is best for me to do it in the cool of the mornings.

I have added a couple more rows to this -

And I am about half way done with the quilting on Casden’s quilt.

Taking a peek at the underside!

The swirls make it fun!

After dinner last night we headed back over to the inn to get some weed eating and watering of the sod that we had put down in various places done.  Evening is my favorite time of the day – and the temps are lovely right now.

While the weed eating was going on, I came in to add a bit more quilting to Casden’s quilt – and I turned around to find this:

That WAS my favorite decorative thread! LOL!!!


(Don’t let that face fool you! She is NOT sorry, not one bit!)

Again, my thanks to everyone who sent so much fabric love my way.  At this rate, Casden can have FIVE quilts.  LOL! Thank you.  Sincerely.

The sun is setting just behind the ridge on the right.

It looks good.  Really good.

The grass is now green and lush and the patches we started filling in 2 years ago are doing great.

I am still searching for another patio dining set that seats 6.  The last one I saw sold before the guy got back to me.  So I’m still looking.  At this time even a beat up farm table would be great so I am on the lookout.  Folks are going to want to eat outside on the back porch.

And today – it’s right there in front of us.  What are we going to do with it?

Walk this morning, mail after lunch, and hopefully finish up this quilt and get the binding on so I can start stitching it down tonight.

And make sure ALL THREAD is out of doggie reach!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Actions have always spoken louder than words.

Today, speak a little kinder.

A little softer.

Or maybe stay silent and just listen.


  1. In the 'you never know how much good influence you have' column: it was your post a few days ago about painting the back room that got me thinking along those lines, and I FINALLY finished a painting job that had been lingering, 90% done, for YEARS! With that done, now I'm tackling the guest room with a fresh design, fresh paint, and also thinking along the lines of quilts on the walls for decoration.

    I also like the smell of new paint.

    As I scrolled slowly down and the crockpot picture came incrementally into view, my first reaction was, "What did she do to that paint?!?!", because I've opened a few old cans in the past few days that looked pretty awful. As soup, however, it looks wonderful!

    Thanks, as ever, for the wonderful ideas and community you've brought into my life.

    1. yes. I love your posts and feel as though I'm right there with you.

  2. Casden's quilt came out so nice. I love the layout of it. He will treasure it for years and get a lot of good use out of it, I'm sure. The Inn is looking great. I love the cool in the air in the mornings, but it gets sunny and hot so quickly. Have a fabulous day Bonnie.

  3. You guys are getting SO MUCH done!! That painting in and of itself was a HUGE chore and now it's done. The inn is just beautiful and you two have really invested so much of yourselves there..it's so evident! And just WOW at what you've accomplished quilting-wise during your 'down time'.

  4. You’re an inspiration, as always! I love that you have taken time to make. ‘Zoey’ quilt for her bed! She has certainly found a place to call home!❤️��

  5. I love your blog it is always so positive! Yes, terrible things are going on in our country right now, but I choose not to watch the news or social media 24/7. I need a break from it. Thanks for your blog. We all have opinions, and we will never all agree. Respect each other. Thank you for being you.

  6. I am with you. My head hurts from all this. I just want to stay secluded in my little world...which is on 20 acres in the woods, in the country in Michigan. Life goes on without me...I am too old to let things bother me anymore. Love one another in your own way and I will do the same. Good wishes to you Bonnie! Health and safety to you too. This to shall pass..I hope quickly.

  7. I love the pop of color from an American flag on the front of a house!!

  8. That's a gorgeous picture of Quiltville Inn! Love your saying for today. I think I will choose to be silent and just listen. Have a beautiful day Bonnie ❤

  9. Love the quilt. Another book in the queue - "easy" kids scrappy quilts!

  10. Everything looks fab! I have a dog that likes thread too. She almost never comes down to the sewing room, but if I forget she gets the spool on the table next to the binding chair. And now....we got ourselves a kitty...😬😳 so on high alert about everything! Love that Zoey has a bed with her name on it! I’ve been making little quilts to take around for the garage, ground, deck...so they have something a “bit” softer to lay on and well, we do have enough scraps and line blocks to make that happen....stay strong....we have to...

  11. That sunset photo of the Inn is just lovely. The front yard looks neat as a pin. The community must be so pleased that someone is taking such good care of that property and keeping it from slipping into disrepair. The fact that it seems like every new person you meet already knows about 'the quilt lady' says that they're super glad to have you on the scene! Here's hoping you get to reopen soon.

  12. Thanks again, Bonnie for you just being you. Such a breath of fresh air in these times, and oooooh! Zoey!!! Cuteness incarnate 😁

  13. Excellent quote today, Bonnie!!

  14. Zoey looks so innocent like "what did I do mom." So glad that you have her to give you so many giggles and laughter. Just love your blog and the encouragement you offer all of us even though you get hit with negatives at times. Keep it going Bonnie. You're doing everything the right way!!

  15. Love you Bonnie, love your blog, love your quilt cams, love your quilts, antique shop adventures, hikes, fur babies...thanks

  16. I bet it feels really good to be able to be at the Inn just "doing". Naughty Zoey (while scratching that belly.)

  17. I just loved the quote of the day.
    Greetings from Argentina. 💜

  18. Bonnie, Please, just keep on being you. You are a loving and kind person. You give and speak from your heart. Be safe and healthy......hugs....

  19. What a sweet little pooch-face! My cat loves thread too so I also have to be mindful to put it away after using it. The Scooby-Doo quilt turned out adorable and I really love that you put his name on the back -- no doubt as to who owns this quilt! Great quote!

    1. Casden is going to love his name on His quilt! What a sweet and thoughtful "icing on the cake". All people love to see their name, I think, but especially the little ones. G-d Bless!

  20. Great blog post, Bonnie. I have been wrestling with the "just paint it white" walls in our home. Who knew there where so many whites to choose from. Your heart sounds lighter today. Mine too. The Inn is stunning! Your family's hard work and love is shining through.

  21. There are some of us Bonnie who feel very blessed to call you our quilt mentor and friend! I love your quotes each day, your joy that you bring to my life. God will richly bless you one day, please don't be discouraged by those that do not know how to share beauty by speaking with love.

    1. Well said Dalina. We are all so very blessed by Bonnie's Blog, classes and friendship. I don't know anyone sweeter and more compassionate than Bonnie.

    2. Thank G-d all of the thread is on the outside of Zoey! I'm sure she just wanted to see how pretty it ALL was!

  22. The Inn looks gorgeous

  23. The inn is looking so beautiful and inviting. I'm excited for you to start receiving guests again.

  24. Thank you for always being a bright spot in my day.
    Love seeing the progress of the Inn and your fur babies antics.
    I would love to come and visit :) :)
    Have a wonderful and Blessed every day xoxoxo

  25. Just love how you have really put life back into the inn it looks just stunning in your photo.
    Oh ZoeyJo you little rascal, but who could stay cross at the cute little face lol.
    I love seeing all your adventures and fun, long may you keep them coming.
    Thank you for being you
    Keep safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx


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