Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Life in the Upside Down!

Do you ever feel like you are thrown into a Monday with 50 things going on at once and you can’t accomplish enough of either of those things to make a dent?

Such was my Monday – yet when I looked back on it last evening, things DID get done.  Accomplishments were made.  Just maybe NOT in the order I’d want to see them done, but none the less – even baby steps means progress.

The photo of Zoey above was this morning, playing with her gator toy – the upside down, but in the air, head through the legs pose is her constant move.  And it is always a crack up!

We moved her crate to the QPO for the day yesterday as there was much in and much out and places she couldn’t be underfoot.

My housekeeper came – and after 3 months of being closed, she spent her time on the ground floor before her time was up and she had to leave.  She will be back on Wednesday to do the upper level, and I will help her with the beds because 2 people making beds is so much easier than one person.

While that was going on, so was this:

Oh, the good old well pump!

The pressure on the pressure tank needed the switch moved from outside at the well, to inside by the tank so electrician friend Don came to work on it with the Hubster Dave – and it took them much longer than they thought it would -

Turns out that the pressure for “factory set” on the tank was too low and overlapping showers would take the pressure way down.

This is big enough it shouldn’t do that!

136 year old house, crazy plumbing, interesting electrical solutions. 

My morning was spent with instructions like “Turn the downstairs shower on.”  “Okay, now turn the kitchen faucet on at the same time.”  Then “Now go turn the front upstairs shower on, but turn off the kitchen.” “Now turn the downstairs shower off, and run both upstairs showers at the same time.”  “And the bathroom faucet.”  Trying to work all scenarios that could possibly happen.

I went through the morning feeling like my right arm had been washed many times over!

But we got it – and just in the nick of time.  The pressure is now GREAT with multiple things happening.

And by Wednesday afternoon all will be ready.

And Zoey survived her crate (which she really loves) while all of this running between the QPO and the Inn was going on.

And top that off with weird weather!  it was 58 as the high – by the time I went to bed last night it was dropping enough that we actually turned the gas fireplace on to get the chill off!  This morning – 51??  Where is JUNE?!

2004 memories.

Somehow this popped up through my memories yesterday.  WHO is this young girl and where has she gone?  I need her energy and her positive outlook and “You can do it!” attitude.  How can 16 years fly by so fast?

I wish I could say there has been sewing happening -

But all I’ve managed to do is kit up a few blocks for upcoming Addicted to Scraps columns with Quiltmaker Magazine.  My 2021 selections are all due and I’m trying to figure out how to cut them, sew them, write the instructions and intro text -

You’ll notice today is June 16th- I was supposed to have Unity rewritten and posted as a PDF pattern in the Quiltville Store by…um…..YESTERDAY!?  And I am giving myself some slack because it just couldn’t happen on the timeline I had previously set for myself.

And then there is that “Winter Mystery” thing looming – typically I at least know what it will be by now.  I will soon.  Cutting myself a break there, too!

Our next Leader & Ender Challenge will be released in a couple of weeks - 

And just in those few lines of text I’ve given you four balls in the air, how will they land?

So – if all you get today is a photo of a pressure tank, and Zoey’s butt in the air, it’s a good indicator of how my life is going this week! LOL!

Today – A visit from Gary & Laura of SewPad fame!  They are bringing some gel pads up to the inn for retreaters to use for long hours of sewing.  We will have a house full of happy rears!

And then it’s a trip to Jefferson for the dentist – don’t wanna, but hafta.

That’s my Tuesday in a nutshell.  How is yours shaping up?

I wanted to thank everyone for the positive response to the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store link! We are off to a good start, and I’m so happy that you like how the categories are set up to find the things I have mentioned before through social media or on my blog.

Many of the items are things that I reorder regularly and having them on a list makes it easy for me to find and reorder.

I am currently awaiting the arrival of these chairs to go with the new porch table. They should be light weight enough to also put around the fire pit, yet heavy enough to not blow away in a stiff breeze! (Click the image to see more! They also come in white or black.)

You can also read more about them under the On the Porch category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store.  Thanks for bookmarking my store as your entry portal to Amazon!

Okay – time to get this Tuesday Show on the Road -

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage quilt found in North Carolina.

It's time to show your fear who's boss! You can do this! (I keep repeating this to myself as needed!)

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Even if you hadn't written anything, Zoey's pose was enough to brighten my morning! Thanks.

  2. Have an awesome productive day Bonnie. We all have days like your Monday. Happy sewing. :)

  3. Bonnie, what kind of chair are you using the gel pads with? I purchased one the day you posted about them for the first time because I will try anything for my painful back and backside while sewing. Delivery was quick but I don’t notice any difference while using it. Maybe I need to use it with a different kind of chair?

  4. Jeter, our Wheaten Terrior, also does the Zoey pose along with a complete turnover - we call it Topsy Turvy. Miss Zoey looks like a whole lot of fun LOL

  5. like the amazon store you set up makes it easy to find the stuff you use and talk about. glad retreat inn is getting to open zoey is so funny. thanks for all you do for us.

  6. Stunning photo of you from 2004! You are still beautiful and energetic! You amaze me with all you accomplish in a day, you are an inspiration to me!!

  7. Oh, what a hoot that Zoey is, Bonnie!! Thanks for sharing (because who doesn't need a bit of laughter these days?!

  8. You may not have the same energy but you have such a wonderful attitude. You make even the most upside down day sound like you are having fun and living life. That is how we all should take the day. My grandson's are here today with their Dad painting my barn and I am doing laundry after my trip to Olathe, KS for a softball tournament. That time is passing because my granddaughter will be heading to UL at Monroe in the fall (Go Warhawks - Talons Out)

  9. All balls in the Air, whew!! I needed to deadhead the flowers while it was cooler. Humidity in the midwest is killer. I'm hand quilting a reproduction quilt, that needs to be tea dyed to make it look old. Yikes, poking my finger isn't fun. Need a different needle.

  10. I look forward to your posts everyday even though I don't comment much. Life can be crazy at times but you seem to ride the wave. Take care, hug Zoey, your life will never be the same with that one around!

  11. One thing, I've learned so I don't get overwhelmed is not to look at the big picture. Just tackle things in baby steps. Eg. Quiltmaker blocks - just set the goal of cutting the blocks, next making them, etc. Sure has helped with my stress level. You've got this Bonnie - thanks for everything that you do.

  12. Love your Amazon shop. Went to it yesterday as soon as I read about it - and immediately ordered 3 things! Great idea! And maybe it will help you pay for Zoeys dog food! 😹

  13. I once had a supervisor who was stressed by his to-do list. While he was away from his desk I put a sticky note on his monitor that said "Do the next thing". He told me it really helped him to focus. These are stressful times for a number of reasons. Zoey appears to be a good thing for you to focus on, and take your mind off "the world situation". Quilting can be that for all of us, and your posts are always a treat. Thanks for being you.

  14. How is my Tuesday shaping up? Two Zoom calls -- one that completed committee business (Banned Books Week grants for 2020) and one that gave me a lengthy follow-up list (Zion Woman's Club--I'm the new presdient). But I got borders put on the most recent quilt top and I have begun auditioning fabric for the back. But first -- a pedicure!! It's been a long, long time.

  15. Yes, please cut yourself some slack! In these times it takes a lot to do the things we used to do automatically, seemingly little effort. I so enjoy your daily blog and look forward to the new quilty things you will be sharing. Glad you are doing the Amazon thing. That Zoey is something. She is your upside down fur baby.

  16. Maybe Zoe's name should have been Pretzel.
    I've never had to deal with a well & pressure tank, but our city water pressure sure isn't anything special. Never anything going when the shower is running. Watering outside means a trickle in the house. Not to mention the plumbing is what I like to call "interesting".

  17. Zoey is such a delight. I enjoy seeing her antics. Look at you girl, goregous!
    I had to share your quote of the day, it fits perfectly today. Have a great day!

  18. My SewPad arrived yesterday! Put it to good use as soon as I opened the box.

  19. Thank you for your blogs, quilting expertise, and sharing the ups and downs of your day. Zoey,s antics are a hoot. I enjoy seeing the beautiful surroundings where you live as well as what goes on at Quiltville. I have been working on a Mystery quilt along with the Unity quilt. I have several projects on the back burner and you inspire me to keep going amid all our farming, family events, and other doings in the midst of all that is happening in the world. Wish you could send us some of the extra rain you have received. We are dry and the cotton, etc. is suffering. We know it will arrive here someday. In the meantime, carry on. June

  20. Is the quilt on the back of the couch your pattern? I would love to make it. love reading your blog everyday. it is a great way for me to keep up with what is going on in our quilt world. Zoey makes me giggle. love the butt in the air pose. now I am off to the sewing room to conquer...lolol

  21. LOL I thought that young woman was an actress/actor! Sure glad you made me go back and really look...what a beauty she is.

  22. Love that Zoey! What a precious puppy to brighten your life! Hey, nothing wrong with baby steps - progress is progress!

  23. I have cornish rex kitties. They make poses like this so often. I am so happy to see Zoey so content loved and happy

  24. I know what you mean about June. I live in Reno nv and we are still having to cover our garden. We had a couple of days of hot weather then back to cold and very windy. Night temps close to freezing. May not get any produce this year. Thanks for the picture of Zoey, loved it.

  25. Love your stories and quote of the day is a great feature. I send a copy to my son each day, as he is also having such a hard time with his business during these times. He said every day he looks forward to these, and they really do help him. Thank you Bonnie.

  26. ZoeyJo’s antics do make me chuckle, and your picture is gorgeous and you still are inside and out!
    Your plumbing issues remind me of when I was Young if you were going in the shower you mentioned it to everyone as and tap turned on meant you either froze or were scalded!
    Love your quote and the antique quilt is beautiful
    Keep safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xx

  27. Summer is here in Mn. We had 90 plus yesterday and 90 plus today so If you send your weather up here I will be happy to send ours, over to you.


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