Saturday, June 06, 2020

In Between the Lines -

Piecing on two things is much more fun than piecing on one!

I’ve been up since 4:15am.  I have no reasoning why, but it could have something to do with the call of nature in the week small hours, and once back into bed – no amount of coaxing myself back to dreamland did the trick, so instead of wasting the next couple of hours waiting for daylight I got up. Again.

Zoey was like ‘REALLY!?  It’s still dark!”  Regardless, I took her out to take care of her own business, and downstairs to the studio we came, hot mug in hand. 

It’s quiet down in the basement, nothing can be heard upstairs if I just quietly stitch -

I must say that I am loving that cute red polka dot tulip block with the text print background.  JUST TOO CUTE!

And the tulip stack continues to grow as gardens tend to do.  And the shoo fly blocks are getting sewn into rows as the leader & ender for the tulip project.

Juggle juggle juggle – and if you lose your place in rotation and what you were doing, you just take another sip of coffee and pick up where you think you left off!

30+ years worth of scraps.

That box of 2 1/2’’ squares is an archaeological dig.  I’m just having a ball putting something new and contemporary next to my 1980s calico beginnings.

I am shooting for a top center that measures about 60 x 80 before borders.  I’ve reached the 60’’ wide..now I am starting to work on the length.

As I get a little bit farther I’ll determine how many more shoo fly blocks I will need to seal the deal.

Maybe a string block border?

This might not even be done before our next Leader & Ender challenge for 2020 begins NEXT MONTH!  What will it be?

I’m thinking something WITHOUT TRIANGLES.  LOL.

Binding is on -

No hand work happened -

It was late by the time dinner was started – and nearly 8pm by the time dinner was cleaned up and we were ready to settle in for some evening TV.

Some days – you just emotionally can’t make the effort to put on a thimble.

Maybe tonight? Who knows.

Quiltville Inn has new coverlets!

With the re opening of Quiltville Inn, many measures to keep everything in sanitary tip top shape for visiting retreaters are being put in place.

All of the beds now have quilted coverlets that can be washed after each visit.

Guests are also welcome to bring their own quilts should they wish some quilted comfort and color as well as an impromptu quilt show of ooohs and aaahhhs with the other roomies.

While commercially made, these coverlets are beautiful - found on Amazon - and please tell me I am not the only one who would instantly be excited over a large satin bow to re purpose later, and a zippered case (with handle!) to house quilty projects!

Our first grand reopening group arrives June 17th. All are self quarantining right now so they will be free and clear to gather their group of 9.

Slow and steady and safely we go.

Why grey?  I would have preferred cream,but they didn’t have 12 available in that size.  Grey was the only color that would work with the paint colors in the bedrooms.

I also have to be careful with the amount of bleaching that happens as both the cabin and the inn are on septic systems.

Today -

I’ve got chicken thighs out on the counter thawing for dinner.  I’m packing a lunch and heading over to the inn where we should finish up the painting of the back hall/stairwell/upstairs back hall and then put all of the furniture and things back in place.

I want to spend some time out on the porch making things cozy.  Nice weather season has finally arrived in the Blue Ridge and I know the ladies are going to want to enjoy the porch.

I want to sew some, likely nap some, play with Zoey some, and sew some more.

How about you?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

There are precious lessons in everything, if we simply look for them and learn from them!

Beautiful vintage quilt shared by Connie during our Jackson, MS workshops 2 years ago.

My how time flies!

Enjoy your Saturday, friends!


  1. I'm currently sewing my shoo fly blocks together while using HSTs as leaders/enders that will eventually go in Emerald City that was started in Vicksburg last August.
    Have a great day, Bonnie!

  2. Bonnie:
    I also head to the workroom to sew when I can't sleep. I would much rather do something I enjoy that lie in the dark (or dawn). It's such a blessing to have a separate workspace to retreat to that does not cause issues for others. And like your Zoey, my Chloe has to move to a spot where she can watch me sew and keep an eye on the bedroom doors.
    Thanks for keeping it real- Lynn

  3. What an interesting Vintage Quilt you shared - Love your Blog!

  4. Have you tried Lysol, laundry sanitizer? It's an additive to use with your own laundry detergent. 0 bleach. I add when washing my face masks. I have no affiliation with Lysol!

  5. What a fun quilt for Casden. So much to look at!

  6. Love love the quote quilt! Interesting how she used the flower fabric. Also love the polka dot tulip. That gives me an idea to use up my polka dot fabric stash! Thank you.

  7. I love gray and the coverlets are lovely. So glad the Inn is opening again.

  8. Yeah! Something without triangles.

  9. Do you know the pattern name of the vintage quilt? It's new to me!

  10. Just went inside a quilt store for the first time since lockdown. What beautiful colors and textures! Found material for binding a quilt, backing another, and finishing piecing on another. Now going to work on Pineapple Crazy blocks for the afternoon.

  11. For whitening when you have a septic system to protect, use 2 plain aspirin (not the coated ones) instead of bleach. It whitens better than bleach and doesn't damage the fibers of your clothes. I've done that for years (using one Tbsp of Orvus paste for laundry detergent). The septic service company was astounded it had been 19 years since our tank was last pumped and it was still in excellent shape. The 'norm' is pump out every 4 to 5 years max.

    1. Will that work in a front load? And do you just add it to bleach dispenser on top? Had never heard that before.

  12. I too get excited when new sheet sets, etc. arrive in nice zippered clear bags and fat quarter packs are wrapped and tied with satin bows. It's the little things that quilters appreciate! LOL

  13. Happy, Scrappy, Beautiful pieces! Past and present all together. Happy Saturday, I haven't melted yet. The humidity is killer here today.

  14. Only 1 more month to finish up the Shoo Fly blocks... I must get going!
    I am ready to sew my blocks together (likely with some sashing) and have loved this leader-ender challenge! Thanks Bonnie... and I look forward to seeing what you have up your creative sleeve for us in July!

  15. No sewing today. It was my youngest sons graduation. It was nice and had a great bbq after with just the family.. The rain held out and it was beautiful. And on to the next project.

  16. I'm still thinking about Emmy Lou. Is her behavior moving back to normal for you? I am hoping so and keeping my fingers crossed.

  17. About your quote for the day - waste of time. In a Perry Mason episode, if your old enough to remember that show, some clown said to Perry, "You are wasting your time." Of course Perry had the perfect comeback, "But it's my time to waste." I love that line and think of it sometimes when I am working on a string quilt, easy sewing but still produces something cool in the end with fabric others would throw out. I will stop babbling now. Love those tulip blocks!

  18. Ooh aha was what I said when I saw the grey covered and bow and plastic zippered bag! Love your scrappy quilt, what a winner. So pleased for you that you have a group ready to come and be with you in your beautiful place. Grateful for all you share, thanks.

  19. Oh yes, the red polka dot tulip block with the text background and delicious pop of purple and yellow SINGS to my vintage loving soul.

  20. One fabric painting teacher said to me, if you learn something and don't want to finish it...move it on. I came home and moved 13 projects on that did not need to be finished by me. . Someone else's joy now.
    Thanks for all of your inspiration. Can't wait for new leader and ender.

  21. So nice that you can sew in the wee small hours without disturbing the hubster. I had my two young granddaughters here last night, and they both were asleep by 7.05 pm but my hubster managed to wake them both up at 10 men! Lol so it took me another 2 1/2 hours to persuade them to sleep they are 1 & 2 and they party hard. Chattering away in their unique language and bouncing in their respective travel cots lol just too cute.
    Love your polka dot tulip and will need to work on my shoofly blocks trying to decide on a finish.
    Have a wonderful day
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  22. I love wasting my time my way. I always say if you learn one thing then it was worth it. Stay well, be safe.

  23. A wonderful plan. Sew, nap, play with Zoey, sew

  24. Love those zippered bags, I keep them all! It's the linen manufacturer's way of allowing consumers to touch and evaluate linens without messing up the package in the store. The other method these days is using the same fabric to make a velcro closure bag to hold the folded sheets. Those bags are not as useful, but I save them too. You never know.
    And someone higher in the thread mentioned Perry Mason, I watched that show all the time. Love Raymond Burr! He was good in Ironside later in his career too. Sometime soon HBO is bringing back Perry Mason, starring the actor from The Americans, Matthew Rhys. Looking forward to that, for sure.
    In the meantime, I'm going to be going back to one of my regular bee groups. They're meeting only once a month for the summer, and the room is big enough we can distance ourselves. But that day I have a dr. app't, and I'm probably going to go only to drop off finished quilts and check in with whoever else shows up. And since we meet in a quilt shop, I might shop a little. LOL

  25. Would love to have that vintage quilt pattern,have just the right flowery fabric in my stash.LOL Thanks for your daily blog Bonnie, it really does start my day!

  26. So happy the Inn is reopening! Perhaps you could keep the new coverlets stored in a closet but handy for those that do not bring their own quilts to the retreat. This could cut down on laundry between groups and wear and tear on the coverlets. Just a thought! Congratulations!

  27. Love the closing quip. My mistake pile is at least equal to my success pile (in all areas of life) but I am forever learning from the mistake pile. Matter of fact, apparently I like the mistake pile so much that bits of it frequently get repeated!


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