Saturday, June 27, 2020

The Love Your Creative Space Book Tour & Gift-Away!

Happy Saturday Quilters!

Today is my stop on Lilo Bowman’s “Love Your Creative Space” book tour, and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

I need organization.

I need to move ALL of the quilty stuff from our old house in Wallburg, NC (100 miles away) up to Virginia where we are living – and I have NO IDEA what to do to make my stuff work for me here. 

What to keep, what to let go – how to arrange things.  I feel PARALYZED and when that takes over, creativity can’t move.

Are any of these you?

  • Endlessly shifting clutter from one area to another before 'playtime' can actually begin.
  • Thinking of and using your precious space as a storage unit.
  • Spending time hunting for project supplies.
  • Feeling frustrated that you can't see, reach or play the way you used to.

If you answered YES to any of the above – this is a book you NEED.

This is my post office space.

It’s functional, but could be better.  I am looking for helpful ideas here.  (For instance boxes of shipping envelopes need to go elsewhere, but still be close at hand.  I need to bring my fabric cabinets up from Wallburg and I think that wall, as the only non-windowed wall in the building is where they need to go.

And for both the cabin, and my QPO space – I’ve come to realize that the thing I love most about each – the big windows with loads of light – are the things that also reduce my wall space and I have to worry about fabric being on open shelves due to fading.

I used to think there was no such thing as Too Much Fabric -

I am now rethinking my words!

I took a few quick photos last night when we made the 100 mile trip to swap out our king mattress from the cabin for the sleep-number mattress that was at the Wallburg house. I guess that means that things are getting more permanent here in Virginia.  So it’s time to move stuff, and get rid of stuff.  Eventually we will sell.

The thought of refolding all of this fabric into a better situation is daunting.  I am counting on Lilo’s helpful hints from her book to guide me into a happier place!

The land of beige-to-black


No staging has happened in these photos – this was a quick run through snapping as is -

What to do with all of this stuff??

You can tell some moving out has happened here – there are empty shelves – but I want to combine the best of what is in all places and make my creative space a haven.

Look at all of the areas of improvement!

It’s a life line of things that will help me along my way.

The studio galleries are THE BEST.

I love seeing how other people make use of their spaces.  I am looking for creative ways to make use of otherwise wasted space, as well as really going through my projects and deciding what needs to go.  Which pulled projects can simply return to fabric on the shelves.  Can some projects be turned into pillows or wall hangings, table toppers or runners or even placemats – dare I say POT HOLDERS!?

Which can be finished quickly and gifted away?

And all of that fabric.  Do I still love it?  As I ran my hand across my shelves last night the pieces gave MOSTLY a resounding yes -

Can I use the lesser loved pieces in some creative backings to give that fabric a purpose and place to land?  Also a YES!

There are so many ideas in Love Your Creative Space -

And most of them are within my budget!

And while this is a repeat of a video I did in May – now that it is about 6 weeks later, I’m posting it again so those who are new can see the spaces I’m working with – both at the cabin, and at the QPO – WHICH is the best location for my fabric cabinets as I work in both places.  And I want to LOVE both places.

There is so much to consider, and having Love Your Creative Space on hand will guide me in the right direction!

Photo from the book -

What a great way to display paint brushes and supplies!

Also from the book -

A well organized happy place!

This is me.

Still happy, but could be so much better! LOL!

Would you like to win a PDF copy of “Love Your Creative Space”?  As it is a digital copy this giveaway is open to everyone everywhere!

We will draw for our winner on Thursday, July 2nd, giving everyone an opportunity to also enter on ALL the blog stops along the tour!

The Love Your Creative Space Blog Tour:
Friday 26 June:
Saturday 27 June:
Sunday 28 June:
Monday 29 June:
Tuesday 30 June:

I am looking forward to visiting each stop in the tour and seeing what others are sharing about their studio spaces as well as what they are gleaning from Love your Creative Space.

I am also accepting what I am calling “PRE ORDERS” for Love Your Creative Space as they are on their way, but not in house yet. I expect arrival to me in Virginia in about a weeks’ time. We can be well on our way to organizing  all the things – TOGETHER!

You'll find it in the New & Books categories of the Quiltville Store.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Creativity fills a desire from deep within! Nurture it!

String X quilt made by my friend Mona, pattern from the free patterns tab at the top of my blog.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. When my granddaughter moved in to go to school near me I had to reduce 3 rooms of my quilting supplies to one room and boxes. There was some angst at all the fabric I had but now that she has moved back home I am getting back to a new normal. But nothing is organized. I am going to enjoy this series of Creative Spaces to get some ideas on reorganizing.

  2. This idea may not be quite what you are looking for but something to throw into the mix. When a group is at the Quiltville Inn, could you have a basket of fabric available and ask the group to make blocks that would go into a donation quilt for a local organization. I know people are there to work on their projects, I also know quilters are incredibly generous. If everybody made one-two simple blocks, there could be a quilt in no time.

  3. I have gone through two downsizing on fabric in the last six years. The quarantine got almost all of those someday finishes taken care of. Some were even just put a binding on it for a small wall hanging, etc. Has always felt good when I finished those projects. There is always option to shop if you indeed find you “need” something that is gone. More often with a little creativity, which we all have, one can make what we still have, work.

  4. Two words, Clear Bins!! I like my fabric out of the sun but still easy to see. And I am not taking time to fold nicely and display. So I have shelves in a closet and all the bins are clear. I still label but I can see at a glance what is in each bin. Happy organizing!!

  5. I am a retired interior designer and I see lots of wall space in between those short windows. I suggest hubby build you some hanging cubby shelf spaces in between each window, ending at the bottom of the window so you still have room for the long arm. Of course you would have to be able to get behind the long arm to get fabric but you could store fat quarters on these shelves. Not very deep, maybe 6" and high enough shelves for fat quarters. I have a cubby post office type shelf in my room. Each cubby is about 5" wide by 6" tall. My cubby is on its side so the spaces are taller than wider but you could go with 6" deep by 6 by 6. STill gives you ample light and kind of serves as a window treatment on each side of the window and uses that limited wall space you have.

    1. I like your idea, living in a converted garage does not give me a lot of space, but if I could decorate around those small windows it would give it a "shadowbox effect" and may be able to add a plant shelf along the bottom, something I have always wanted.

  6. PS, You could have a fat quarter sale. One blogger is offering 10 fat quarters for $20 plus shipping. You could sell sets of fatquarters to your readers. Who wouldnt want a bundle of fat quarters from Bonnie Hunter. Of course you would have to blindly pull them off the shelves and send them off with no remorse. Maybe get 10 color coordinated sets together and then have a drawing to see who wins or first ten to apply gets one. For $20 plus shipping. Good luck with this.

  7. i think every quilter should go thru the entire stash periodically and jettison what is no longer wanted...especially if in the process of packing up...

  8. When or if you move those white cabinets instead of putting them all against a wall, why not maybe create a wall using them and put them back to back with each other.I did something similar in my small space with metal shelving, putting them back to back and putting them in the middle of the room. Creates a tall island.

  9. Seeing your cabinets of fabric makes my small stash so much more manageable. My problem is piles and moving them around to work. My son says my Main hobby is moving things around and getting organized. I do enjoy that too. Dianne from New Mexico.

  10. I live in a small house -- just me and my cat. My studio is the largest bedroom. However, I have materials all over the house -- a spinning wheel, baskets of yarn etc. -- so in effect my home is my creative space! I organize, reorganize and cull on a regular basis. COVID isolation has given me great opportunities to use scraps, and sometimes I give fabric away but with limited means that doesn't happen often! Have fun with your move -- what is meant to move will move, and what's meant to have a new home will find one, I'm sure! :-)

  11. I believe you have an "owner's room" in the big house. Is there space there for a shelf to hold things like extra boxes of shipping envelopes?

    The book looks good and could be very helpful as you move the rest of things!

  12. I've been doing a 50% reduction on everything in my house the last couple years. What I don't sell I donate. Feels good to let go.

  13. I love the ideas I have seen so far. I am only semi-organized, hampered even more by the lack of space. Still, I am getting some good leads on how to streamline my limited space. Thanks for this!

    Loretta McGinn

  14. I could definitley stand to be more organized, my space is a mess right now! Too many piles of stuff that I need to make decisions about, so I totally understand how that sucks the creativity and fun right out of my sewing.

  15. Haha, Bonnie, my sewing machine area looks like yours! My issue is that I need to see all my options as I work as part of my creative process. So I need to spread everything out where I can see it! Makes some kinda huge mess! But I've learned to keep UFOs each in their own bin. But then, if I decide not to finish something, I need to return the fabrics I set aside for it to my stash. It's a conundrum but I try not to tell myself I should be different from the way I am. Good luck and thanks for all the great ideas!!!

    1. Sharon - we are sisters of the heart! "I need to spread everything out so I can see it" is me in a nutshell. I am who I am, and every flat surface in my apt. should be covered with creativity possibilities!

  16. I would use all those nice fabric cabinets with doors as a wall with the doors facing the windowless wall. The back of the cabinets can then be used as a design wall or the metal shelves could be put there.

  17. I had lots of blackout curtain left over from a project and a second one that I never got round to. On the top of the shelves with my fabrics we fitted a curtain rail and the curtaining was hung from there - it doubled as a design wall as it draped down to the floor. A bit of a nuisance to hang things on as I had to pin them - but if flannel sheeting or Frankenbatting was attached, I'm sure that would suffice as a temporary measure. Not got around to it here - the sewing room is different and a tad smaller than the old house and the curtains are permanently closed unless it's raining and I need better lighting!

  18. Doors or roller blinds would keep the sun off the fabric.

  19. OK so after looking at both spaces I think the fabric cabinets should go where the cutting table is out of the suns harm. The cutting table can be an island anywhere on the floor of the cabin.

  20. I can say that you have managed the whole fabric and organized the space in a very well manner. That is fantastic.

  21. I loved the concept so much I already bought the Kindle version & read it. You have an especially unique situation as you're combining business & quilting at the QPO & maintaining two (eventually) studios. You'll design what works best for your needs, you're already super organized or you'd never be as successful as you are. Sometimes it's hard to see when you're living in the middle of it, but despite some creative clutter in the midst of ongoing projects, your spaces are well appointed.

  22. Adding one or two extra shelves into each white cabinet might help keep stacks straight and easier to add/remove pieces. I had thought a white cabinet on either side of cabin patio doors might fit, but then there are light switches to contend with so there may not be enough room.

  23. I have a very small sewing "studio", so every little space counts. One change I made was to get rid of my ironing board, replaced it with a yard sale cabinet that's just the right size (height and width!) to put a 50X25" covered ironing board on the top. The cabinet is big enough to hold a whole lot of fabric!

  24. For anyone who feels overwhelmed by "stuff", I recommend the Kon Mari method by Marie Kondo. You can find her process online or in one of her books. The basic premise is start with, for example all your clothing. Yes, ALL. Put it in a pile in the middle of the room and touch each piece, every belt, every pair of shoes. If the item "Sparks Joy" keep it. If it does not, put it in a bag and take it to the Sally Ann. Then you move through the rest of your home and repeat the process with all the categories of items (kitchen equipment, books and journals, furniture pieces, knick-knacks and other home dec stuff). Eventually you will get to documents, photographs and your fabric. those are hard categories, but you may find some fabrics no longer call out to you, like they did when you first envisioned using them in a project. KonMari worked well for me in terms of de-cluttering my home. Although not finished with my fabric, I have already taken bags of new, unused fabric to my quilt guild, where it was auctioned off. I often see it coming through in comfort quilts and other quilter's projects. Spark Joy!


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