Thursday, June 18, 2020

Welcoming the Stitch Mob!

The Stitch Mob is here!

And this is how they roll! LOL!

Having self-quarantined for 2 weeks to make sure that they would keep each other safe during their stay at Quiltville Inn, they are raring to visit and sew, laugh and eat and carefully make merry – while sanitizing all the things, all along the way!

It sounds like a pain, doesn’t it – but quilty girls have got to do what quilty girls have got to do to make it through this TOGETHER.

And in the background is Bonnie going around like a crazy woman behind the scenes Clorox wiping all of the door knobs and light switches on a regular basis!  But it is so worth it.

Housekeeper Susan left about 3pm.  Barbara from Ohio arrived first – not long after Susan left all things sparkling clean for everyone.

Stitching a binding while waiting for Jessica and Kate to arrive!

These ladies had more than a 9 hour drive, and rather than having them stay in some hotel somewhere overnight before their retreat started this morning, I opened the inn for them to spend an extra night keeping their contact with the outside world at a minimum.

By the time I left to go home after 7pm, 2 more from Ohio had arrived.  I hope they got a good night’s sleep and are ready to play today.

We have a total of 9 quilters – so 4 more are on their way this morning.

And it has been softly raining for days.  Not a heavy rain – but a constant drippy mist.  And things are SO GREEN! 

Off the back porch at the cabin -

With temps in the high 60s – we aren’t battling heat, but I do hope that it warms up enough to really enjoy the porch at the inn.

Yesterday morning when I arrived two boxes of those metal chairs had arrived, and I opened one box to find that it was “Some assembly required!” sp back in the box the parts went until we can get them put together in the next few days.  There just wasn’t time to take on that task.

I am still working on my Addicted to Scraps columns for 2021!

I am parceling out one hour each morning to work on my blocks and get them ready for shipping out to Quiltmaker in July. SMALL BITES still make progress!

Speaking of small bites – this girl is full of it!


Did you see the beautiful spool of Wonderfil thread in yesterday’s Quilty Box Gift-Away Post?

The spool was on the table after doing photography for the gift-away.  Guess who STOLE IT and chewed it to oblivion while I was sewing on the Addicted to Scraps column block units above?  I just can’t can’t can’t believe how sneaky she is.

And I can’t believe how hyper-focused I get with any task and just miss that she is up to anything.

What is it with thread?

(And no, she didn’t swallow any.)

I will do better to keep this away from puppy “paws on table reaching up high” reach!

And so we play with squeaky snake instead.

Zoey - always assuming what is now known as "The Position."

Because how can you get mad at this?  Really?

(Emmy Lou does not look impressed!)

Today I plan on spending as much time as possible with the Stitch Mob.  They are staying together here until Monday. 

If the weather clears up I would love to take some folks to see some gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountain long range views.  It’s likely too muddy to hike up at the park to see the ponies. (Besides, the rain is continuing so it all depends on cloud cover and low hanging clouds on whether we do those views or not.)

I will finish up Casden’s binding while stitching in the Hen Den.

I have Barbara willing to show me how to make a pillow case, burrito style and then I will try it on my own.

I can get the borders on the Shoo Fly Shoo, Variation II quilt and perhaps piece a backing together out of whatever is on hand.

I can piece a batting from batting scraps and make that pile go down further.

But most of all – I can enjoy furthering the friendships with these wonderful gals who are coming to stay at Quiltville Inn.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

And with the support of family and friends who've got your back, it's that much better.

You've got this!


  1. Have a wonderful time Barbara Reeves!!

  2. Oh Zoey, could it be something with a name beginning with "Z"? Our cat, Zach, has the same thread thing only he eats it. Any time a spool is out of the drawer it is kept in a prescription bottle, he hasn't figured out how to open the bottles-----yet. Shall we call it the Z connection?

  3. Ahhh...Emmy Lou! I'm surprised she lets Zoey come that close, lol! Have a great time retreating!!

  4. Not sure what in is with the thread but my 9 year old puppy does the same thing with the Valdani thread balls. If I leave my chair for just a minute and have left thread in easy reach.....I come back to a thread nest. Never eats it just has the greatest time making a nest out of it as fast as she can. Maybe they think they are helping.

  5. Zoey sure loves the thread, I guess it will have to go higher than a table. She does look sorry Mama - see how innocent she looks. It sounds like the best fun now that you have opened your Inn to visitors. Love your post.

  6. I love doing pillowcases "burrito style". Fast and easy-peasy. Plus it gives them a nice finish. I personalize them with names on the contrast, and even add a narrow trim into the seam between the contrast and body.

    1. I've done a gazillion "burrito style" pillowcases with a narrow trim like you do. I use 3 colors. I also use a French seam for strength and because it looks nice.

    2. My little dog used to love grabbing a spool of quilting thread and making a BIG mess of it. She has grown out of messing up my thread and I'm so glad. I used to find a place to start and cut off the nest and then pull off thread till I got to usable thread and continue on with my quilting. I like to hand quilt and have been at it since about 1978.

  7. So happy for you and the stitch mob! Have fun! Thanks for sharing as always!

  8. Wow, Emmy Lou and Zoey side by side. I am very impressed!
    Having a soft rain going on outside is bound to make Quiltville Inn all the more cozy. Sounds heavenly to me. I hope everyone has a terrific time.

  9. My sister's Boxer used to chew anything she touched, lotion bottles, pagers,cordless phones, nail files. They finally set her up in a baby gate/play pen a with indestructible toys. That helped curb the need to chew.the other thing that really helped was her own puppy to chew on! Racquet balls are smooth rubber and very bouncy. Her puppy Roman, kept his in his dog dish. Good to see the Inn getting used again.

  10. I am so jealous of these lucky quilters! I hope you will share some photos with us so we can enjoy vicariously!

  11. Zoey looks like she knew she had been bad when showed the thread. lol My Sheena when she had done something wrong had the same look. My cats do the same thing when they steal a 4 patch or fabric strip. They give me the big eyed I'm sorry mommy look that melts your heart. Hope you have a great day with"The Stitch Mob".

  12. Zoey is so darn cute! Emmy Lou is like “whatever”. Such joyous companions you have! Love it!

  13. Sounds like a wonderful weekend ahead! And that dogie position -- absolutely the most adorable thing-always makes me smile. I am so glad to see that you are able to open again - I hope all goes well and you are also able to enjoy your time with your guests. As to the thread -- as long as he didn't swallow any -- my dog used to like glasses when he was a puppy -- one pair was over $400.00. They are sneaky -- those wonderful puppies. I am so happy to see the pictures you post.

  14. And that burrito style pillowcase -- if it is the same as the ones I like to make you will be cranking them out. Very easy.

  15. Sneaky Zoey! I think she just earned a new nickname. Silence is golden unless you have a puppy - then silence is suspicious, very suspicious! Emmy Lou looks like the grand dowager who has had her afternoon nap interrupted by a rowdy toddler - LOL!

  16. Good morning, Bonnie!! I would enjoy the heck out of your porch right now, drippy rain, cool temps and all that green. I can hear and smell it from your description. We're in the triple digits for the duration here in Phoenix. Quiltville Inn sounds like heaven. Enjoy your quarantine quilting, ladies.

  17. Bonnie, happy for you that Quiltville Inn is up and running with quilters. Zoey is a character. I think she must be flossing her teeth with thread... 😂 Hope weather clears up so you can show the guests the Smokey Mountains...

  18. Yeah for Quiltville Inn moving forward! Enjoy your guests and take some time for yourself.

  19. Glad you are back with the girls!! Hope you have many many hours of happy quilting. That Zoey....haha

  20. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy the company! The Inn needs to have the love of conversation and camaraderie. Zoey is a handful but she's so cute. Love to see her in your posts. Again, enjoy! Here's wishing you some sunshine and warmer weather before the weekend comes to an end.

  21. Sweet Zoey. I have a papillion that is sneaky like Zoey. If you leave anything on a table she will get it and you never see it happen. She loves to get plastic utensils from take out food and chew them up. Crackers and cookies are also a favorite to grab. Yesterday it was a wool ball from the dryer. That's ok, we love our fur babies.

  22. Have you seen the show "Lucky Dog"? Brandon, the host/trainer, has a trick for dogs that chew things - He hooks whatever the dog has chewed on to his collar, and the dog has to drag it around with them for several hours. Then when he takes the No No item off the collar, he gives him a bully stick, or something specifically for the dog, to chew on. I don't know how long it takes, but it works on the TV show! LOL

  23. Have a wonderful time with the retreaters! Oh that Zoey. Our "Cookie" used to do the same thing to a spool of thread. She didn't always ruin the thread but chewed the spool at the ends so it would work on a sewing machine.

  24. my dog Moose tends to "hoover" in any batting, string or scrap I have lying around. He will even check the small trash barrels I use. So I either keep him out of my sewing room or try to watch him very carefully lol!

  25. What a cheeky girl young ZoeyJo is, but that cute face who could stay cross with her for long.
    EmmyLou looks totally unimpressed by the interruption lol, but nice to see them both together, so pleased she is back to herself now Lola is back at the post office. From yesterday’s post she also looks very happy helping you with your scrappy sewing lol.
    Great news that you have the inn up and running again, how lovely for you to be able to join in the chat with all the lovely ladies. Have a great time.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  26. My Lucy has that same squeaky snake and does her squeaking while flat on her back holding the snake over her head... she has some other favored positions but that one is almost always on her back! lol So glad you're able to open back up, and I'm wishing you and The Stitch Mob a wonderful weekend!!!

  27. We can't leave any food on our counter. Yesterday, I was missing a box of pancake mix and found it in the back yard, removed by our pit mix. She had opened it but it wasn't tasty enough for her to eat it. Spewed all over the yard, Loaves of bread are specially tasty to her.

  28. oh Bonnie, you’re bringing back memories of a cat I had.... Chloe.... (name similarity there...) She would chew the thread on my machine and my serger. 😳 I would always have to make sure I put the machine covers on. We love love love them, but boy don’t they keep us on our toes! 🤗

  29. Oh yea, a Scooby Doo pillow case or two would be super special. The quilt is adorable and I am sure it will be loved by Casden. Glad you have some quilters there again.

  30. When it is quiet, they might be up to something.....
    Zoey I mean.
    I have learned, with two cornish rex kitties, that they get into everything, so I have to kind of keep that in mind and manage my sewing things like I have 3 year old twins. I am glad that she did not consume the thread. That of course is dangerous. Not all doggies and kitties are consumers, they just like to make a nice mess to figure out what kind of thing it is. haha
    Enjoy your week-end

  31. I wonder if it might work to put something bad tasting on a spool of thread to train puppies and kitties? Leave an occasional spool out for training purposes? Is there a product sold that is meant to deter animals from chewing on things? I enjoy your blogs. It is a bright spot in our day Bonnie. Thank you for what you do.

  32. Years ago my lab puppy chewed the end of a new spool of YLI hand quilting thread. It created separate lengths that were just right for quilting. I still have some of it. I have a couple of quilts that still bear the brunt of her chewing. Gotta love our pets.

  33. Ahh, that chewed up spool of thread brought back some memories! My Maggie May yorkshire was a puppy in 2007 and I still have spools around that still have her little teeth marks on them. Puppies can't help it! Have fun this weekend. I am jealous.......but I wish you all a great time.

  34. Bonnie- I know that position well, that Zoey takes when playing. My little kitty, that is now three years old, when she was a kitten would do the same thing, and turn somersaults all the time. She still tries, but her body is too big now, and end up curling her head and just flipping on her side. So funny, fun to watch and give tummy rubs!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where the sun came out after morning rains.


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