Friday, June 19, 2020

Unity PDF Pattern Release!

Time finally caught up with me!

I was able to put the finishing touches on the PDF tutorial booklet for our Unity Quilt Along yesterday afternoon.

It was a big task – as each round in this quilt was a separate tutorial with many methods for doing different things, and I didn’t simply want to write a pattern with “make this unit in this size in these colors” without actually including the information on different methods – the same information I gave while our quilt along was running.

It's about LEARNING, not just doing.

We had 8 weeks of intense sewing.  We now have 37 pages of intense instruction in the Unity PDF booklet!

You can find it in the Digital Pattern section of the Quiltville Store. As an introductory offer, I have placed it at 25% off ($9.00) through June 30th.  The price goes back to normal ($12.00) on July 1st.

As this is a LARGE file – I suggest downloading it to your computer first, saving it to where you know you can find it, and then transferring it to your mobile device or tablet/iPad from there.

in front of the QPO yesterday between rounds of rainfall.

I loved making this quilt.

It makes me so happy to realize we were all doing it together.

The Stitch Mob is Here!

Projects are being completed!

There is more Frolicking going on here!

And here!

And if you see one face bleeped out -

The world thinks she is somewhere else.  LOL!

Foxy Lady – incognito on the porch!

Something I do want to reiterate here.  EVERYONE who comes to Quiltville Inn has self-quarantined vigilantly before coming to keep each other safe. We HAVE to for the safety of everyone.

And because these gals know and trust each other, I feel it is safer than a restaurant situation where even your server is wearing their mask under their chin.

Who has her head turned? LOL!

No, there are no masks at the table – because you can’t eat or drink with a mask.  Think about it. Really.

We are family through Monday when everyone leaves.  We have to care for and trust each other.  I have to operate by the laws of my state, county, city.

And oh, the sanitizing of surfaces, hands, bathrooms, kitchen, door knobs, light switches that is constantly going on.

This can be safely done – but you have to be able to trust in your group.

This is our quilty oasis from the world.  When they leave it will be with masks back on, and all diligence to continue to keep themselves and their family members safe.  

Many are already saying there will be another 2 weeks of strict self-quarantining once they return home – but it was all so worth it just to be able to gather together.

And it’s all quilty good!

Did you get your entry in on our June Quilty Box Gift-Away?  Click over to THAT POST and enter to win.  Drawing to happen on Monday!

Today?  Hopefully loading a quilt in the longarm and enjoying the ladies in between everything else!

The rain is intermittent – still continuing and we are hoping that by tomorrow evening things will break enough that we can get that fire pit roaring.

But even if the rain doesn’t stop – the girls are inside quilting away, and loving every minute of it!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

It's times like this when uncertainty can cause creativity to become paralyzed. Stalled out projects, no energy to continue, no idea what to do.

Just begin anywhere. Your muse will catch up with you.

Let the stitches heal your heart.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. A lot of hard work and commitment to everyone's safety - and proof that it can be done. I'm so missing my sewing and card playing friends and look forward to a day when we can resume a more normal life.

  2. I just have to giggle at the lady who's not supposed to be there - how fun is that! I bet she's having the best time of all. And thank you, Bonnie, for the lovely pattern!!

  3. My small quilting group had our regular meeting this month & it was SO nice to get together again. We didn't strictly quarantine either before or after. No masks. The library meeting room, bathroom and everything in between had been sanitized before our arrival and we wiped & sprayed everything down as we left. We trusted each other. We might have been reluctant if there had been much of the virus around here. Our whole county has had only 8 positive cases and they have all been recovered for quite some time now. I'm sure your retreaters appreciate all the extra work you go to in order to give them a safe place to enjoy quilting with their friends.

  4. Thank you Bonnie for all you do, and your inspiration! Love reading your blog, helps keep sanity in this crazy world.

  5. How lovely to see all those ladies enjoying themselves, doing the things they love - TOGETHER :)

  6. I'm jealous of these ladies! I would love to be there working on one of my quilts but instead I am home cleaning my sewing room. I've been at it for a few weeks but also went through fabric. The pieces that aren't quilt worthy are gone to a friend for crafts. She supplements the income and I feel blessed to have given her bags full. I just found something yesterday that I don't want and she will take it as well. It feels good to have this room more organized and put away. Blessings on you and your work. Love reading this everyday.

  7. Your comment about servers in restaurants wearing their masks under their chin hit home with me. My daughter is a server at a Cracker Barrel. She wears her mask diligently and correctly and in the process gets very hot. She is exposed to everyone who comes into the restaurant since they don't wear masks in order to eat. She deals with cranky folks who don't understand the restaurant is following CDC guidelines and those guidelines make seating and serving slower. She looses tips because some people have little patience in this crisis. Thankfully there are folks who appreciate her service and diligence.

  8. So happy for you that your able to host these retreat again at the inn. Hope you all have heaps of fun.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xx

  9. Love your quote for today and your take on it.


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