Friday, June 12, 2020

Giggles on the Porch.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

The gals started arriving around noon yesterday.  Car contents loaded into wagons, wagons pulled to the back porch and unloaded -

How much food stuffs can 5 ladies manage to bring for a 3 night stay?  Let’s just say no one will be going hungry here unless they choose to!

For many of us – other than phone or video calls, it has been 3 months since we’ve seen each other.  Some longer.

And the porch was much enjoyed as quilting could always wait – but catching up with each other in real conversation couldn’t.

It was such a wonderful connecting first day.

Social Distance Sewing!

There are only 6 of us including myself.  The main plan is to check that everything will be ready for real groups starting next week.

Is it too much of a hardship for folks to spray sanitizer on the commode and sink area after each use?  

So far so good.  The spray and the paper towels are right there.  Everyone seems okay with it. Knowing that the person who was last in there cares enough about you to leave it sanitary for you is a good thing!

I’m going through a couple of times a day and wiping down door knobs.  There are 8 hand sanitizer stations in the house.

I know we are all a bit nervous – but we will feel safer as the new normal becomes routine and not such a big deal.

Adding another row to Shoo Fly Shoo, Version 2!

It felt great to be sewing and chatting with the girls.  I need this just as much as anyone else.  Tulip blocks are being sewn as Leaders & Enders while working on the row assembly for this quilt.

I also brought a small stack of more Shoo Fly block kits, as I know I don’t have enough made to finish the whole thing – but I want to go as far as I can go and see how far I can go and then count the number of extra blocks I need to make.

Mostly I don’t want to count right now – I just want to push fabric through the machine.

Meanwhile upstairs!

The Hubster Dave and Zoey came at 5pm so we could finish the windows in bedroom 4.  Already making a huge difference – we were able to keep the thermostat happy.  We set it for 68.  The highest it got at the hottest part of the day was 70.  

And Zoey was an absolute hit with the ladies, and she was enamored with them!

For those who asked -

Here is a shot at the box.

Brand name GILA, found at Lowes.

We found it to be a 2 person job, especially if your window is of any large size.  Someone has to pull the backing film off while spraying the side that goes against the window with the formula, and the second person has to keep the film outstretched flat so it doesn’t double up and stick to itself. (It’s kind of like dealing with a cantankerous box of saran wrap.)

We are done in the house – and there is film left over, so I asked if we could also do the same to my QPO side windows as they get the morning sun glare from the East and it heats up the QPO fast.

I got a look from him like “You want to kill me or what?!” But I usually win in the end. Especially if it saves on electric bills. LOL! 

Making pizzas in the kitchen!

For anyone coming to retreat – here is a great idea!  A build your own pizza night.  The crusts were pre-packaged so that is easy.  The size was just right portion-wise.  All of the toppings were set out and you could choose what you like, and then bake until bubbly. 

We sat on the porch deep in conversation until the temps had dropped far enough to make us a bit chilly and wanting to go in.  It was 9:30pm by the time I headed home myself.

I’ll be back at the retreat as soon as morning mail goes out, and I plan to spend my day sewing away, and taking whoever wants to go see the wild ponies with me up to the park this afternoon.

Temps are projected to only reach about 73 today – so it will be a perfect day for getting out before the rain comes.

My morning routine at the cabin -

We are really enjoying our gas fire pit on the deck.  And yes, Zoey loves to sit people style on the bench.  LOL!

Click to Play:

Friday. Fire. Coffee. Birdsong. Perfection!

How are things shaping up for your Friday ahead?

To those in the Tucson, Arizona area – my heart is with you over the fires you are experiencing. I hope you are safe, that your homes are safe -

It’s especially hard as Covid cases in Arizona are also ramping up again right now, and we thought the summer heat would perhaps slow the spread – but it doesn’t seem like heat has much effect.

Cases are on the rise everywhere after the Memorial Day holiday, the protesting – please please please be strict with your protocols!  And keep washing those hands, and do not touch your face!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I have a very special mom who always ends her Facebook posts with "See the good in the world."

I attribute all of my positive outlook on life to the woman who taught me this.

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!


  1. Oh, I am so envious!! Just being able to sew with friends would be a real treat!! I hope you have a great time. On our last retreat, we did make your own taco night, with premium margaritas of course!

  2. Enjoy your sewing time with friends

  3. Enjoy your sewing time with friends. I have been "social" sewing via Skype or Zoom with friends in Scotland, Washington state and Florida. It is great to chat while we sew, chat, sew.

  4. Thank you for doing this blog. I read 3 every morning while having my cuppa and yours is first!! Enjoy you time with the ladies and much luck on re opening next week. Dawne

  5. Oh please tell me more about the fix your own pizzas. Think I'll do that for my night to cook. Thank you

  6. looks like zoey is living la vida loca!

  7. You’re so lucky to be sewing with friends! My old blue tick coonhound lays in the room while I’m sewing. She never answers me,but she’s a great listener! Have a great weekend!

  8. How lovely you are able to get the retreats happening again, I’m so happy for you.
    Enjoy your weekend, so cute seeing ZoeyJo on your wrap around bench.
    Teakettle care love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  9. Have fun! Make some wonderful memories! Can’t wait to see you again in March and be with my other Quiltvillian friends. It seems so far away. Tell Lisa hi for me!! And remember what happens at Quiltville stays at Quiltville......

  10. Have fun, fill your heart!!

  11. thanks for sharing 'normalcy.' prayers that we all see it soon. enjoy your time. hugs, patti in florida

  12. Bless your momma for raising you to be positive. Life is harder when we're cranky. Stitching is best to sooth the quarantine weary soul.

    1. Great to see you posting again Mary robin From Leavenworth WA

  13. Would love to see a closer up picture of wall quilt in bedroom 4. The setting looks really interesting. Glad you are having a chance to have a bit of normal.

  14. Your post today just made me smile. Love what you are doing!

  15. Bonnie,
    Thanks for the super quick turn around between ordering and receiving String Frenzy. What a beautiful book. I really like the At a Glance pages! I hope you found the antique quilt patterns glued in the 1930's magazine a quilting treasure.

  16. How wonderful that you will have some in person quilting time with friends. Awesome! I am looking forward going to see my son's new house. They moved in last week and it has been almost a 4 month process of a waiting game. I have only seen pictures and I am looking forward to seeing it in person. Of course, I am looking forward more to getting to see my son's in person. And my grandson Auggie too. Enjoy your quilt time.

  17. Love reading your blog.....enjoy your weekend, well deserved time with your friend!

  18. I've used Gila window film - works amazingly well. Retreat center is looking great!

  19. So happy you were able to gather with friends! Here too. Our quilt group of 7 set up a lunch date at the lake. It was cold, only 50 degrees and felt like 46 but we talked and talked. Our Sr. Center is going to open July 10th and we can once again gather to sew together, but, for now, we are sewn together in friendship. Thank you for the love and encouragement you ALWAYS share with us, Bonnie.

  20. Your blog always makes me smile. We need lots of smiles in these times.

  21. Loved the quote for the day

  22. Please keep showing Zoe. She reminds me so much of our last dog, Lexy. She plays the same, likes to sit upright on people chairs, is energetic, etc. DH won't let us get another dog because he just can't bare lose another - and we are old.
    Seeing Zoe gives me so much joy.


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