Saturday, June 13, 2020

Hike a little, Retreat a Lot!

Leanne and I took a break from machines to stretch our legs!

A day this lovely with highs only in the 70s made this the perfect way to get some mobility going before we went back to continue on our projects.

And I love showing this place to those who have never been here before.’’Is there a place we can walk?”  “Oh, yes – let me show you! How would you like to walk to the VA/NC state line?”

Easy access to Quiltville Inn, and just about 1/2 mile up the road.  Away from the highway and into nature we go!

Progress on the Round House continues -

The yard has now been completely cleared.

What a difference a few weeks makes!

I was able to show Leanne just how far the water came up a couple of weeks ago – she found it incredible that the road we were standing on was completely submerged with water.

We watched the kayakers floating down the New River.

Making the most of a beautiful day.

We spotted a bunny -

And he spotted us!

Back at the retreat -

Projects are going up on design walls!

Abundant creativity is flowing!

It is wonderful to hear laughter in this house again!

24 Shoo Fly Shoo blocks short of a finish!

I have picked up some more strips to cut some sets and will be doing that today so I can continue on.  I want to see this as a completed top.  Still thinking about what to do with borders.  The center will measure about 60 x 80 and borders will bring it to about the size I need.

Zoey – having won hearts, is getting completely spoiled!

The highlight of our day -

Fire pit and S’mores!

Topped of with sparklers!

Yummy and fun!

Land that I love…….

And may the smoke keep the bugs at bay!

There were fireflies dancing at the edge of the woods – it was just so wonderful, and COOL!  So glad I had my sweatshirt with me -

Goofy, but fun!


We left the fire pit long after dark.  Some went back to sewing, some went to bed – all smelling like bug spray and wood smoke and smiling over memories made.

I headed home to fall into bed, and today we do it all over again!

A couple of folks are leaving today, others tomorrow.  But for now, we will squeeze in every moment of this we can and look forward to the time when we can do this again – hopefully when the world is in a much better place and time.

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Time for a check on your determination levels! How bad do you want it?

Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. I am putting Quiltville Inn on my bucket list! Looks like a touch of heaven being there!

  2. So wonderful! It is energizing to see quilters being together again to enjoy company and sewing! Love the photo of Zoey trying to get right in with the circle of women around the table! So adorable!

  3. so lovely to see the round house coming to life again...

  4. Your banana coffee cake was a great hit with my gf family. I just made an applesauce raisin version by substituting 1 3/4 cups applesauce for the bananas and 3/4 cups raisins for the chocolate chips. YUMMY. My next version will be pumpkin chocolate chip. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  5. I've decided, THIS (whatever it is) IS my 'normal' -- for today... no use living for tomorrow or wishing for another day... Life is Good, and I'm loving each moment, thanks for sharing yours and the Inn and Zoey and the New River! Got an old one? LOL -- wishing Everybody what makes their heart sing. Cats in Carlsbad CA

  6. What is the neat looking little building in the background of the firepit pictures. I have never noticed it in pictures of Quiltville Inn before.

  7. It looks like so much fun! I will have to add this to my bucket list also!

  8. It all looks so wonderful -- I miss the fire and marshmallows. Enjoy we all deserve it.

  9. LOVE the pink quilt under quote of the day! Very unusual design. Antique, i assume?

  10. Soooo happy to see you smiling again after all your (& Hubster's) hard work! Glad you were able to be in your element, sewing and enjoying the other ladies' company. You work so hard to make everything perfect for others so it was past time for some enjoyment yourself. BRAVO!

  11. I know your vision is set for these blocks but I keep seeing it with a 54 40 or fight alternate block. A scrappy storm at sea would be so fun!

  12. Looks like SEW much fun, Bonnie!!

  13. Love the outdoor pictures, especially the bunny! Great web site!

  14. Thank you again for your daily blog. I am so glad you were able to reconnect with your quilty friends. It looks like Zoey thinks it is all about her - typical of our fur babies.

  15. What a great time you all were having, Zoey right in the middle of everything!Quilting,hiking & good food with quilting friends, what more can you ask for!!! Happy times!

  16. It looks like you girls are having a wonderful time! I'm so glad you are able to reopen the Inn! Bonnie, I love the ironing stations at the Inn. Where would I find something like them? A regular board is too small sometimes!

  17. Such lovely memories you are making after all the bad news over the last few months. Looks like a wonderful time being had by all.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xx

  18. When I saw the first sparkler pic, I thought it was a marshmallow in flames!!

  19. Where can I find a pattern for the blocks on the wall that are triangles. The triangle on the bottoms is a dark color black I think and then there are 3 smaller triangles on top of the larger triangle in different colors. It's going to be such a pretty quilt. Loved seeing all the pictures of the ladies and you too Bonnie. I always love the outdoor pictures. That old house that has had the ground cleared is really interesting. I would love to see pictures as the renovation continues.


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