Sunday, August 04, 2019

With Friendship & Rainbows -

This little sign is at the edge of the Quiltville Inn property.

So much information here -

How many miles between here and there -

And that rainbow?  Definitely a sign that a beautiful weekend is ahead – no matter whether there be rain or shine – my friend Kim had just arrived from the other side of Virginia – about a 7 hour drive.  (Virginia is bigger than you think!)

Sadie – waiting for Kim to arrive!

(And watching all of the house activity!)

LED lights going in the Quilting Quarters!

Two in – many more to come -

But what a difference they make!

There was a small debate on whether to remove the two remaining frog-eye spots that shine on the fireplace.  I voted for keeping them as they do add nice light on the mantles – but they need to be switched out from hot-spots  (Those bulbs get HOT HOT HOT!) to LEDs as well.

Happy is a man with a power washer!

The front walk and brick face of the Quiltville Post Office got a nice washing yesterday as well – no more green on the bricks!  And all the while we kept watch on those thunderheads as they gathered just over the hills.  No big action here yesterday, but it has been rain rain rain every day since I have returned from Pennsylvania.

It it means we get to keep this green, I’ll take it!

YAY!  Friend time!

Click to Play:

It was so fun sharing the house and my plans for it with Kim!  If you don’t follow Kim on Instagram @gogokim or on Facebook at Go Go Kim Sews you need to! Just trust me.  So inspiring, and always FUN!

Our plan this weekend is to relax a bit, play a bit, and sew a bit! 

I’m waiting to see what the weather does today – we’d love to bike the Virginia Creeper Trail, and then come back and load one of Kim's fabulous quilt tops into the long arm -

We’ve got so many options ahead but I think it will all start with a hot mug and a porch rocker as we watch how the day unfolds.

But before I settle into that porch rocker -

Let’s draw for a couple of winners!

Find the original post HERE.

Who is 2209 of 4842 entries?

Elaine Latulippe!

The full size Quilty Box is coming your way!

And the Quilty Box Mini is going to:

Lorene Wilson!

Congrats, ladies! I’ve emailed you both – please reply with your mailing addresses and we’ll get these prizes right out to you!

Daylight is dawning – there is a very fun day ahead!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

I love how this double-four-patch is quilted!

Read this one three times.

Then set your mind with determination to stop the comparison to other people's lives.

Drop the worry and the fear and love your life for everything that it already is!

Have a wonderful Sunday, folks!


  1. Have some great girlie fun!

  2. Cheers to a fabulous day!

  3. Yay! I love reading Kim's blog as much as I do yours. Can't wait to hear about the fun you two have! Hope the weather holds out for you, too.

  4. How fun. I love the swing. When we chNged out all our lights to LED. It was so much brighter. I love them. That Rainvow is glorious!
    Happy, Happy weekend ahead. Congrats to the Winners. Is there an Independence, Virginia? Gotta get out my atlas.

  5. Congratulations Elaine and Lorene your sure going to have fun with those quilty boxes.
    LED light are so much better they give a much better light and the bonus is not putting out so much heat.
    Hope you and Kim have loads of fun and relaxation
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  6. Alice Woodring says, thank you for the perfect quote for my day.

  7. Love, love the quote quilt! Notice that not all her 4-patches are placed the same way. I must do this quilt and not worry about the 4-patches. Fun sewing with no worries

  8. True story. All the way over here in Waikanae, New Zealand two of us at our recent 'Wendy's Sunday Quilters' get together started talking and realised we both really enjoy and follow your blog. Our friends heard us talking about it and now everyone has been emailed the link to the blog. We were saying how much we would love to come to Quiltville Inn.

  9. I love reading your blog. It is quite a commitment to post every day. Thank you for taking the time. On other note, the Quiltville post office windows would look so cute with striped awnings over them. Interior designer in me talking.

    1. And the bonus of those awnings is that it will cut down on the heat factor on those windows, and thusly, interior of the QPO!

  10. Love those lights. Perfect.

  11. I enjoyed reading this. Virginia is huge. I live in Loudoun county, tip top north and west.
    I am glad you are hogging the rain. We are drying up here.
    Congratulations to the winners!!


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