Thursday, August 15, 2019

Old Man River Quiltfest, Day 1!

Illinois Central, Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railway Depot
Built in 1907.

As excited as I am about the quilting going on in Vicksburg (and believe me, there is LOTS of quilting going on!) I am thrilled to also be experiencing a glimpse into the amazing history of this town.

You can’t miss the old railroad depot right along the mighty Mississippi River.  It’s now a museum, and while we won’t have time to visit inside due to our workshop hours, I can just imagine what this was like in the early 20th century – the coming and going of trails connecting the rest of the country to this corner of Mississippi.

Check out the black and white photo from 1910!

So many towns existed simply because the railway went through there.

And our workshop existed because Stitch n Frame quilt shop hosted us!

Is this a classroom that goes on for miles and miles or what?  Our location is the Vicksburg Convention Center and they gave us the most fabulous space with abundant A/C because baby, it’s hot hot Mississippi hot outside!

How are we sewing?  Click to Play!

I just love hearing the chatter over the hum of machines!

Posy blocks in the morning -

And yes, there was a prize given for the MOST Y2K Millennium fabric in one quilt!

6 different pieces! LOL!

(This quilter really dug DEEP into the stash for these to resurface!)

Hahahaha!  Well done!

Alternate block construction in the afternoon!

There was much oohing and ahhhing and petting of pretty machines -

55 quilters strong!

There was time for fun group photos and other shenanigans -

And yes, there is trouble of every good quilty kind with this trio!

End of class block lay down -

Well done, everyone!

This party continues for 3 more days!

For the rest of our workshop day – Click to Play:

Our evening continued into a group dinner – but first – LANDMARK!

Our dinner place didn’t open until 5pm -

So we hiked back uphill – up the street to take this photo – can you tell we are glistening in what is extremely high heat and humidity?

After dinner Connie and I drove around and looked at so many of the old old HUGE gracious homes from bygone eras.  Too much to post here today – I’ve got 15 minutes to pull myself together and get downstairs to head over to the Convention center for day 2 of workshops – Serpentine Web from String Frenzy is up on deck today.

And our Quiltmaker Gift-Away is still going strong on Tuesday’s Post – have you entered to win on that post yet?

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Vintage 16 patch quilt found in Denver, Colorado.

Leonardo DaVinci was an amazing man!

Not only was he an incredible artist, but his inventions were many including mechanical weaving looms, the precursor to how fabric is woven today!

Have a terrific Thursday, everyone!


  1. Each post feels like a visit to another interesting place ! Thank You,
    Bonnie....starts the day off grand ! now back to piecing this never ending pieced border (not really griping, loving it )

  2. Mississippi Hot! All I see is Happy.
    I remember our PNW Garden Party with the Horses nearby. Quilting the last Quiltin Grandma Camp Quilt today. I love seeing the layout pics.

  3. I see a face I KNOW! (how is that from AZ to MS??) Hi MRose!

  4. A Singer "Genie"! I bought mine 46 years ago.

  5. I travel along with you to see America when you post your pictures!

  6. What fun! I love the way Garden Party looks against the carpeting! thank you for sharing!

  7. As soon as I read Illinois Central this song popped into my head! Love it
    The City of New Orleans
    Arlo Guthrie
    Riding on the City of New Orleans
    Illinois Central Monday morning rail
    Fifteen cars and fifteen restless riders
    Three conductors and twenty-five sacks of mail
    All along the southbound odyssey
    The train pulls out at Kankakee
    Rolls along past houses, farms and fields
    Passin' trains that have no names
    Freight yards full of old black men
    And the graveyards of the rusted automobiles

    1. Thank you for posting this! I have always loved this song and find myself robustly singing along every time I hear it! Good times no doubt.

    2. Good morning America, how are you? This would make an interesting story quilt, just imagine...

    3. Love that song.

    4. Love that song.

    5. I have a recording of that song done by Willie Nelson.

  8. The carpet at the venue looks like a great patchwork pattern. What a fabulous workshop.

  9. I agree about the carpet...great inspiration...nothing greater than Bonnie's inspiration...I am amazed how she just keeps going on and on. Wish I could go to one of these classes...too old to travel now but do enjoy my daily blogs from Bonnie!!!

    1. I am in the same boat as far as travelling, but starting the morning with Bonnie's blog always adds sunshine to my days!

    2. Me too, plus, i do not do stairs well, so I will have to vicariously love the Inn from this wonderful daily inspiring travel log blog... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  10. Wow, Bonnie... your comment about the trains making the towns, and when the trains went away, they died. I lived in rural North Dakota, and that is so true of many of the little townships... they had trains, several granaries, and when the trains stopped coming in, those towns withered to almost ghost towns. Some of them, however, are still around, few people but haven't died out completely, simply because today, people are looking for those nice, quiet, secluded places, and are willing to put up with having to go to the next bigger town to do their business at (grocery shopping, pharmacies, et al... most of the little towns still have gas/convenience stores for those items that you run out of, and need, but don't want to drive to town to get). I live in one of those little burgs, and you know what I'm talking about. You, yourself, are doing the same thing, however... like the Doans in Hamilton, MO, 11 years ago... the birth of Missouri Star Quilt Company! You're doing the same thing, at its humblest beginnings, for Mouth of Wilson! I hope and pray that your own cottage industry revives the town like the Doans did Hamilton. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZu8xfTU2Uk

    1. Never really thought of that as a possibility....interesting.

  11. Thought of you as I was putting a kit together for Quilts of Honor and ran across Y2K fabric


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