Monday, August 19, 2019

A Short Stop Home! And a Gift-Away Drawing!

I am home from Mississippi!

And we are drawing for the winner of the Sept/Oct Quiltmaker bundle!

We walked in the door at home in Wallburg, NC just after 11pm last night, and I have scheduled some appointments around my “home arrival” date so I can take care of those kinds of things – it seems everything is either scheduled the day before I fly out, or the morning after I fly back in – because as soon as that is done it’s back up to Virginia for me!

So right off the top of the bat – we are going to draw for that winner. Will I draw you?

who is entry 3392 out of 5039?

Marianne Robinson!

Marianne, I have emailed you at the address you provided with your entry.  Please reply with your mailing address and I will get this bundle off to you right away!

Thank you so much for participating, everyone!  We have another gift-away on the horizon, so be watching for it.

Connie was my “handler” as she so put it this week, picking me up at the airport, making sure I was carted to and from the workshop location, making sure I was fed – oh, I was fed!

We had time to do some historic touring before carting me off to Jackson and the airport yesterday afternoon and spent our day at the military park.  There are too many photos to share all in one post, and I know some folks are rather sensitive to memorials like this – but we can’t simply sweep all of the bad parts of any history under the rug to make things nice. 

This was very well presented from both sides – and it was a beautiful memorial park.

The Illinois memorial monument.

Hands down the best monument in Vicksburg National Military Park, the Illinois Memorial is located at the Shirley House battlefield tour stop, though it can be seen long before you get there. Based on the design of the Roman Pantheon, the base and stairway are made of granite from Stone Mountain, Georgia, and the upper section is made of marble from north Georgia.

Forty seven steps make up the staircase, symbolizing the forty seven days of the siege. Opulent on the outside, it gets even better on the inside—it is the only monument in the park that you can go inside.

Sixty bronze tablets containing the names of every Illinois soldier at Vicksburg line the inner walls. The memorial was dedicated in October 1906.  Names.  So many names.

Connie & I had the place to ourselves!

The Illinois seal in the center.

Looking up through the oculus at the top.

It was a hot hot humid day, but with the front doors open, and the round shape of the monument, along with the oculus at the top open to the elements – there was a lovely breeze swirling around us – it was probably the “coolest” place in the park, not just by content, but by air movement.

There were so many other things of interest in the park, but probably our most memorable was stopping the one way traffic to save the turtle trying to cross the road!

Click to Play:

He nearly made it all the way across to my left, when we stopped traffic – but he turned around and quickly headed back the other way!

There was no way he would be able to navigate that curb, so he got a little bit of help from me.  Safe travels, buddy – wherever you are headed!

There is more to share – our visit to the park was very much a humbling experience, one I’ll not soon forget.

Slowly taxiing to gate in Atlanta.

It was a very short night, with a very busy morning ahead so i’ll stop things here and catch you up more later.

I hope to be in Virginia by dinner time!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Time with my stash will happen, just not this morning!

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!


  1. hope the appointments finish fast and the road to the cabin clear and the longarm in the QPO ....oh, my...does it have airplane ears like Lola?

  2. Welcome home! I love that you saved the turtle. My daughter is an elephant keeper and often stops on her way to or from work to rescue a turtle. :-)

  3. My husband and I visited Vicksburg a few years ago. Beautiful city, with lots to see. Glad you had an opportunity to see some of it while you were there.

  4. In Jr High we traveled from Monroe, LA to Vicksburg for the day on a charter bus. We had the pleasure of heading East on the old bridge and meeting a semi and having a train beside us. Felt like we were being squeezed 😂😂 I remember going into the Illinois Monument along with all the other kids and how loud it was!!! It is a beautiful monument and the park is gorgeous. It is a great place to take kids. So glad you had time for a visit to it.

  5. AS well as that building, there were many many many Illinois plaques set up along the roads that scroll through the park. I still get goose bumps thinking of my time there.

  6. Great photos, Bonnie! So glad it didn't rain when we were inside the Illinois monument - lol!!!

  7. I haven’t been to Vicksburg since I was a child...we won’t say how long that’s been. But, I can still remember it. What an interesting place! So glad you got the tour from a local. Hope your day goes quickly so you be back in your happy place! Welcome home.

  8. My husband's great-great-grandfather died at the Siege of Vicksburg. Not in battle, but of illness. He was Union.

  9. A very awe-inspiring place to visit. I hope these Civil War battlefield memorials are all kept sacred for the future.

  10. Visited Natchez and Vicksburg several years ago. Thought provoking. BTW, I'm from Illinois!

  11. Thank you, Bonnie, for presenting this with dignity - no bias. I appreciate the services of all veterans.

  12. Welcome home. Great post.

  13. Thank you - what a beautiful memorial. And thank you - what a rescue mission! Little turtle was a lucky little fellow this time - and isn't that tail cute!

  14. I am so glad you had the time to visit the memorial park. It was a very important battle in the Civil War. Also glad you were on hand to help the turtle continue his journey. Nancy A: SewingGranda@gmail.com

  15. I have a "thing" about rescuing turtles, also. Thank you from his friends and relatives! I also have a "thing", for preserving our history, no matter how distasteful it is to others! It happened, so folks should learn to live with it.

  16. thank you for sharing your sights seen in Illinois. It is beautiful.
    Congratulations to the winner
    I like this quote. I need it today

  17. Oh, SQUEEEE! Darling turtle, love the legs and tail... Fantastic monument with all those names... families who lost so many loved ones. Safe journeys all!

  18. Bonnie when I toured the park ended up in tears over all the graves. Was a very humbling experience . Glad you got to see it.


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