Sunday, August 25, 2019

Guess Where I Am??

Any guesses?

I’ve been keeping something secret over the past many months – and it required secrecy here online as well as with family and friends lest the cat be found out of the bag -

It entailed  a 4 airport night -

Greensboro to Atlanta to Salt Lake City to Boise -

Son Jason came all the way from Portland Oregon to participate!

The surprise is about to happen inside!

(Oh, I can’t stand it by this time – this is way too fun!)

Happy 50th birthday to my brother Scott!

(And his grandson Ryder is in on it too!)

No, he didn’t know we were coming, though PART of the proverbial cat was let loose the night before when my dad (Who had secretly just arrived from Arizona) was talking to Scott on the phone asking him what he planned to do with his weekend – Scott was in the bedroom talking to him not knowing that Dad was entering the house, tiptoeing upstairs, coming around the corner until there they were, face to face, still talking on the phone! LOL!  I wish I could have seen that.

But the look on Scott’s face when we walked in the front door to say hello was just as priceless.

And presenting him with his birthday quilt – soo good!

This quilt is now Scott’s!

From deep in the Quilt Vault -

I forgot how much I love this simple beauty!

Selfie with Scott, Dad, and my niece Elizabeth as photo-bomber!

The surprise continued!

We headed out for a “family dinner” and while Scott thought it was simply going to be “US” his wife Alicia had planned and plotted to invite many friends, family and others significant in Scott’s life to join us for a party – SUCH a hoot!

Yes,  we caught him good!

My brother Rick and his fiancée Sarah -

Yes, our family is growing – I’m about to have a new sister-in law!

The video Alicia put together stole the show -

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

We love you, Scott!

Blowing out the candles on the over the hill graveyard cake..LOL.

The Hubster and son deep in conversation.  So fun to see!

Jason hugging his grandma!

All this love just fills my heart!

Watching the flames in Mike’s back yard -

We left the restaurant and migrated over to Eagle to the home of my brother Mike – his yard is large and gorgeous and perfect for sitting around the fire pit, including roasting marshmallows – Total relaxation.

The plan over the next several days?  Soak up as much family time as I can.  Make some wonderful memories and new connections.

I’ll be spending my time between Idaho and Oregon over the next week, returning to North Carolina a week from today – Sunday, September 1st – which is also part of a long Labor Day holiday weekend.  I’ll be back up to resume mail order from the Quiltville Store on Tuesday, Sept 3rd when the USPS is back in service.

In the mean time – I’m unplugging, disconnecting and concentrating on family.

I’ll be in touch when I can!

Don’t forget in the mean time that we have a Quilty Box Gift-Away happening on yesterday’s post.  Get on over there to enter if you haven’t already!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Vintage bow tie quilt from my collection.

Spending this time in Idaho with family makes me feel all of the above!

Have a terrific Sunday, everyone!


  1. Enjoy your family.....enjoy the last of an Idaho summer...warm in the day.....cool at night! Don't worry about us, we can see you on the flip side!!! Laurie

  2. Like the old tradition of a red,white, and blue quilt for a man on his 21st birthday (gave my son one), I like the idea of another RW&B for the 50th.

  3. Family time! The best of times!

  4. So glad you are “unplugging” to enjoy your beautiful family, Bonnie! Cherish every second ( as I know you will!}....... Hugs! Betsy D

  5. awesome....sew happy for you!!! Bless your family, congratulations to your Brother

  6. Relax, unwind, and have fun with family!

  7. so glad you can spend time with family it is the best

  8. Thanks, Bonnie, for sharing that wonderful time with us.
    Big family's are really great!

  9. Wave to Weiser if you drive by! (You’re back in an area I lived in from ages 9-17.) Great memories. The Treasure Valley is still a treasure, even though much of it has grown like a weed. Enjoy your time of renewal and recharging. See ya on the slip side!

  10. Family time is the best. Enjoy your time.

  11. Oh how wonderful! What an amazing string quilt you gifted!
    Have a wonderful break and soak up the love ;)

  12. What a fabulous week you'll have. ENJOY! We'll survive until next month! So happy to see your hubby was able to make it too. Again -- ENJOY!

  13. It's good to hear you are taking some time away from social media and blogging. Concentrate completely on soaking up the love and care of family. You have the love of so many of us in the quilting world but love of family is different, and better. Enjoy your time and we'll see you next month.

  14. I hope you have a fun filled week ahead. Unplug and relax with family and friends. I love surprising people but my daughter hates to be surprised and I got her good last summer and she is still mad about it. Oh Well!! Have a GREAT UNPLUGGED WEEK, we will miss your posts but as I told my daughter oh well deal with it.

    Hugs from Michigan.

  15. Enjoy your family time. Life is too short.

  16. What a wonderful family and a surprise you'll talk about for decades. You are so lucky. Enjoy your well deserved vacation.

  17. What a fun surprise! Your family must be delighted you are there to join in the fun. Enjoy this special time. Love binds. Hugs!

  18. 👍. Family makes for the best time(s) EVER!!!!

  19. What an awesome family surprise. Nice to see all the smiles and love. Enjoy unplugging. Great quilt to gift your brother. Can't go wrong with RWB.

  20. Great to see you taking some time out, have fun with the family. Just chill out and enjoy

  21. Oh what fun!! Nothing like family time to recharge our souls!

  22. So wonderful! It’s never better than when family is together. Enjoy your well deserved time together. Happy birthday Scott! 🎉

  23. LOVE IT!! My husband did this for me for my 70th and I didn't have a clue. Went into the restaurant thinking this was going to be just us and lo and behold there were ALL my brothers, sister, daughters from out of town and local, and my husband looking like the cat that caught the canary! A memory I will treasure always. Enjoy your time together!

  24. Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing the fun with us!

  25. Family time is the best time.
    All of you are looking ahead for more good times I know.
    My daddy is 95 and alone for the past two years (mom❤️) and I spend time with him every day!!!We are always talking about doing things that make you happy. and being around people that are good people and positive people. If you encounter the opposite, and unhappiness, try to vacate as soon as possible.

  26. Good for you . Have a great time with your family . That is the most important thing that you can do, be with family and enjoy them and build memories .

  27. Happy for you! Enjoy this time with family. Nancy A: SewingGranda@gmail.com

  28. Sweet!! Enjoy ur family

  29. One of your best posts ever! What a wonderful surprise for your brother, and an awesome time for your family. So Many happy smiling faces. Enjoy every second and thanks for sharing this family moment with all of us.

  30. I know about flying to Boise from NC by way of Houston, Salt Lake City, Phoenix and many more! You just can't get there from here! My sister lives in Eagle also. What a lovely area. Don't forget to visit the local quilt shops ... There are some good ones. Enjoy every minute of your family visit ... the times are always few and far between, especially when they are so far away.

  31. What a birthday blessing! Loved the awesome photo's of your family. Enjoy your beautiful family!!

  32. Oh such fun, you all look so happy enjoying your time together. Nice to see Jason in on the fun, enjoy your family time.
    Love the quilt you gifted your brother just beautiful.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  33. Welcome to Idaho Bonnie! I live less than an hour from Eagle. I've often found AWESOME quilts at the Antique World Mall in Boise. Hope you have time to stop by there. I LOVE your antique shop posts. :) Last time I was there I bought three bags full of vintage scraps. Sure had fun sewing with those! God bless the time you have with your loved ones!


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