Wednesday, August 07, 2019

A Bit of Old Time Fiddlin’!

Our Monday Evening – Old Fiddlers Convention in Galax!

How do you top off a very full long weekend?

You take the quilt off the long arm machine, throw yourselves in the van when you see there is still time – and drive over to Galax to watch the children’s competition at the 48th annual Old Fiddlers Convention

After all, what better way is there to spend a lovely evening in the mountains than finding yourself surrounded by incredibly talented young musicians and more food trucks than one can count?

Bring on the down home Bluegrass y’all!

That is a LOT of RVs and food trucks down yonder!

Hot crinkle-cut fries are just a vehicle for ketchup, don’tcha know?

Click to Play:

Enjoying the music as evening falls -

We watched little ones – from 8 years on up, all the way to 15 and the talent was beyond incredible. 

Not only was it amazing watching these young ones gather their wits to stand on stage in front of hundreds of people, but to play their hearts out in a music tradition so deeply rooted in these mountains.

My toes are still tappin’!

This was my day yesterday – GAH.

There was enough fabric still on hand to finish the binding, but shoot dang!  If you’ve been here before, I hope you are laughing WITH ME, not AT ME!

This one is now ready for hand stitching, and I’m looking forward to a couple of relaxing evenings ahead with feet up in my favorite comfy chair.

Son Jeff was here yesterday afternoon!

He came up to do the yard maintenance at Quiltville Inn – and I must say as a quilter, I really love the straight and even stripes he can lay down! LOL! 

All we need is a volleyball net and a bunch of folks who want to play – or badminton anyone?

Last night’s mountain road pleasure -

The Hubster and I deemed it the perfect night for a long and winding ride to Marion, Virginia.  There is no better way to celebrate Taco Tuesday – and we really liked Mi Puerto in Marion.  Just a bit over 60 miles round trip, and it was a good reminder to me to enjoy all of the summer evenings that I can while we still have them.

This morning there was just a nip of chill in the air – August is flying by and September and Autumn will be close behind.

Up for my day today-

Click to Play:

(Be watching for where I said Tuesday, evidently I don't know what day it is yet!)

I am so happy to discover that I have nearly enough of these left over four-patches from our Checkerboard Rails Leader & Ender challenge a couple years back to use as a border for a current in progress project - I only need 12 more.

Do you save leftovers from other projects just in case they may be useful somewhere down-the-line? I love having my own parts department at hand!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Vintage hourglass quilt found in North Carolina.

The best way to reap the benefits of gratitude is to notice new things you're grateful for every day. 

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. It is a Beautiful morning here, also ! My GreatGrandDaughter is loving the pictures of the "wild" pony. White Boots is a favorite.

  2. Ooh, have you driven further north on 16 toward Tazewell? Some interesting roads north of Hungry Mother State Park.

  3. I recognize the binding shot--that was me too yesterday. Missed it by 8". Also had plenty left on hand, but it's the principle of the thing!

    1. The 'principle' probably should go both ways...I always end up with 12 to 24 inches extra binding....have to quit over estimating !

    2. Start saving the left over binding and you have yourself a scrappy binding ...someday :)

  4. Would love to see the fiddlers. Thanks for sharing. And, yes, that's how my binding days have gone lately!

  5. Oh, so looking forward to a chill in the air. Heat bugs continue to scream night and day. Enjoy workout at the gym every day as temperature there is kept below 68 degrees!

  6. I finished a t-shirt quilt yesterday. Had to go back to your binding tips and techniques page, Bonnie, to figure out why my mitered corners looked off. Found I had to re-do all four corners your way, and at one corner I had to add in a small scrap of the red gingham to make it the right length. This morning I took a picture of the finished quilt - can't even tell where the added piece is. Thank you for your help!

  7. Would love to have a chill in the air! Heat bugs scream day and night. Look forward to going to the gym every day as the temp there is kept below 68 degrees.

  8. Not much things better than a Fiddle. We had the National Athem played on a Fiddle last night at the Umatilla County Fair just before the Concert with Tracy Byrd. I had to take a day/night off quilting to go with my Sister. So fun to tap your toes to good old Country Music!! Tonight is the last Home game of our Walla Walla Sweets Baseball team. Better get downstairs for some Stitching! Glad you got that binding done. The 4-patches are a great find. Only 12 more, easy peasy.

  9. On Labour Day, the first long weekend in September there is a Fiddling Championship here as well as step dancing starting at just 3 yrs old and up. Fun to just watch.

  10. Love those black and neutral checkerboard four patches. That quilt, the Checkerboard Rails, is on my to do list someday! Have a great day, Bonnie! It's great to see you taking a little kick back time.

  11. Just so gorgeous love your little checkerboard blocks a lovely idea for an inner border.
    Have a wonderful day
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  12. Thank you - I love that music and from youngsters too - amazing! You have lived life to the full lately, no wonder the days are fused - enough to confuse! LOL!
    Happy sewing!

  13. That music was incredible! When I was little there were plenty of bluegrass festivals in our area, and my grandparents drug me to them all the time. I was just not ready to appreciate the music at that age. Now I really enjoy bluegrass and also the Celtic music from which it descended, but there aren't festivals in our area anymore. Really enjoyed the video - thanks!


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