Friday, August 02, 2019

Remember those Runners? (And More!)

Are you wondering where the Garden Party runner post went? It is up on the C&T Blog!

I've included my modifications to turn the quilt pattern into a cute runner. You'll need my Addicted to Scraps book to complete the project - on sale in the Quiltville Store for the low low price of $19.99!

(And you get a free bonus Wanderlust PDF pattern at purchase!)

Such a fun project – and ZERO TRIANGLES!!  Visit my post with instructions HERE.

Not quite as small as the runners -

But not huge all the same!

This little goodie is in progress – I wasn’t sure what to do with the setting so it has sat around for a while.

The original quilt that inspired this one was found in Abingdon, Virginia back in April when Mona and I took a little wandering road trip. 

How quirky is this?

Don’t drink and quilt.  LOL!

I think I may have to make an alternate version of this quilt just so I can turn the triangles all around, because I love them this way too!

Ran out of tan?

Just throw in some red!

And we won’t even worry about corners of blocks being offset with each other.

My desire was NOT to replicate this quilt, but to do it my own way – and while I have Scrap User’s System up here in Virginia, my yardage lives in North Carolina and I won’t be heading back that way until the 12th.  Out came my drawer of 2 1/2’’ recycled shirt strips -

Webbing the top!

I used Essex linen for the block corners – so also carried that through with the cornerstones.  I hope to get this top center together today, and then start thinking about what I want to do with borders.

If you are wanting this block pattern, be watching for it in my 2020 Addicted to Scraps columns with Quiltmaker Magazine.

This quilt should finish at a nice couch size – which is SMALL in my books.

This is NOT small in my books!

But it is off the machine – ready for a trim up, and binding application which means there are 2 big quilts that need binding sewn on waiting in line.

Goodness, this feels so great  to be turning these tops that have been hanging around for many months into “real” quilts.

Downstairs shower – ready for grout!

We are getting SO CLOSE!  There is still a lot to do, but every day I see progress being made and it will continue until all of the construction is done (electrical next – and then laundry facilities added to the garage/shop with commercial grade washer/dryer for doing massive amounts of linens)

This whole undertaking has been staggering – but if we just take it one bite at a time we will get there.

I just love this tile!

This photo is strictly for color inspiration!

We went to dinner at our favorite Mexican place last night since we had to make yet another Lowe’s run.  That tall yellow/green spikey leafy stuff – does anyone know what that is?

I love this color combination so much – that yellow green, the gold and brown of the Brown-eyed Susans…and that eggplant color of the bush next to it.  What a great combo!

Time is ticking by on our Quilty Box Gift-Away!  Our drawing will happen on Sunday – did you get your entry in ON THAT POST?

Whatever you have planned for your Friday and your weekend ahead, I am wishing you a good one!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage economy block quilt found in North Carolina, circa 1950.

Being strong doesn't always mean you have to fight the battle.

Choose something more productive to spend your time on instead!

It’s FRIDAY!  Enjoy it!


  1. hummm....eggplant, yellow-green and brown...hummm...long time till mystery but cannot help wondering

  2. I like your little Jack's Delight quilt! Plaids will be my theme for 2020; I have four block designs to begin making, three of which are your patterns including Jack's Delight. Have a great weekend sewing those bindings. My Netflix viewing recommendations are You, Imposters, and Designated Survivor. Sandy at sewhigh.blogspot.com

  3. Finally getting to see results at Quiltville inn. The Walk-in showers look so neat and clean. Laying tile is a real talent. I saw the runners on C & T. Great option to make something smaller. Binding is my favorite part of the process. Enjoyable to see the end of the quilts journey. Fair time this month, lots of Quiltiness in my Basement.

  4. Still loving the blues quilt and hoping the pattern in next book :)

  5. I am usually pretty good identifying plants, but the one you asked about has me stumped. Anyone?

  6. today's quote is confirming a decision i made last week... so nice to have agreement, love you Bonnie and again thank you for your on=going contribution to my life... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  7. Looks like it might be part of the asparagus fern family?

  8. hard to tell without a close up, but this plant is similar, and just might fit the bill. https://www.smgrowers.com/products/plants/plantdisplay.asp?plant_id=1227

    Yellow Jerusalem Sage.

  9. You'd made a comment on FB that you might not normally use such wide sashes w that shirt/linen project, but I think you're right - they look perfect! And scrappy recycled was definitely a great choice. Looks charming and happy!

    Showers look beautiful. Exciting progress! Thanks for bringing us along for the ride.

  10. The plant reminds me of a type of asparagus fern. Asparagus densiflorus?
    I agree, those colors are beautiful!

  11. Looks a bit like golden tansy, but it's a little big for that, or Sunshine Ligustrum, but it's more feathery. Hope someone id's it!


  12. I think the plant is Amsonia - I have a small darker green version that has pretty blue flowers - and managed to save before we moved house, gave it to my mother for safe keeping and it's one that survived! Most she forgot to water and with the indoor orchids, she gave them a roasting in hot sun! It does very well in the UK, considering it's from the USA - it does turn yellow later in the season though. Perhaps there are different forms for landscaping.

  13. As always, you're my inspiration. Thank you for sharing your expertise.

  14. Is it a plant or a shrub? Hard to tell from you photo. It does look a bit like amsonia, but it's way too early for it to get its fall color. If it's woody and shrub like it could be a spirea.

  15. Hi Bonnie Janice from Mo.
    The purple looks like a barberry and i also comes in that beautiful green (they have little thorns).
    Question you said you use backing in your scrap saver system, where do you draw the line? Should I use my own judgement and if it is what i consider to loose a weave (a muslin) throw it out?
    Love your posts the daily inspiration are great.

  16. I actually laughed out loud when I read your comment: Don't drink and quilt. I have been hand quilting vintage 'orphan' quilt tops since 1991. I have found that most tops were probably made just because of nothing else to do, or some Aunt thought it might be fun to show a niece how to sew. As I am quilting, I make up stories about the people that made them, because of the wonderfully funny mistakes I find while hand quilting. The 'orphan' quilts will now have a permanent home with one of my children... who adore them.

  17. The plant looks similar to the Sweet Annie plant in my flowerbed. It is VERY fragrant and is used in crafts or sachets.


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