Monday, August 12, 2019

Sunday Quilt Display, and a Crazy Cattle Call!

Mona’s finishes – over the porch rail!

Good Monday morning, everyone!

Let me just say that I am happy that I am getting this far this morning.  Living this remotely and having our internet for Quiltville Inn and the Quiltville Post Office sometimes presents interesting moments of “Oh, seriously?  You’ve got to be kidding!  How slow can it go?!”  And those visions of waiting for dial-up to make it’s molasses connection circa 1990 something comes screaming back.

Oh yeah.  That’s what it was like back then.  And it is now.  And then you kick yourself in the keester, be grateful that you have any kind of connection at all, and just go do something else while photos are taking their own sweet time uploading – and that YouTube video you want to process?  Just come back 2 hours later because it says it’s going to take 80 minutes to process.

So let’s distract ourselves with how GORGEOUS Mona’s quilts are!  This is one happy girl, and we had the best time!

Four musketeers and 2 dogs on a Sunday hike!

Rick, Mona & Beanie on the Appalachian Trail!

That’s not a pony! LOL!

And oh my goodness, that is quite the rack!

A whole herd moved through and it was quite the site -

Click to Play:

(yes it finally uploaded! LOL!)

Hello, big mama!

We finally did find ponies!

In the trees off the trail, a couple of mamas and foals were taking nap-time out from the rest of the herd.  So precious!

This one sleeping by its mama.

I love it up here so much.

Great day for a hike – AND ice cream after!

This came from Martha!

I have THE best friends! When Martha came to see the Quiltville Post Office when I was finally moving in, I told her that I was on the look out for a narrow cabinet for the back entry room for snacks, utensils, mugs, and other sundry items. She told me to just hang on that there was one at her mother in law's house that would be perfect and they would pick it up the next time they went.

She came to drop it off yesterday afternoon and I am over the moon excited about it! We are guessing 1950s to 1960s?

It's got deep drawers and loads of storage and is just beyond cute! The original handles are awesome.

Her mother in law used to keep her extensive coin collection in this cabinet in the library of their home. It's held many a curiosity over the past many decades.

Welcome to your next chapter, little cabinet! So happy to have you here with me!

I’ve got my electric tea kettle and other necessary items right at hand.

The little fridge (up on a box for height) will likely be replaced by something a bit taller/netter and I want a little microwave in here for heating up my lunch in the winter time.

Thank you, Martha!

I think that takes me to now – and I’ve got 2 hours to get orders out before making the drive back to Winston Salem for a couple of appointments, and home to Wallburg to pack for my trip to Mississippi tomorrow morning – 4 days of workshops ahead in Vicksburg.  YAY!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Today I am striving for: No busy. No stress. Abundant joy!

Just do what needs to be done at a relaxed pace, and it will happen.

Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!


  1. Safe Travels and remember to pick up 'License plates' along the way

  2. Hope you have a safe trip. I will be with you on Friday for Emerald City. Can't believe it is finally time! I have so been looking forward to the class!

  3. Mona's quilts are awesome! So glad you had a great weekend with friends. Have fun in Mississippi.

  4. You thought you were back in Texas Bonnie! When we lived in Taiwan the internet was very slow. Telephone wires probably Viet Nam era to where we lived. Galen would get home after dinners out, turn on his computer to download emails from the states and usually get an hour or more nap in!It was either that or spend the night at the Taipei office where the connections were better!!!

  5. Glad you found the ponies! Friend time is precious. Thanks for all the fun things you share. The Quiltville Inn is getting closer to ready everyday!

  6. Good advice. I leave Wednesday morning and am in a slight panic trying to get everything done before I leave. I'm always this way and try to add one more thing to get done at work or home before I head out on my trip. The cabinet in the back room is really pretty. I'm amazed those legs have stood up and not been broken through the years. What a beautiful treasure to have.

  7. We are packed ready for the drive down to Vicksburg. 3 classes with Bonnie. Yea!

  8. Mona's quilts are beautiful! How the heck are they attached?

  9. Mona’s quits are beautiful, she should feel so proud good job Mona.
    That cabinet is adorable and just the perfect fit for your storage needs.
    I love the scenery from your hike so nice to see the cattle but those horns look so scary lol
    Have a wonderful week
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  10. I don't think Mona really knew what she was getting into when you first met back at the old cabin! She has definitely become a fearless quilter after becoming your friend! Love friendships that survive moves and distance...so precious!!

  11. What beautiful cattle - they looked so healthy and shiny coated! I do like the black and white one - she was impressive! Thank you.

  12. THat cabinet is so cute and it even has quilt blocks on the sides of it! Congrats!

  13. I've begun scrolling through all the rest of my email to find your Quiltville posts first thing every day as I drink my morning tea. It's not just that you're always fun and quilty. I find that your attitude of joy, generosity, and gratitude helps me find the same in myself and gets me started on another great day. You really are a blessing, Bonnie.

  14. Bonnie, this place looks incredible. I love the quilts on the rails
    Your adventure with the long horns is pretty cool too.
    I love the horses. What a fun day

  15. I miss be able to home up there to see the ponies. Maybe again one day. Anyway I have good upload speed most of time. In a pinch you are welcome to come up and use my internet. Judy Zedalis

  16. What a great hike! I too , know your internet pain - we are just far enough from the tower that some days... you wonder if you exist - ha ha! LOVE the quilts hanging from the rails!


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