Thursday, August 08, 2019

And Then There Was Quilting …

Go-Go Kim’s lovely sampler quilt on a bed at Quiltville Inn!

“Do you have any quilts you’d like to throw on the long arm?” I said.

Never in my wildest dreams did I envision this beautiful and unique sampler quilt finding its quilting finish in the Quiltville Post Office!

I watched on Instagram as @gogokim worked her magic on blocks inspired by Tula Pink’s 100 blocks in 100 days, jumping from the given block into a creation all her own, all of them made with upcycled garments including cottons, crepes, silk ties - and set with denim.

Choosing a swirly spikey design for texture.

We did a happy dance when we advanced to the last border!

Unloading from the tack up bar -

SO awesome!

I’m really glad she brought this one – not only because I got to see it and pet it and examine each block, but because I have no idea how she would have done this denim thing on a regular sewing machine which is why it had been at top status for so long.

Long arm needles quilt like butter through heavy fabrics – while a home machine would bog down with the many layers of all of the fun techniques she included in here:  Straight pin tucks, cross-hatched pin tucks, fabric weaving, and extremely tiny crumb piecing with plenty of seam bulk.

Off the porch!

Oh, this porch!

Back stairwell.

I think she is leaning toward a red binding.  Red solid or plaid or perhaps scrappy – but red will set this off so nicely!

And that TEXTURE!  I’m as tickled with it as she is.

Don’t fear the denim!
Don’t fear the blend fabrics -
Or the slinky ones.
(Just stabilize the heck out of them!)
Have fun with your creativity.
Explore the possibilities.
Never say never.
And remember:
The Quilt Police are self appointed!
You don’t have to listen to them.

This morning on the way to work!

You can see the mama I’m sure – but can you tell there are two baby fawns behind her? Look closely!

They crossed the drive on my way down to the road from the cabin.  I stopped, just watching and taking a moment to not hurry and simply appreciate the beauty of nature. 

They looked back, not in a rush to run away – just far enough into the trees to be safe. 

And as I took my foot off the brake and let the weight of the van roll along by its own accord – no gas pedal required – a quiet descent down to the gate, the crunch of gravel beneath my tires, they meandered up through the trees headed wherever it is they go.

Have a lovely day, deer!  I plan to do the same!

Last night’s binding finish!

I love this texture too!

I still have the hanging sleeve and label to stitch down, but it’s coming.  There are a couple of other tops that need quilting, but I need to get home to Wallburg and grab more stash to make those backs, and they can wait. 

I have enough to do – and this will leave the long arm open for Mona to load something later today.

Yep!  Mona’s coming!  Another busy Mouth of Wilson weekend ahead!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Savor every sip of joy that comes your way-

Find it in the little things!

Have a lovely Thursday, everyone!


  1. What awesome pictures!!! Is there a picture of the back? Was it hand written as it appears to be writing to large to be printed fabric? You are certainly inspiring us all with your quilts, Bonnie....and now with your friends quilts, going to skip on over to my sewing machine now !!!

  2. It is so coming together. Watching your dream become a reality is inspiration for me and all who follow you. Have a Blessed day❤️

  3. Joy in my heart also, in a bit larger swallow, I'm helping 3 young people make memory quilts #1 is done (including label) #2 is ready to be quilted and #3 is ready for "assemblage"! The looks on the faces of these young people make me joyous in big swallows! Sipping all day long today as I quilt #2... hopefully to the binding stage by this evening! I found your comment about being happy with your friend's success just resounding in my heart...Cats in Carlsbad CA

  4. Great post, thank you for sharing!!

  5. Fawn always bring joy to my heart. I got to see one last night driving home. Love your freinds quilt!

  6. Yea, Mona Day!! I hadn't noticed the Denim in Gogo Kims quilt. I love seeing your Deer pics. We have to watch for them, especially at night.

  7. Thank you for the details in each picture, they are all so beautiful!

  8. Beautiful quilt love the idea of denim but with only my domestic machine and no access to a long arm I would be worried about the quilting. I love the look of your binding the texture on these quilts looks so amazing.
    Have a fabulous weekend with Mona.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  9. Love that quilt!!! How do i sign up for your retreat? I must see your place- it looks wonderful

    1. We are not ready for sign ups yet as we are still renovating the house. Please just follow my blog and info will be posted when we are ready for sign ups :) This is a group retreat venue - so start pulling your group together! The house will sleep 12, and the group rents the whole facility for the length of your stay. It's not a "one person reservation" kind of thing like a B & B.

  10. Love your “It’s MY Quilt” Poem! It resonates with me... one of my friends told me, recently, that she thought my beautiful brightly coloured floral backing was “the ugliest fabric she’d seen”; I just said, “It’s MY Quilt” and kept stitching.


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