Saturday, August 03, 2019

On Trimmings, Backings, Bindings and More!

Quilt number 4 off the Long Arm at the Quiltville PO!

When Lisa came to visit over 4th of July (was it only a month ago? It feels like forever already!) she brought some rulers, notions and tools she thought I could use either here at the Quiltville Post Office, or perhaps for the cutting tables in the Quilting Quarters at Quiltville Inn.

I did NOT have possession of a ruler this large before, so claimed it right away – it’s perfect for trimming up a quilt after quilting and before adding binding.

This thing is 20 1/2’’ square!

As I’ve posted before, I do like to square up the edges and especially the corners of my quilt before adding binding so I am sure I am getting a good straight binding edge, and those corners will definitely be square for a nice binding miter.

Backing after trimming!

There really is no way to know where seams are going to really end up after the quilt is quilted – and that is my reason for NEVER centering anything, and just letting seams fall where they may.  I am still so tickled about what I was able to use up in this backing – especially the blue on blue giant cabbage rose bouquets.  That fabric has been hanging around for quite a while!

I can see myself doing this for many many future backings as well – the Quiltville Stash needs to find a way to whittle down a bit faster than it has over the past few years.  It’s so easy to run out and purchase big yardage of something because you don’t want to spend the time piecing a back – but this wasn’t hard!  I enjoyed the process and the result.

Closer up -

I quilted the quilt with a light blue thread using an edge to edge design called Wisteria by Patricia Ritter of Urban Elementz.  I scaled it down in size to better fit the small block with tiny pieces in the quilt.

Binding made, sleeve done – label prepped.

Digital pattern release to come at a later date. Stay tuned!

Sleeve and binding wound on cardboard to keep it neat until application time.

All this needs is time to attach everything and I’ll be ready to do the hand stitching. I ordered a straight stitch walking foot specifically for the Singer 15 at the Quiltville Post Office.

I also brought over the Singer Rocketeer – It’s got a zig-zag setting and I want to start making good use of the batting scraps I’ve got laying around.  I can piece battings for smaller quilts, wall hangings, table runners, etc using up the leftovers from other projects.

My friend Nancy brought me a large box and a bag of stash she needed to re-home, and I’m happy to say that the label squares were cut from some of the fabric in her box.  PERFECT!  Thank you, Nancy!

I cut a bunch of 7’’ squares (or so) from her fabric, and then pressed them all on the diagonal and placed them in a bag inside a drawer for future quilt use.  If you have a label ready at hand – you won’t hate the process of having to sew one on.

This also came from Nancy!

There are very few millennium Y2K 2000 fabrics that I have not seen – but over the course of the past week or so I’ve come across ones that were new to even me.  How many more are hiding out there?

This piece was also in the box from Nancy, and I think this one may find it’s way in some Quilts of Valor.  If you cut around the flags, they can be pieced into labels.  I love that they say PEACE.  Strange to think that this was just a year before 2001 and 9/11.

Downstairs shower grouted!

Front upstairs shower – grouted!

This next week will be installation of glass doors, or at least get them measured and ordered up as the downstairs shower is a custom size.

And next we move on to electrical!  Weeee!

From Mouth of Wilson to Bristol!

The plan was to pick up 4 of the 5 remaining twin mattresses for Quiltville Inn – but there must have been a huge sale going on at Sam’s as there were only 2 Serta Perfect Sleepers in twin size left.  We grabbed them both.  I’ve tried many mattresses over the past many months, and these are really NICE.  Firm support but comfortable.  And evidently the entire college population thought so too as this was IT for us.  Looks like we’ll do more in the future. Or now that we know we like these, order the remainder online.

More LED overhead lighting for the Quilting Quarters also came home along with assorted groceries – I have a fun house guest coming to spend the weekend and I can’t wait until she gets here!

It’s about a 6 hour drive across the state of Virginia from where she lives to here – and we have made tentative plans to ride the Virginia Creeper Trail, and to hike a bit on the Appalachian Trail in search of wild ponies.  That is IF the weather holds out.  If it doesn’t – we’ll be quilting!

Yesterday’s fog after the rain!

Click to Play:

I love the fog and how it hugs the mountains after the rain.  And boy did it rain!  Buckets and sheets – crazy rain.  EVERY DAY rain!  So I am hoping that weather will cooperate, but if it doesn’t – there is quilting at hand. We’ll occupy ourselves with something else.

Today is the LAST DAY to get your entry in on our current July ‘19 Quilty Box Gift-Away.  I’m drawing for our 2 lucky winners tomorrow, so head on over and enter to win ON THAT POST.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage quilt found in North Carolina.

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!

PS...I really love this quilt and I think I need to make it!


  1. Bonnie, I love your blog and read it everyday. You are the inspiration for so many! I still remember the day I happened on your site many years ago. My heart just went WOW and I never looked back. Scrappy quilts are my love. Have a great day! Dawne

  2. I had a feeling those white pieces would be labels. So happy that they are being used. Enjoy!!!

  3. Owing the blue quilt looks so beautiful and the backing looks awesome, following your lead pieced. The backing for my checkerboard squares quilt, and I love how it looks.
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend and lots of fun with your house guest.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

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  7. Oooh, yes. The vintage quilt w today's quote is lovely. Looking closely, that block is not put together at all how I thought it was at first glance. Hmmm. Thinking time........

  8. When you pieced the backing did you cut the fabric in wof strips or the length of fabric? Did you have any seams go across the backing or just the length?

    1. Vida, I'm not Bonnie, but I've done everything up to and including strings on the backing for my quilts. I just make sure that when I'm loading the backing onto the quilting frame, most of the seams are horizontal to the bars of the frame. I've never had trouble with pieced backings once I figured that out. If most of the seams are vertical on the frame, the seam allowance builds up and changes the tension on parts of the quilt backing, which can cause puckers and folds where you don't want them.


    2. Farm Quilter you are so right! I try to do your tip for all my quilts.

  9. So excited and happy for you with all the progress at Quiltville Inn!

  10. Looking forward to that pattern. Enjoy your time. Hug Sadie lots!
    Question. How do you keep your cut pieces from fraying? I feel like they party when I leave them alone at night and the next day my cut pieces fray all over.

  11. Just dropping in to say how much I enjoy your blog! Especially the quilts with sayings at the end....there seem to be often written as if for me! Plus I love seeing Sadie!

  12. Could you p!ease tell me what brand of walking foot you bought for your Singer 15?

  13. I love your quilting advice, photos and adventures.
    Bonnie, you are so inspiring

  14. It's coming along! The Inn I mean. I love the inspiration quilt as well - hope you draft a pattern for it! We have fog like that over a boggy area that we can see from our house early in the morning. So pretty. I love your mountains though! I don't see those from my house. Jan in MA

  15. I adopted your labeling idea Bonnie, and now have a stack in a drawer...mine are trimmed with a slice of bacon fabric on the edge... a fmaily joke.....guessing in 50 years someone will think I was a crazy quilter when they find one!


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