Saturday, August 10, 2019

A Girl’s Day Sewin’!

Oh, Beanie!

You are the cutest photo bomber!

I am having SUCH a great time with the placemats for Quiltville Inn made from license plates so lovingly gifted to me over the past many years.

Mixing these cute plates with my love of string piecing – I can hardly wait until I have enough of these made that I can load them ALL up into the long arm in one fell swoop and quilt them all.

Can you see that I’ve already prepped the binding for each one as well? 

I’ve got some fun gifted florals that Nancy gave me in Pennsylvania a couple weeks ago, and I think I’m going to use those as backings.  So much fun.

While I’ve been working on these – Mona has been busy at the long arm, and Martha even stopped by with her knitting so we had a very full and fun Friday – this Quiltville Post office has been full  this week with all of the laughter, conversation and busy activity that I dreamed it would have.

Dreams DO come true!

On Ringo Lake is DONE!

So beautiful, Mona!

Good Fortune is also ready for binding!


And while all of this was going on – Click to Play:

Gotta watch where you step or you might trip over a dog – or three!

We quilt hard, we eat hard!

Mona's hubby Rick manning the grill.

Oh yummy!

We are soaking up every bit of cabin porch time as we can as long as summer lasts – that included a raucous round of cut-throat Farkle after dinner was consumed and cleared away.

And lest you think we are die hard partiers – we were all off to bed and dreamland by 9:30pm.  LOL!

Say hello to Cora!

Cora was gifted to me during the crazy busy days in Hershey for Quilt Odyssey.  I was up at 5am this morning with a desire to get her ready for a test run –good thing the basement sewing room at the cabin is quiet.  Everyone else was still deeply dreaming.

She sews like a champ!  And this is where I have to admit that I NEGLECTED to write down information, thinking it might be inside her case.  Cora is the name of the lady who originally owned the machine.  And from there the story has completely slipped my memory!  

So, dear quilter – if you are reading this, and you are the one who brought Cora to me, would you please drop me an email? I need to thank you more profusely – She is AWESOME!  And I’d like to keep that history with her.

More String blocks were made for placemats as test blocks -  I’ll be making placemats for quite a while until I have enough…..but they are so cute I don’t mind!

The guys are off on a long motorcycle run this morning.  Mona and I are heading out to pick up some backing fabric for her Texas Tumbleweed quilt – and we’ll be back at the QPO as soon as that is obtained, getting that quilt loaded into the longarm as well.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Blue bell applique quilt made by my great auntie Irene.

I have so loved this extended time home!

Spending this week with fabulous women who have so greatly enriched my life has been the icing on the cake.

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone!


  1. Love starting my day with you and your friends... I'm looking into the future and seeing you loving your homes and P. O. and etc. that you'll only travel to visit family, just teach at the Inn and quilt your heart's content revealing mysteries and museums along the way. Again, thank you for your contribution to my life, quilty hugs, Cats from Carlsbad, CA BTW Quilt #2 is almost bound and Quilt #3, needs finishing and sandwiching, but we're coming down the homestretch -- for those of you following my adventure with 3 youngsters and their memory quilts. <3

    1. Miss Cats - I enjoy reading your messages as well :) Kudos to teaching the youngsters - you go, girl !

    2. Ditto Cats on enjoying your messages and your giving back to the quilting community!

  2. At home time with friends & quilting is the best. Enjoy

  3. Mona's quilts are just darling she has made an awesome job with them, you are such a great teacherBonnie wish I lived nearer so I could come to some of your classes. Love your great table mats the use of all your license plates on them is inspirational I’m surely your Quiltville retreaters will fall in love with all the perfect little Bonnie touches you are adding. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend with lots of fun and laughter.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  4. Loving the placemats, Mona's quilts and the BBQ!!! Made me hungry! I want a Beanie! :)

  5. 3 Big Quilts, quilted in a few days. Good job Mona! Cute placemats. I have a big collection of PNW Licence plates if you need more.

  6. Your beautiful floor mat threw me for a sec,mine is almost identical with some additional small flowers,bought for a newly renovated sewing room.Full hands and heart grannying 5 grandkids for a snowy weekend.

    1. Snowy? Where are you? Southern hemisphere? First chance of snow for me will be towards the end of September, according to the weather service long range forecast. I live in North Dakota, in the US. We usually get our first snow in October, but this year, looks like it's going to be earlier than usual.

  7. I love reading your daily blog..... you are such a joy and inspiration! Still don’t know how you do it all! Sewing with friends truly IS the icing on the cake...... what a joy!
    Thanks for the joy you bring!

  8. Hello! I am totally, absolutely in awe of all the things you do! You write, you traval, you teach, you quilt... I have a big question: DO YOU SLEEP? All that you do is wonderful! So much energy! Bravo! Je suis émerveillée!!! I read you blog (is it the right word?) every day. It is so interesting! Bravo!

  9. This post made me happy. I love animabibbles guiding my day too. They are so great at snoopervising.
    The quilt is beautiful, and well, just reading all of this made me really happy that I found you
    I love your new 301A. Mine is two tone, and her name is Mary, also named after her previous beloved owner. I name all of my machines.... and all of mine are old Singers.


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