Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Just Get Me to Vicksburg!

Three girls on a road trip from Jackson to Vicksburg!
(This photo comes later in the story – so hang on!)

It was an easy day of travel – the only moment of panic being waiting for a gate at the farthest corner of the A terminal to open in Atlanta so our Greensboro plane had a place to pull into – all the while my flight to Jackson was getting ready to board clear at the far end of the C terminal.

Run, Bonnie run!  See Bonnie run…It ain’t pretty!  But I got there, no thanks to those meandering folks with their faces clearly not on where they are going, but down into their cell phones instead. Text walkers.  GAH!

Made it!  With only a few minutes to spare!

I even got a first class bump for my running efforts.

And while the English Paper Piecing in this photo looks promising – guess who forgot to pack extra EPP papers and has gone as far as she can?

Yes, I have already pulled the paper diamonds from behind the blocks – every one that was completely surrounded has already had its paper recycled for another block.

So maybe I am just being told in a very gentle way to slow down and enjoy this trip?

I have loved this forever  - so much!

I don’t remember the first time I read this wonderful compilation attributed to Mother Teresa, but reading it again while at lunch made my heart happy.

Pick one.  Just pick any one of these.  And do it anyway.

Where was this hanging?  Over the toilet in the ladies room! LOL!

And this is where we get to HERE!

Kay Elliott of Stitch n Frame fame is the powers that be behind the Old Man River Workshop Series, the whole reason I am here.  We stopped by the shop on our way into Vicksburg to pick up my book and merchandise boxes only to find that Kay had already trundled them down to the convention center – but it was a great place for a leg stretch and a fun way to meet some of the ladies who are also coming to this week’s workshops.

(there was no amazing words of wisdom found hanging over THEIR toilet, however! LOL!)

The shop is full of so much to see!

Shoppers doing what shoppers do best!

So much inspiration at every turn.

I could have stayed in here a LONG LONG time!

Can’t stop the laughing on this one!

You know how some things just hit you funny?  

We laughed and laughed about “Pansy Noir” as in “Here’s your stripper name….”  LOL.  as in FABRIC STRIPPER!

That, or those folks that name paint chips?  Wouldn’t you like to have that job?

And I am posting this info here for a reason.

Due to a death in her family, one of our workshop attendees has had to cancel her place in Friday's Emerald City and Saturday's Wonky Wishes workshops.

These workshops have been sold out for months and months!

Come and get your scrappy on with us!

If you are near Vicksburg, Mississippi and would like to join us for our Old Man River workshop series THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, please contact Stitch n Frame quilt shop at the information found on the business card in this photo. We would love to see you here!

I know it's short notice, class supply lists can be found under the
lectures and workshops tab at the top of my blog.

We had dinner here!

And yes, this is not an optical illusion – we are on a steep hill.

National Biscuit Company plant.

On the way to dinner at 6pm the car thermometer read 102゚. After dinner it read 99. This is Vicksburg, Mississippi in August - home of the National Biscuit Company, otherwise known as Nabisco! 

It is now a restaurant and we enjoyed a long leisurely meal with lots of chatter and catching up!

I’ve got Connie’s 301 in my room – but no sewing happened last night as I was just too worn out from a long day of busy.

And I think that brings me to now!  We’ve got Garden Party up on deck and 50+ quilters will soon be storming and swarming the convention center – we have an awesome day ahead.  Good thing we will be inside with A/C – the heat and humidity is brutal.

But we quilters are a stalwart sort, and we can get through anything as long as there is fabric and thread involved – along with icy cold beverages.  Just keep that A/C running!

Did you see that we’ve got a Quiltmaker Gift-Away happening on Yesterday’s Post?  Head on over there and enter if you haven’t already!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Time to grab a shower, find some breakfast, and get this day going!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Hope you have fantastic workshop just like the ones I have enjoyed with you in Texas. One of your finished mystery quilts is headed your way.... you can’t miss it, the backing is bright orange! Hope you like my friend Nanette’s piecing and my quilting. Enjoyed your blog today very much!

  2. Bonnie, what a great story teller with an amazing outlook on life. Not everyone can turn running to catch a plane into a positive experience. Thanks for inspiring us to be great quilters and better people.

  3. Ah the South in August, have to say I don't miss that torture. I enjoy your posts so much, try not to begin my day without reading and soaking in the message. You provide such a positive outlook, good reminders for us, and throw in generous giveaways. Thank you Thank you Thank you

  4. Running in the airport doesn't sound fun. Glad you got an Upgrade. Garden Party is a good one to start. Easy parts to construct! Happy Wednesday!

  5. I am sure the workshops will be wonderful. You came to gulf states quilting association's seminar in slidell, la. I took a class from you. hope to go to some classes with you.

  6. Hopefully you found some EPP papers at Stitch N Frame! Wish I was in the neighborhood to join you! Have fun!

  7. Ha! I always said I wanted the job of naming paint chips or crayons. Have fun in Mississippi

  8. My hometown!!! Vicksburg, Mississippi

  9. You look very pretty in the selfie!

  10. Noticed your flight ticket read Bonnie Kay. Everything is abbreviated Bonnie K. Lovely name -same sound either way!

  11. Noticed your name on your flight ticket as Bonnie Kay. All your publishing is Bonnie K. Lively name, same sound either way! Thanks for sharing life with thousands of quilters who read your posts daily.

  12. I love this shop. I have ordered from them online many many times. Great service and quick shipping.

  13. My hometown, hot and humid

  14. Love Stitch-n-frame...order online from the often, but have never seen the inside of the shop. Thanks so much for the tour!! Now I definitely want to visit in person.

  15. Have a fun week-end Thank God for A/C, really!!

  16. We ended up doing the same thing on a trip from Minot, ND, to Kansas City, MO, last September... the transfer from a puddle jumper out of Minot, to the larger plane to KC, was in Minneapolis, and arrival was at the opposite end of the terminal from the departure flight... with 35 minutes to catch the flight! My hubby DOESN'T run, so got him on the people mover belt, and walking fast, we were able to JUST make the flight. But yep, had the text walkers in the way, too, even on the belt.

  17. I can't wait for Saturday!! Beware Bonnie Kay! You are about to meet the MisisipiMenace & company!!

  18. Maybe you were a little flushed from the run or maybe you were just delighted to be bumped to first class,but you look like a very young, Bonnie Hunter! Wishing you lots of fun in Vicksburg and much love.

  19. Hi Bonnie:
    Since I had company for two weeks, I am trying to catch up on older posts.

    I Love the Mother Teresa quotes. Anyone know where I can get a copy of that poster? I would love to mat it and hang it at home. Great reminders there!

    Have a Great rest of the week. I am getting ready for a two day quilting workshop w/ our guild and one of my former co-workers at Robin Place Fabrics. The pattern is Curvaceous Cabins by Peggy J. Barkle. I have to support my former co-worker and friend! Otherwise I wouldn't be sewing in the summer months.

    Kasilof, AK


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