Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Well, Hello, Ponies!

Sadie, a baby pony and Kim!

This post is coming a bit late today – I just waved Kim off up the road toward Spotsylvania, VA after such a fun filled-to-the-brim long weekend.

Yesterday was so full I am breaking it down into 3 parts because we just can’t fit it all in.  Seriously.

It was a day of hiking to see some long range views and see if we could locate the ponies near the Appalachian Trail up at Grayson Highlands State Park, bringing Sadie along for the ride.  This was followed up by heading over to the Quiltville Post Office to finish up the quilting of Kim’s fabulous sampler quilt that we had left on the machine from the previous evening.  We followed up yesterday with a drive over to Galax to take in some bluegrass music at the 48th annual Old Fiddlers Convention where the children’s competition was going on – and these little 8 to 15-year-olds just knocked our socks off on fiddle, mandolin and banjo! You just can’t pack a day more full that that!

We are both moving a bit slowly today – but oh, it was so worth it!

Rough and rugged split rail fence and gorgeous blue long range views!

Kim, catching the majesty with her big “real” camera.

Crossing the Appalachian Trail on up to the ponies.

Careful – she may eat your shoes!

They say “Don’t pet the ponies –“

The truth is, they are so curious about you that THEY will come pet YOU!  This little one was interested in my water bottle.  LOL!

Hi there, sweet baby!

I love the socks on its legs!

That sky is starting to gather -

Isn’t this just a great photo?

The two youngest of the pack.

Giving Kim a headbutt.

There were video clips a-plenty so I combined them all to this little video.  Click to Play and enjoy:

We made it out of there just as rain was starting to drizzle -

SO happy to have shared this wonderful experience!

As Kim head s off eastward, I am gathering my wits here at the Quiltville Post Office – getting the weekend mail order out, and trying to sort out JUST WHERE I have left a set of kitted up blocks I need to be working on.  The last place I saw them was my hotel room in Hershey.

Kim and I laughed as I said “There is more fabric where they came from.”  And her reply was “As soon as you cut out more blocks, you’ll find the missing ones.” 

Yep.  Always.  But that is where table runners come from!

The best thing to happen to me this weekend?  How wonderful life is when it is lived out from behind social media, and you find yourself so happily and fulfillingly busy that you don’t even care that there is no chance to post about it.  It’s been good for me.

I really need a t-shirt that says: “Do More, Post Less.”

Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Dancing 9 Patch quilt made and shared by Kerri during our workshops in Helena Montana 3 years ago!

Never ever ever lose your sense of humor! It will carry you through many a difficult situation, and bring the sweetest memories.

Now if I could only find those block parts-

Have a wonderful Tuesday, Friends!


  1. Do more, post less! Great advice!

  2. Hope the blocks didn't wander far. It's County Fair time. The fiddles and square dancers are coming out. Gotta take time away to smell the Roses or Ponies, lol

  3. Thank you, Bonnie, I loved reading this post as I laughed, and grinned, and smiled and Ohed and Awwed my way through it. What a fun weekend you had.
    I'm glad for you that you had a chance to unwind and take it all in, and that you shared all that joy and happiness with us. Thank You again.

  4. What a fun time you and Kim have had on your adventures!

  5. Thank you for taking us along on your hike. It is the only way I will see that beautiful area. Bonnie, your blog is so much fun to read.....always a laugh and a positive message at the end. I love quilting and quilters and positive attitudes. Patty McDonald

  6. Hi Bonnie, I was reading blog today(like I do every day) and quilt under quote looked very familiar. HaHa Has it been 3 years? Wow! Enjoying your journey with new Retreat House and follow you on your next phase toward retirement. A trip to see you is on my bucket list. Take care Luv Kerri

  7. I have been unable to post comments on your blog. Finally got it figured it out. Yeah!!!

  8. Thank you so much Bonnie for sharing your photos and videos with all of us. It is the only way I will get to see most of these places, so I enjoy them immensely. Love reading about Quiltville too, it's just the most amazing building, it's going to be absolutely wonderful when it's ready to open. If I win the Lotto here I'll come visit.

  9. I'll be in the vicinity (Jefferson, NC) next month, as hubby & I come to visit the kids & grandkids! We will have to take the grandkids up to see the ponies! Thanks for sharing some of the highlights of the area so that we can have activities to create memories with, for them. Who knows, we might cross paths with you on the trails! That would be ssoooooo exciting for me, as you are an inspiration.

  10. Those sweet little ponies are just darling, the notice should tell the ponies don’t pet the visitors lol!
    Thank you for sharing your fun with us
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  11. You do so much now I can't imagine how you could do less.


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