Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Out and About in Idaho -

It’s rugged country out here!

It’s really easy while spending time in the city to forget about what it took to make this place a real place -

But if you go just outside the city limits of Boise, Idaho you will find yourself in wonder at how such a lovely city could  survive and thrive in such harsh high desert conditions.

Even in the most remote of locations there are things to appreciate – from cool to nearly chilly overnight temps in the heat of August, to wide expanses of blue sky with no clouds to be seen.  Of dryer air and low low humidity – if there is any humidity at all -

Driving out past Lucky Peak Reservoir along the Boise River-

Can you imagine doing this by wagon?

Like scenes from a wild west show -

incredible rock formations.

Forests? I don’t see any forests!

But I do see wildflowers!

Happy blooms along a rugged fence.

The sage brush is a smell I’ve missed!

This doesn’t grow in the south east -

And can you see the lavender colored blooms?  I had to pinch some leaves, rub them between my fingers and give them a good sniff – Oh, you should smell this after a good rain – it’s such a wonderful fragrance.

The reason we were here -

3-D archery range.

Boise below -

Desert beauty.

My time here has been spent split between two households – my Dad is staying at my brother Scott’s – and other kids were home for Scott’s birthday so all of their bedroom space was taken up.  We’ve been staying at my brother Mike’s a short drive away, but we’ve been doing a lot of back and forth and back and forth – so not a lot of time to write or post. 

And that’s okay.  Sometimes like is better spent out from behind the camera and not worrying about what the next day’s blog post will be so I hope you’ll forgive me if posts have been a bit more sparse.

I have so enjoyed getting to know Scott & Alicia’s 2 adorable grandkids!  Click to Play:

Sorry for the Tuesday morning ear-worm, but if I have to deal with it – so do you!

There has been some sewing machine time!

My brother Mike acquired this beauty from a neighbor – and we looked up the information on it last night.  It’s a Singer 27 that someone had motorized at sometime around the 1950s – this is my guess based on the add on motor, the light, and the case/base they have placed it in.

N370751 – made in 1900!

So my job now is to find Mike a shuttle and some bobbins, he is going to rewire the motor and get an LED bulb for the light – and we have to figure out what to do with this crazy belt situation – because when this was a treadle, the treadle belt would be placed against the pully for the bobbin winder – with this set up, it looks like a stretch belt has been used in the past to connect the wheel to the motor, AND it was big enough – stretchy enough to also go over the bobbin winder pully to wind bobbins.

It’s a conundrum and I’ve not seen a set up like this.  Does anyone out there have a 27 that has been electrified? if so can you tell me what belt set up you use? Photos would be great.  You can email me with photos if you’d like!

Me, Dad & Scott.

Jason left yesterday morning back for Portland – other family has also returned to their lives and jobs in faraway places.  The Hubster and I are headed up to Sumpter Oregon to spend a couple of days with friends, but will be back in Idaho on Friday to spend some time with my mom & stepdad up in Garden Valley, Idaho.  then home for us on Sunday.

Every day has been packed with family, food and fun – but I think I’m going to need another vacation to recover from this vacation!

But this has been oh, so so so good for my soul.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage Sugar Bowl quilt from my collection.

Enjoying a peaceful week with family and friends in Idaho and Oregon. I love the feeling of seasons about to change.

I've recreated the Sugar Bowl quilt using recycled shirt plaids - pattern found under the free patterns tab.  Give it a try!

And don’t forget about the Quilty Box Gift-Away we have going on.  Enter to win ON THAT POST.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone -


  1. So glad you are taking a break and such a beautiful area to spend time with family! Enjoy :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your pictures of your time with your family. You deserve that special time with them. Love the pictures of your travels across the country. America is such a beautiful and amazing country. Your pictures are awesome.

  3. I'm so happy for you that you're in a place and time to skip a few posts this week. As much as we all enjoy hearing from you nearly every day, you deserve some time off from the blog now and then! Enjoy your week with family and friends, and enjoy your unplugged time.

  4. Sumpter is such a fun little town! It's been forever since I've been there. I hope it is still cute and quaint!

  5. Enjoy your time with family. We'll all survive without daily posts for a week or so. The first time my mom went out west, when she was in her 70s, she said she had to wonder what the pioneers must have thought when they saw those mountains looming in the distance. They had to be amazed when they got up to and thru them. Your post today reminded me of her. Thank you.

  6. Glad you are getting time to spend with family. You will be finding it HOT here in Oregon this week. Enjoy your vacation, we can get along for a bit, but will MISS you.

  7. super trip and fun with family, so very glad you and the fam are recharging and able to spend real time...you'll always remember this trip and be so glad y'all got a chance to be with each other...thank you so much for sharing the love and fun. Cats in Carlsbad CA

  8. I love your inspiration post today...so true! I have lived in the Mojave desert about 80 miles north east of Los Angeles. The desert does have its own beauty with blue skies and sunshine. For the last 22 years I have lived in the milder climate of San Luis Obispo and love it. My love of the ocean began when I was a child and now I live 2 miles from it. Best move I ever made!

  9. I love starting the mornings with a cup of coffee and your blog posts, but love even more that you are getting family time. Please be in the moment and don't worry about posting. You have explained why you are skipping some days and it's an excellent reason!

  10. Happy for you and for your family...what joy to all be together ! My compliments to Jeff for keeping everything running smoothly on the home front!

  11. Bonnie your pictures of Idaho brought back wonderful memories of my trip out there 3 years ago. My best friend's sister lived in Boise and we took wonderful day trips of the area especially the Sawtooth Mountains. It such a beautiful and different part of our country as I'm from New England. Enjoy your time with family Bonnie.

  12. I love your blogs! I read every one of them, even when I don't comment. Keep sharing, Bonnie. You're an inspiration!

  13. High mountain deserts are amazing!! I grew up in Reno, Nevada, so I know its beauty, vast blue skies, no humidity, and history well. It doesn't take long to get out of town and feel like you are completely alone in the world...peaceful and the only sounds are from birds and other wildlife...and maybe (if you are in the forest!!), the whisper of the pines in the wind.

  14. Hey Bonnie, family is everything, enjoy. We just got back from Oregon and Washington. I was trying to escape the hot California temperatures but it was hot up there also. Got to run back to some binding.

  15. Hey, you're supposed to be on vacation and disconnecting! But you just can't, can you? Glad you are packing in as much family time as you can. I never realized Idaho was high desert. Enjoy the rest of your trip. We'll all be here when you get back.

  16. Spending time with family is definitely more important than posting on your Blog. I love seeing the pictures you post of the places you've been. Enjoy!

  17. I see that your are enjoying Treasure Valley. I couldn't imagine crossing those mountains in a wagon. Is that the Hubster Bow Hunting? You drove even closer to Walla Walla today! Only about 2 hours from me now. Have a restful week.

  18. Wow - what scenery! Thank you - and don't apologise for being away - family always first! I say that as my son is also visiting (but still asleep) so I will play. Hmmmm baby shark dododododo! My future son-in-law drove my husband crazy with that! And when he started singing it himself he said I really hate you now arghhhh! LOL!

  19. Everybody needs downtime. The time with family is priceless, the older we get the more important it is. Enjoy every moment you can get with your nearest and dearest.

  20. Idaho pics! I grew up along the Snake River on the Oregon trail in southern Idaho. Although i’ve Been in Canada 42 years Idaho is still home. I see the beauty of sage coloured hills and lava fields. Enjoy your time there.

  21. Yup!!! Baby sharks, ta do to do

  22. Thanks Bonnie for the Oregon trail pictures!! I have been reading a little diary by a family that did the re-enactment of an Oregon Wagon Train in 1959 - the year of Oregon's 100 year statehood centennial. (I was 12 years old in 1959 and remember this event) Yes, hard times coming across the states in a wagon train. Glad to be an Oregonian!! Enjoy your vacation!!

  23. So Happy for you, Bonnie. Enjoy the beautiful area and family.

  24. I am glad that you have had the time to spend with family.
    By the way, I have my mother's old Singer sewing machine and need to have it serviced. There is a guy about 40 minutes away that restores old machines and I love his Facebook page and he tells us what he does to the machines back into working order. One of these days I am going to take mine to him to work on it and see if it still works as well as it did when I was sewing on it back in the early 60's

  25. I love the pictures. I have never ever been west of Nashville. I live in Northern Virginia, Loudoun County.
    I like that old machine. I have to say, there are a few very good and knowledgable sewing machine specialists out there....
    One is My Sewing Machine Obsession, I think, One is called Vintage Sewing Machines. One guy used to live in Maryland and he retired to Florida. He helped me tremendously with my 301A years ago. First thing to do is find out what kind of manual..... probably part of the 15 types?
    I have a 15-91 I need to get rewired and running..... It is a nice machine kept indoors. I just need to find time....
    Happy Travels

  26. Congrats on unplugging and surprising your brother! No more "sorry" when you get such a great opportunity! We love you!

  27. I have family in Star, Idaho and two years ago we drove up to Garden Valley, Idaho and I found a dream of a quilt shop Stitch n' Snip if you can get up there is set in the mountains an easy drive from Boise.

  28. Family first! Is a good moto to live by and you need your time to relax and kick back with them you don’t see them very often. It must have been so nice to be able to give Jason a big hug and catch up too. Have a lovely time with your mum and step dad , and thank you for sharing the lovely photos of the desert I’ve never seen one and it’s so fascinating.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx


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