Friday, August 16, 2019

Old Man River Quiltfest, Day 2!

Cutting it up with the Quilt Girls in Vicksburg!

Serpentine Web quilt from my book String Frenzy-

The hours fly by so fast and furious – and we are filling them to the brim with fun and laughter -

At the beginning of the class day I love to ask who my newbies are.  Who is a first timer to one of my workshops – and then, who has NEVER made a string quilt before.  And the hands come waving – these brave souls about to throw themselves into a scrappy adventure destined to open their eyes to new experiences when it comes to quilting.

This is the part of their quilting journey that can change the direction of EVERYTHING – as the saying goes – Once you go scrappy, there’s no turning back!

I also love the sign someone pinned to the wall!

Severe need to bond with other quilters – MET!

Bringing out the Sweet 99 for a play date!

Stitching up the purples – with matching thread even.

Oooh, fancy!

Fabulous day for string quilting with friends!

Halloween fun with a bit of grey grunge love!

“Has anyone seen my blocks?  I can’t seem to find them in this mess!”  LOL!

Yes, oh yes, oh yes!

We’ve just been having a BALL of a good time in Mississippi!

Here comes Trouble Times Two!

(Love these ladies!  Wish I could adopt them permanently!)

All of them!

What a fabulous day, ladies!

For the rest of our Serpentine Web Play Day – Click to Play:

This day was brought to you by all the colors of AWESOME!!

Thanks Ladies, you are the BOMB!

After workshop day was over – I had to make the obligatory run to Walmart.  While everything may look hunky-dory on the outside, on the inside it’s more like this:

Early morning alarm.  Stumble into the shower. Get out, dry off, prepare to brush teeth – only to find that even though my electric toothbrush has been on the charger over night – and the green light has been blinking, it is still deader than a doornail.

Well shoot!  It had a 2 year warranty! What’s up with this?  Calculate back in tie to when I purchased it…….2 years ago.  GRRRR!

Do they program these things to just give up right as the warranty runs out?

And there is something really awkward about having to use an electric toothbrush manually like a regular toothbrush.  It just feels all wrong somehow.

New toothbrush in the bag – we headed off to meet a group for dinner, and arriving back to my room stuffed to the gills with all sorts of yummy Mississippi style fare – it was all I could do to sit at the machine Connie brought for me for even an hour.

But as Connie says – even if you only get an hour – that’s one hour closer to being done than if you hadn’t sewn at all – Thanks, Connie!

And today – we are moving on to Day Three – Emerald City also from String Frenzy is our project for the day and I can’t wait to see what other color and fabric choices folks are bringing in!  it is always so fun and inspiring to see where other quilter’s visions will lead them.

Old Vicksburg Courthouse -

Vicksburg's best known contribution to American history is probably the part she played in the epic known as the Civil War.  You can read more about the history of Vicksburg HERE.

We are hoping to have time to poke around at historical sites a bit more on Sunday before getting me to the airport for my flight home.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage double 9 patch quilt shared by Kevin the Quilter.

Adventures don't have to happen far away, they can be right round the corner from home and surprise you in ways you could have never dreamed.

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!


  1. Difficult for me to imagine Emerald City blocks in anything but green...It is so beautiful in green. Will be interesting ! Thank you again for great start of the day (California) off to the sewing machine I go.Hi HO, hi ho

  2. I can see Emeral City in my mind's eye done in purple or blue or ....? Love my electric toothbrush. Mine was two years old in June. Still works okay although the full charge doesn't last as long as when it was new. Guess I should be looking for a new one soon.

  3. My dad was born in Mississippi and in his late teens moved to Washington State. I want to get back there and explore his birthday area some year. Really enjoying your photos of the area. And really enjoying the quilt photos!

  4. Happy Friday. Scrappy is a messy endeavor. Gotta clear some off my mat. Thanks for sharing the Vintage love.

  5. Oh! I totally love that Halloween with grey grunge combination!!

  6. I would love to visit Mississippi. On the bucket list. Enjoy😉

  7. What a great fun time. I am envious of your quilting pals and gatherings
    I hope you found the toothbrush of your dreams and you are back in electric happiness. What would we do without it? cry a lot

    I always enjoy your blog updates. Do you ever sleep? When you do I know your dreams are happy

  8. Life is a adventure! Enjoy everyday you are given. Be thankful for your health. Bonnie you help make it even more fun. Thanks!


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