Sunday, August 11, 2019

Saturday Quilting–Still Going Strong!

It’s been a long arm marathon of a week!

Not only have I been able to quilt a couple of my own quilts since returning from Hershey (And get borders on another!) and help get Kim’s sampler quilted and trimmed, ready for binding – but we have completed THREE of Mona’s!

I love hearing the stories of her plans for her quilts.  Her Texas Tumbleweed was up for quilting yesterday, and is destined for her cousin and her cousin’s hubby.  Quilts are such a labor of love and to see and feel everything that goes into them, and the plans to quilt it, bind it, and gift it away to folks that are important in Mona’s life lets me know that she has not only developed skills as a quilter – but the HEART of a quilter as well!

Made from gifted, thrifted, found and purchased scraps.

This one has a very masculine feel and will be great for the family it is going to.

Beanie & Max –unimpressed!

Sadie, sticking her tongue out at the whole idea.

“They took my bed, mama!”

Three more placemats!

I am having a ball with these – I’ve got a total of 7 now, and I would like to have 24 or so, so one batch can be in the wash while the next group gets the second set. I know they will get worn and faded and stained from use over time, but that is what they are for.

If you have extra plates you’d like to donate for this cause, please email me! I’d love to include plates from all over the USA.

OFF the rails!

There is still trimming to do to get it ready for binding.

We want to do quilt “glamour shots” with all three hanging off the rails at the inn -

But that will wait until later today as we’ve just decided (like 10 minutes ago) that this whole batch of folks needs to ALSO go up to Grayson Highlands in search of wild ponies since no one else has been there with me yet.  So off we go – while the morning is beautiful.

A bit fuzzy – the lighting wasn’t great -

We also introduced Rick & Mona to the comfort, fun and small town hospitality at the Blue Ridge Movie Lounge in West Jefferson NC!

On the screen: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood featuring Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio! Pass the popcorn, please!

Perfect way to end a 3 quilts in 3 days marathon.

As to the movie – I didn’t hate it, I didn’t love it – it was interesting, but it wasn’t what I thought it was from the previews I had seen.

Not to bring up a spoiler – but in the summer of 1969 I was only 7, and I remember the terror and publicity of the Manson killings. It was on the TV, the newspaper, the radio – everywhere. 

I guess in this movie, where it is Hollywood after all, endings can be changed and this movie brings in an alternate reality where the murders don’t happen.

It still brought a lot of childhood fear (and remembrances of things from that era) to mind.  If you see the movie be watching for all the props – things like the big glass jar of TANG in the cupboard, the cars, the clothes, the music, the tv shows portrayed – in that way it was like a walk back to my childhood.

But in the back of my mind was that voice of “That’s not how it really happened –“ and the fear I felt as a little kid living in California where these things happened while I was very young – still terrifies me today.  I had a hard time falling asleep last night.

Would I see it again?  Probably not.

But this morning – there is a beautiful day stretched out ahead of us and we are going out to enjoy it and clear those thoughts from my mind.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage improved nine patch quilt found in Colorado.

Find those folks that enrich your life, make you laugh, hug you tight, and put you in touch with your own inner 12 year old!

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


  1. Oh my...I have wondered about seeing that movie. I was 10 and the whole thing scared me so badly. I had horrible nightmares and my fear of intruders grew from there. With the 50 year anniversary there have been so many stories on my google feed and I have read them all. I guess to try and make sense of it all but you can't. So, so horrible :(
    I LOVE Beanie & Max & Miss Sadie! Beautiful quilts and placemats. Looking forward to meeting you in Vicksburg this week! :)

  2. Ohhh...enjoy the ponies ...my GGDaughters have enjoyed your photos of the ponies! I have to add, that was the most honest movie review I have ever read! lived in Los Angeles county my entire 80 years and those were not the best of times.

  3. I really enjoyed your authentic post, quilt pics (always) and movie review. Hope you find some ponies

  4. If I could afford a long arm or even having my quilts done on one, perhaps I’d make enough quilts to be able to give away, too.

  5. Ok, since you asked. I will email about the plates, do you want pictures attached to see which ones I have? I was a little bit older in 1969 and have no desire to see that movie. Love today's Quote! Mona has become one of those people for sure. Everyone needs a Quilter's Heart!
    Happy Sunday.

  6. Sounds like you all are having a good time together. Nice to share Grayson Highlands with others with an impromptu visit! Thanks for the movie review. Hmm, I think I will miss that one.

  7. I saw this moving a few weeks ago and I like didn't love it but didn't hate it either. It was disappointing as my friend read the title wrong and said we were going to see Somewhere in Time which was filmed on Mackinac Island. I was so excited to see that movie and when this one started I thought it was the advertisement for it so I didn't pay to much attention and kept waiting for Somewhere in Time.

  8. Interesting to read your thinking/experience with the movie. I am about your age and we didn't have a TV when I was young, so I learned about those things later. As I get older, I find there are some things I just choose not to read and view in the interests of my sanity and sleep. Maybe I'll need to see if I can find The Wonder Years to watch for a little nostalgia instead of this one.

  9. When I read your comments about the movie--I had the exact some thoughts. I didn't love it...nor did I hate it. I did enjoy seeing all the props, clothes, and cars from that era. (YES- I too spotted the jar of TANG and commented about it to the hubby when it popped up!) Hubby was pointing out all the different cars during the movie! It was a fun stroll down memory lane in that sense, but it was certainly a different twist to the actual story - kinda like "WHAT IF......." Would I see this movie again? Not likely.
    I am so enjoying your posts about the wild ponies. Hard to for me to imagine since in Iowa we have fences for all livestock!

  10. So glad I had already seen the movie when I read this ending spoiler. I thought Brad Pitt stole the show. He was fabulous in the role. Music was great!

  11. I grew up on a farm in Kansas and was 9 when the Clutter family (In Cold Blood) was murdered in Holcomb, Kansas. I was so worried that would happen to us. The Manson murders still haunt me. On a lighter note, I love the quilts that Mona did and her smile is so bright and happy! Quilting weekends must be so fun!!!

  12. Hollywood movies are always disappointing. I only like the very old ones.
    I do not remember anything from 1969, We lived in France, my dad was State Dept. Now I see a lot of movies being made about the past.
    The quilt marathon was a success and well done to all of you
    The pups are so sweet

  13. Mom bought Tang once, but nobody liked it. The thing I remember most about Tang is my aunt using it to make screwdrivers for her husband's Aunt Deeand Uncle Chet when they were visiting. She ran out of orange juice so substituted the Tang. Dee and Chet than went on to visit my uncle's brother and his wife. Dee raved about the Tang so much that their hostess, Anne, went out to buy some. Dee complained it just did not taste the same. It wasn't until my aunt and Anne compared notes they discovered the Tang was not the same since no vodka had been added.


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