Monday, July 01, 2019

Running on Empty -

“Running into the sun, but I’m running behind….”

As I am writing this post, Jackson Browne is singing “Running on Empty……”

I get it, dude! I really do!

Yesterday’s travel day home was drawn out from before dawn at 4am to midnight North Carolina time – beginning and ending in the dark on both ends.

I need a weekend to recuperate from my weekend!

And I’d love a day to recap the whole show and the fun I had exploring the grounds around Madonna Inn, but I’ve got the long arm guy coming by 2pm – and that basement studio needs to have a bunch of stuff moved off of the long arm table, as well as all of my storage bins for thread and the Scrap User’s System loaded up into the van.

This is not a morning for a long and newsy post.

And my body clock says that it is 6am – but already my watch is letting me know that it’s already 9:30.

We’ll revisit the show and the fun I had there in another post.

So many boats out on the ocean!

Of all the places to fly out of, LAX is one of my faves! All flight paths lead immediately out to sea against the wind to reach elevation where the noise level is away from the city. Then the plane circles around and heads back in again. If you've got a window seat, you've got a bird's eye view of the California coast. So beautiful!

Click to Play:

My view as we came back toward land again -

I love seeing all the boats!

Hexiing my way back home!

One of the movie choices was one I hadn't seen in decades:  The Sand Lot.  SO CUTE!  I tried keeping my giggles to myself, but that one...it was a laugh out loud watch of pure childhood delight.

Crossing the Blue Ridge along the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia!

This was on our descent to Washington/Dulles – and my heart did a happy dance!

And while I was flying, this was going on at Quiltville Inn:

Years if not decades of moss and dirt on the under-porch foundation.

A man and h is pressure washer:

The after pressure washing shot!  WOW!

The Hubster has been busy cleaning the brickwork around the under-porch at Quiltville Inn! What a difference it makes!

Even though it looks like it could be a room under here, the windows are there to let natural daylight into the crawlspace complete with dirt floor.

New gutters where there haven’t been any around the perimeter of the porch will take care of future splash back from rain.  I’d love to plant some kind of blooming something here – but it has to be something that can take a lot of afternoon shade.  Hostas maybe?  We shall see.  I don’t want gravel or mulch.  It makes mowing a problem.

It was straight to bed when I walked in the door.  I’m having a hard time feeling PEPPY this morning, it may take a few days.

Also, since I’ve been gone – our next Leader & Ender Challenge is not quite ready to post yet, but should be in a few days.  We’ll get the long arm set up thing tackled, and then I’ll be free to release that – it’s going to be a cute and fun one, and I’m giving it in two sizes so you have some options there.

Options are always good!

The before moving shot!

All of those strips on the take up roller need to be put into the strip drawers before I move the drawers – the two closest drawer cabinets hold my thread – the other bins you see at the front are strings.

And right now I don’t know where to put all of this stuff – and half of the stash at least will stay living at this house until I figure out what I am going to do.

Evidently I need to sew faster and use more of this stuff up.  LOL!

And off I go -

Quiltville Quote of the Day

To all of our Canadian friends up north, Happy Canada Day!

To everyone else – HAPPY JULY!  May it be the best July ever -


  1. Welcome back!!! Checked to see about the new L&E, kind if goad it will be a couple if days before the reveal—I have some quillows to finish up for little nieces and nephews. Hang in there, as I am sure you know, jet lag will pass and you will be your usual “peppy” self.

  2. O fun day at Q P O.....in my mind I am bringing you chicken enchilada casserole chips and guacamole....and a microwave.....have a great moving longarm day and know that from many countries we are mentally sending you support.

  3. THANK YOU for the Happy Canada Day wishes! I wish you the best of July 4th celebrations in return -- and hope by that date you'll be feeling your peppy self again. Here's to nap time! ;-)

  4. Good hunting today. Can't imagine all the "oohs" and "that's where I put this" you will experience during the move.

  5. Ahhhhh! Home is the best! Hoping that the long-arm move goes smoothly & you'll be quilting up a storm/ finishing all the quilts that have been patiently waiting, soon.

  6. Looking forward to leader ender challenge. Strips are everywhere in my rooms( yes more than one). 4 boys grew up and their bedrooms became my turf. Each with a bed for grandchildren every now and then. I am sewing everyday even as I garden, gather eggs, feed a hungry husband of 61 years and quilt with friends once a week. Thanks for all you do and we hope to visit and stitch with you at Quiltville Inn someday.

  7. Hydrangeas love the shade and would look beautiful next to the bricks. I have quite a few around our shady home. Good to be home I'm sure. You need a good rest and recoup.

    1. I agree! Hostas, hydrangeas, and Japanese sword ferns would be beautiful in front of those brick walls. Add some astilbe for beautiful Spring blooms, and you'll have a showcase easy care garden there in no time.
      They're all perennials so they will keep on blooming every year.

    2. Bonnie - do you have deer? The deer mow through my hostas like they're a salad bar.

  8. Sorting time is happening here. Grandchildren coming for July. 2 busy weeks of Grandma time. You know what tired is after they all leave, lol. Glad the hubster got his Power Tools out for pressure washing that brick. Looking much better! Another QPO tour will be fun for the next Quiltcam. No hurry. Happy July!!

  9. You give new meaning to "hitting the floor running"!! Goodness I want some of your vitamins!! haha

  10. Love your adventures. Thanks for sharing them with us. Take time to rest and recharge today.

  11. So sorry you are tired from your trip out here. We are tired also from our long drive home, but boy it was sure worth it! So great to see you Bonnie and be in your classes! Now to work on those quilts as soon as I recuperate. Happy moving day!

  12. Ah thanks Bonnie! We are having a perfect summer weather day here for the Canada Day celebrations!

  13. Thank you for the Canada Day greeting! Good luck with the long arm move and all the best for your 4th of July.

  14. I am excited for the reveal of the new Leader and Ender Challenge! I have been workin on my Cathedral Stars post workshop this week. It’s moving along nicely! I hope the rest of your week you can get adjusted to your home time zone! Happy 4th!

  15. Sew faster...use it up...?? I think they make babies when we're not watching!! LOL

  16. The inn's looking great! Hostas are a great choice, so are hydrangeas, especially the afternoon shade. Just a thought.

  17. It truly was a pleasure to meet you and take your Cathedrals class, glad you enjoyed our beautiful neck of the woods here on the California Central Coast. I am sure you were pleased with the number of your quilts at the Seven Sisters Quilt Show. Careful, there's a message there about runnin on empty����

  18. Hostas or hydrangeas would look lovely, but I’m sure whatever you pick will be stunning.
    I’m so excited for you all your dreams are falling into place Quiltville Inn is going to be an amazing place. Hope I will get a chance to see it one day.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  19. Hi Bonnie, Thanks for coming to California! We had a great time with you and I loved taking yet another class with you. (now to get them sewn and quilted!). Hopefully you will have some time to recuperate over the next couple of days. Welcome home!

  20. Thank you! We are celebrating our Canada this day!

  21. Could you post a picture of how you press the seams on the back of your star hexie. Thanks Helen in France

  22. Another idea for some flowers - hydrangea. They don’t like a lot of sun and they are beautiful. I think the hardest is traveling west to east. Take care!

  23. Thanks so much for the thoughtful tribute to your Canadian readers!! And I wish everyone a happy July 4th. We all have much worth celebrating: our freedom.

  24. Bonnie,
    I have finally been able to make those seams spin! Oh, thank you it was so much fun. Welcome home. Anxious to see if I can do the new Leaders and Ender Challenge. I have so many balls being juggled right now. Christmas gifts, and they are going to be done this year! Thank you for all you do. Happy 4th of July

  25. You can have year round color with Rhododendrons, Camellias and Hydrangeas. Maybe even a Viburnum. If you put Hostas under the windows they would be low and not obstruct the window areas. It could be beautiful!


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