Friday, July 05, 2019

What a Wonderful 4th!

There is nothing like a small town 4th of July!  Being as it was my first in the Quiltville Post Office, the day felt extra festive -

And what better than to set out the lovely okay table that Melinda brought me last fall – and adorn it with the flag quilt that came from Donna for 4th of July last year – and bring a bit of Patriotic Happiness into my new space.

Misty morning view off the back porch at Quiltville Inn!

It was just morning mist – and I knew the sun would burn it off within a few hours, so I quickly captured this shot of green before Brigadoon returned to reality.  Misty mornings are just my favorite!

Quilting with a view of the inn through my windows!

THIS made me smile!

And the quilt only has a couple of rows to go before it is done – but it got put on hold due to some visitors:

This lovely 1950 ford pulled up in front of my 1950s Post Office!

I ran right out to meet my “neighbor” and to find out about his classic car – Classic cars are like Vintage machines and I love them!  This one is just a beauty!

Isn’t this so cool!

The “old coot” in the front seat was on his way to near by Independence Virginia to ride in the annual Independence Day parade – it’s a big deal in Independence!

There was also a big bin of candy on the front seat next to him – and if I hadn’t had that quilt to finish, I may have begged to go with him!

(And then that reality of riding in cars with strangers who offer you candy came to mind…LOL!)

Independence – 13 miles THAT way!

Thanks for stopping by!

Cook out fun down on Martha’s farm!

We joined Martha and her hubby Don along with other neighbors and friends for a good old fashioned spread of burgers, salads, all of the fixin’s down by the creek that burbles across Martha’s land.  Home made peach ice cream with peaches brought up from Georgia for the occassion – yes please! 

I think I ate more onion dip than anyone else – my favorite for as far back as I can remember – and I don’t have it often because no one else in my family likes onions.  YUM!

Martha and Don arriving in style -

New Holland Tractor Style!

Good Evening Betsy!

(Who are all these people in my pasture she seems to say!)

How we chill a melon in these parts!

With all the other food, I am sad to say I never made it to the melon, nor to the plans for S’mores as the wind kicked up and it seemed a storm was about to move in – and we needed to get back to Mouth of Wilson to get Lisa’s jeep up the cabin road so she didn’t have to navigate that 16 percent grade and hair pin turn in the dark.

Thanks for a wonderful evening, friends!  It was a fabulous 4th!

The plan here for day two of this long holiday weekend?


Lisa is working on a couple of projects, as am I – and we will be spending most of our time in the quiet basement studio at the cabin enjoying the mountain surroundings. 

There will be a jaunt back to the QPO in a couple of hours as Mary is arriving to drop off a machine.  And then we’ll be back up here sewing away -

This is the long holiday weekend I’ve been longing for and we are going to take it at our leisure.

However you spend your long weekend ahead – have a wonderful one!

And did you catch that our new 2019 Leader & Ender Challenge Shoo, Fly Shoo was posted yesterday??  Find it HERE.

Quiltville Quote of the Day

There's always a reason to smile, you just have to find it!

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Love the flag table topper - are there instructions anywhere?

  2. Love the flag table topper - are there instructions anywhere?

    1. Isn't it cute and different!? I tried a google search and came up empty. But looking at it , it looks like a 4 strip piece unit and then apple cores cut out.

  3. Live alone but computer screen and sewing machine see lots of smiles !!! especially during your posts and leader & enders going under the needle .... there is a special satisfaction about leader / ender quilts !!!

  4. Love everything about this post - the misty morning with promises of a beautiful day, such a cool ol' car, friends & eats, chillin' a melon in the creek brought back some fond memories, and relaxed time with a friend sewing happily sewing away. We enjoyed a traditional 4th here by going to the Plaza for music, car show, and some fun people watching. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  5. The perfect 4th of July!

  6. I just love Brigadoon! You have a beautiul view to quilt and live in sight of it.

  7. Who's Lisa? I think I missed something?? LOL

  8. I really laughed out loud at the strangers in cars with candy!!!
    Have a great day!

  9. Oh, Bonnie! So delighted that you are enjoying the flag quilt! But my name is Donna, not Judy. She is the one who designed the pattern And after you commented last year about liking it so much, I thought I’d make you one. For those that asked about the pattern, it is in last July’s Quiltmaker magazine.
    Thanks for making my day!!!

    1. Thank you for that info! I will be ordering that. pam

  10. Thanks for telling us where to find the pattern Donna. Must be 2018 July QM. A great time with neoghbors and new friends. Walla Walla Sweets were on our Menu. Happy stiching with Lisa.

  11. Sounds like a wonderful day with good friends. Well earned and deserved

  12. Could not be happier for you Bonnie!!!!

  13. Oh, Bonnie, I am truly happy for you, I remember when you came to Casper,Wy for Windy City Quilt Fest and then become sooooo busy you were gone all the time. I'm so glad you can slow down and enjoy life, (not that you didn't enjoy the busy, busy times). God bless, and thank you for taking me along with your ride! Laurie Henderson Baum. I love you to pieces!!!

  14. Love the shoo fly leader/ender project! So addictive, I wanted to try out one block to get started and ended up with 10 little 6" blocks because I couldn't stop the process! So my Straits of Mackinac blocks are on hold for a bit! Thanks for inspiration!

  15. Hi Bonnie. I LOVE pics of the Inn. That's my dream house. I would love to move in and stay forever.

  16. Your Shoo Fly Shoo leader/ender couldn't have come at more perfect time. I was asked to create a template for the NephCure logo to be incorporated into a quilt for a victim of KSDS, by her grandmother. We got permission from the organization to use it in the quilt, with their blessings. So, yesterday, converted the logo over, and we were talking about the different sizes she had in mind and plans for the design of the quilt, so I could scale it properly for her needs. So, I'm thinking of this leader/ender challenge while talking to her. Wheels a'turning here. She ended up going with a 6" finished template for appliquing the block logo, and is going to mix it up with other pieced blocks of the same size, several of the logo blocks interspersed throughout the quilt top. And that gave me ideas, too. I have 4-1/2" unfinished blocks I cut from a military quilt panel that are left-overs, these smaller Shoo Fly Shoo blocks in the same unfinished sizes, and throw in a charm pack for variety, and viola, I've got a few charity quilts to give away! Thanks for the ideas, Bonnie! And the biggest bonus? I get to make quilts from my scraps that I refused to sew away, including a TON of 'bonus' triangles that I just refused to toss, and had been making them into HSTs and QSTs, building them up. NOW, I have a use for those HSTs! And none of it is going to cost me more money out-of-pocket for new fabric! Winning!

  17. Maybe you can convince this guy to park his vintage auto in front of the store to help you create ambience.


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