Sunday, July 28, 2019

Winston Ways the Hershey Way!

A whole table of nothing but featherweights!

Such a joy to see!

And a lovely sound to hear as well.

We spent our last day of workshops at Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, Pennsylvania in a Winston Ways workshop from my book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders – a fun way to slow down the frantic piecing and pace of the bustling quilt show weekend.

Ah, the simplicity and joy of four-patches!  Teaching newbies the ins and outs of the Essential Triangle Tool for all of those half-square triangles needed in this block.

Much encouragement was given – 104 pieces in each 12’’ block could scare people off, but if you break it down, it’s a pleasurable way to sew!

And the results are stunning!

The ease of matching short strip sets and cross-cutting for variety!

(Of course my favorite tool for short cuts is my Quiltville Creative Grids ruler – 2 1/2’’ x 6 1/2’’ is the perfect size for oh so many small jobs.  And you can’t beat the slogan on it: “If it’s still ugly, cut it smaller!”)

THIS millennium Y2K fabric definitely won a door prize!

Empowered by fabric and thread -

And fueled by chocolate!

All of the triangles for one block in a chain!

I knew those slim line lights were good for more than just lighting!

Pumping Iron!

Adventures in “Webbing the Block!”

Great job, everyone!!

(I was only down here to take this photo:)

Such a great way to end the workshop part of our day!

Click to Play:

And that wasn't the end of our day - there was more to come!

Mimi Dietrich & Norma Campbell!

These two lovely ladies have been hosting Show & Tell on Saturday night at Quilt Oddysey for 20 years!  They are such a hoot and we always have so much fun.

As the 20th Anniversary of Quilt Odyssey came to a close, we waved good-bye to Mimi and Norma who are retiring from this capacity.  We wish them well and give them a huge round of thanks for being so much a part of Quilt Odyssey.

Of all of the shows I have attended or taught at, Quilt Odyssey ranks at the top of the list for me for many reasons.  But perhaps the biggest reason of all is that it is an independently owned and operated show.


Missy Molino, head honcho!

This show is her brain child!

Most other shows of this caliber are run by large corporations: AQS, Mancuso, etc – but this show is Missy’s and it is a show and weekend apart from all the rest. 

While Mimi and Norma are stepping down, there are two MORE folks ready to step in to their shoes next year and I look forward to seeing what they bring to the Quilt Odyssey family in the future.

As for me – I won’t be back to teach at Quilt Odyssey until July of 2021.  But coming this September we ARE hosting a Quilt Odyssey retreat in September at the Roxbury Holiness Camp in Roxbury, PA.  The dates are September 5-8. and you can find all of the information HERE

Our project is Daybreak from String Frenzy, and last I heard there were only 7 slots remaining and they are going fast.  You can find the class supply list under the Lectures & Workshops tab at the top of the blog.  Books & tools will be available at the event, or in the Quiltville Store.

I have also updated my Calendar of Events with this information.

So to all of the folks I met this weekend who are coming to the retreat – as the old song goes – “See You…..in September….” (I can’t wait!)

And with that, I am hitting send, heading to the van and following I-81 all the way to the cabin.  I hope to be there by dinner time. My own bed awaits.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

This may be said with tongue in cheek but I find it amazingly true all the same!

What you focus on sets your course for the whole day.

Make it a good one!


  1. Another quilt I love that beautiful green in the picture was delightful, have a safe journey home.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  2. Interstate 81...wow...on my list of favorites.... fabric and 301's have the first 5 spots but #6 is maps...looked up the 81 on the highway and the topical maps and it might have been built for you, Bonnie ! The Highway Home !

  3. Had such a fabulous time with you in classes. Have a safe journey home my friend.

  4. Home by Dinnertime. Sounds like a long day of driving. You will need to focus on those cheddar navigation llines.Be safe! Can hardly wait for the reveal post of the giftied doilies recently given to you.

  5. So happy that I had a chance to say HI last night. Safe trip home.

  6. Just got my Winston Ways back from the longarmer on Thursday. Such a beautiful quilt. I am going to enter it in our local fair next week.

  7. You are right, Quilt Odyssey is the best quilt show. The facility is the best for taking classes. The quilts are stunning. The people who run the show are so nice and the show and tell is the most fun. And who doesn't like chocolate!

  8. I spy an aqua Featherweight -- pretty. And one pic in the slideshow has me totally stumped. Maybe someone can help me out. At 1:40 the pic has a block with red and white 4-patches and black/gold HSTs and aqua/white HSTs around the center. What is that to the right of the quilter's hand? It looks like a box sitting up longways one short side. One half of it seems to have a smokey see-thru cover and it looks like it holds accessories of some sort, but is kind of slotted like a silverware box set up. Help please -- my eyes are crossing. LOL!

    1. It is an accessory box that comes with some Bernina machines.

    2. Thank you, Kathy.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. So sorry I live so far away in Oregon as this looks like a wonderful group and lots of fun!!

  11. What caught MY eyes were the black, grey, and white blocks of the Winston Ways down in the lower right corner of the pic with you posing on the floor above the finished quilt blocks. Been drawing towards the black and white fabrics, lately, for some reason.

  12. OH Bonnie- I want to come to Quilt Odyssey in 2021 to spend more time w/ you! How do I connect to get the info?

    On another note, today I finally found the boxes with may of my quilt books in, and found all four of your books that I have. Soon, I will order the two String books, I can't wait!

    We finally got good weather here on the Kenai. I Hope you had a pleasant trip home yesterday, and got to bed at a decent time. I have to get up early for teen age boy helpers that are arriving in the morning. I feel like I am finally getting settled into my place.I Hope your transition to Quiltville Inn goes swimmingly smooth!

    Kasilof, AK


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