Friday, July 26, 2019

Xing-ing Along in Hershey, PA!

Day one of Quilt Odyssey – XING from String Frenzy!

Familiar faces in friendly places – it was a day to dig into the crumbs and strings in a riot of fabric and color!

I’ve been trying to count how many times I’ve taught here at Quilt Odyssey.  I’d have to go back, but it could be four now?  Or is it five?  Still, it’s like coming home – the buildings and grounds are beautiful, the town just so cute. 

Restaurants we like, places to grab a lunch here or a dinner there. And the designated 2 hour lunch break is WONDERFUL, giving everyone a chance to visit the vendors and the show in between class sessions.

As usual in a conference room, the lighting isn’t great -

The colors aren’t true.

But I love Xing!

And so did my students!

Many of whom had never tried their hand at crumb piecing before.  I think we’ve developed some new crumb piecing officianados!

Fun beginnings in brights!

Full up at 40 folks stitching!

Seam guide door prize given for use of Y2K fabric!

Not just one, but TWO pieces!

Quarter square triangle star points coming up!

We cut the quarter-square triangle star points from matched pairs of strips using my Essential Triangle Tool – much better, faster, and more accurate than cutting through odd-sized squares with an X to get the required amount. 

Stars were happening in no time!

Here come the strings!

They came in baggies, bins and cheese ball jars! LOL!

Oh, I love this combo!

Perfectly Patriotic!

Going to town and having too much fun!

It was a chocolate infused super great day!

(And all the peanut butter cups were GONE!)

Check out the photo-bomber.  LOL!

Oh, ladies – you crack me up!

Great blocks against way too busy carpet!

Click to Play:

Class was over at 5pm - so it was a straight beeline to the vendors mall for me.

Who else could pack so completely for a trip, and find she forgot her rotary cutter?

I found the rotary cutter at the Olfa booth -

A Navy one I didn’t have!

For those who think I only deal with small pieces of fabric - I left the vendors mall with 2 6yd cuts of salt dyed resists!

They are soft and gorgeous and I'm not sure where I will use them but was happy to have big yardage of both of these. The price was right at $6.00 a yard and I might find myself going back if there is any left.  TOO PRETTY!

I accepted an invite to join Karen Kay Buckley for dinner (Her classroom is right next door to mine!)  and we had the best chat.  When you are constantly on the road this direction, and your friends are doing the same thing in the opposite direction, you grab any small moment of time you can to catch up and connect before you swirl off and away from each other again.

A bit of sewing after dinner and it was bedtime for this quilt bird.  Today we’ve got Sand Castles from String Frenzy up on deck, and I am SO excited.

I also hope there is another round of peanut butter cups as I’m going to need some.  LOL!

Quiltville Quote of the Day

The pull of the chocolate is strong, but the call of the fabric is stronger!

But then, who says you can't have both?

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!


  1. Peanut butter cups make good days great and not so good days better! I've not heard the term "crumb piecing" but that totally makes sense and since I love to bake and quilt, it's like mixing the two together! Hope you have a great day in Hershey. I'll be there in September. Can't wait!

  2. Ooohhh so fun! Maybe a crumb management book is a possibility!!?!? I have bins and bins of those and need inspiration!

  3. Peanut butter cups are my favorite candy, quilting my favorite pastime and Bonnie my favorite quilter and teacher. What could be better than all of that together!
    Everyone in your class obviously having a wonderful time. Quilt on ladies, quilt on!

  4. Thanks, Bonnie! I'm inspired to tackle my huge crumb bin! Have fun!

  5. Fun Crumb stars. I love the Essential Triangle Tool! Less trimming, more acurate quilt parts. Nice to hang out with Karen Kay Buckley. Love her scissors too.

  6. I love this post. I have a lot of crumbs, All of you are very inspiring.
    This is a dream boat life. Right now, my daddy is #1 but I sneak in the sewing when I can.
    Love to all of you

  7. My husband used to think I was wasting my time by sewing bits of fabric together. However, he saw this inspiring blog today and may have changed his mind.Most times I would rather sew together small bits than tackle another "patterned" quilt. After making several quilt tops for my ministry this summer, it is relaxing to sew little bits. Thank you for your inspiration.

  8. I went on retreat without my rotary cutter - I usually take a spare, but had used both. Luckily a fellow quilter who was leading our group had a spare. I had plenty of spare blades though! Didn't do that the next time. I have a former chocolate mint biscuit tin with travel necessities so I'm at the ready.
    Great fun had by all it seems :D

  9. Saw you on class today...just peeked in..am binding Good Fortune quilt. Very pretty. Hello Bonnie. From Laura Miller

  10. Love the photo bomber!

  11. Never realised that keeping all the small pieces could be so handy, thank goodness I am a hoarder and have kept practically every little piece of fabric I have ever cut!! I think I see a Crumb quilt in my future!! :)


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