Monday, July 08, 2019

And Another New Week Begins!

This was my late Sunday afternoon pleasure -

Lisa trundled out the door on down the road 100 miles home to Winston Salem at the same time we headed just a mere 1/2 mile down the road to Jean & Gordon’s.

I had met Jean the first time I attended the Third-Thursday breakfast meet up, and after visiting just a bit we KNEW we had to get our menfolk to meet each other.  We’d planned for weeks, but either one of us or the guys were out of town – but yesterday afternoon – Jack Pot!

They talked of tractors and diggers and dump trucks while we talked of flowers, gardening, and our love of wandering second hand thrift places and where the good ones are to go.

We hiked up their mountain road – steeper than ours, or is it just longer?  And wiled away a good portion of the afternoon.  So great to know people so very close!

In between rounds of ever-present rainfall I headed on over to the Quiltville Post Office to trim up the Fireweed quilt, and prepare a binding.

You’ve just got to love vintage bobbins! LOL!

5 different colors of thread -

Undetermined age, and none of them red!

I’m still trying to decide on the best place to set up the machine -

But for this go around, I backed it up against my mail order center and put a bit of Netflix on while I stitched.  Is anyone else watching The Last Czar?  I’ve made it through two episodes, and it is really interesting.  There is acting, broken up with documentary style interpretation of the things that went on.  I don’t know much about that place or time or what really went on, and I’m finding it VERY INTERESTING! 

I know this is something that no one else in my family would be interested in watching, so it’s my guilty pleasure of choice right now.


Binding on – will attach from home tonight!

I need hanging sleeve fabric, and a straight stitch walking foot – both at home.

Yardage may eventually come move up here – but I don’t see a reason why.  I’ve been traveling back and forth with a cabin a couple of hours away since we bought the first place in North Carolina – is it 7 years ago now? 

Just consider me a snow bird who gets to go home more often.  The cabin is now main residence, the Wallburg house is now the cabin, Jeff is renting from us and taking care of the cats and Sadie if both of us are out of town on business, and it works for us.  There is no need to sell, and no plan of selling in the near future.

(I don’t know why I am even trying to explain this – but there are inquisitive emails every day as if folks have the need and the right to know – so there you have it.  LOL!)

And THIS THING! (*&@W#($*&!

This was the first quilt I loaded into the long arm, thinking I’d tackle something small first – only I didn’t measure correctly and the row stopped before I wanted it to, and when I tried to extend it, well I really screwed it up as I am known to do.

When Lisa asked what my plan was – we both determined that it would be a lot easier to just remove the borders and put new borders on rather than spend days picking out small, beautiful stitches in an intricate pattern with really great tension. 

Borders came off last night – and it didn’t take long. There are some places where the four-patch seams started to come apart, so I’ll have some repair to do, but it will be minimal.

(Lesson learned – if you put on a patchwork border, always ALWAYS run a row of stay stitching around the outer edge to keep things together!)

Add to the list – find a new border fabric and backing for this quilt as the backing fabric is also now too short – but can be used for something else.

As I’ve worked here over the past week since the machine was installed (A week ago today!) there are some other things I am missing that I need.  My big cutting mat.  My huge batting scissors.  Some other sharp sewing scissors – the office scissors are just horrid and only good for paper, not thread or fabric -

I’m heading home today – appointments await tomorrow.  I’ll be loading up the van with everything I need for our Louisville Kentucky workshops later this week and also for my two Pennsylvania venues that follow.  It’s going to be a month of living in the van.  ROAD TRIP!

I’m excited for these trips to begin!  Those of you coming, I’ll see you in Louisville with the Cozy Quilter, in Bedford PA at Mary’s Quilt Shop, and in Hershey for Quilt Odyssey!  And yes, there may still be openings in some of these – Please contact them to see about availability. 

The workshop listings are available under the Calendar of Events tab at the top of the blog, class supply lists are found under the Workshops & Lectures tab - and I'd love to see you at any of these events!

And I think that catches me up until how – it’s time to get 4 days worth of mail order out the door before the Mouth of Wilson Post Office closes at 11:30am!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage nine patch quilt top found in Virginia.

What you do today will have a direct effect on your tomorrow.

Which direction are you going?


  1. My husband and I binge watched " The Last Czar" on Saturday and really enjoyed it :) Didn't know about Rasputin! Shocking! Such a sad end for the family :( I LOVE the red binding on this quilt!!!

  2. Putin/Rasputin? Anyone see irony here?

  3. Bonnie, there is another movie on Netflix about the Romanoff family. It is more graphic and was my first introduction to the Czar dynasty. I am watching the Last Czar as well and too am enjoying. Safe travels.

  4. I will have to check out this series, I have always been fasintated with the Czar and the tragedy of the family. My first movie I saw about them and the evil Rasputin, was Nicholas and Alexandria years ago. Hope you have a good audio book for all that driving. (so says the librarian)

  5. Hope your Monday is Great! The little quilt with Hsts and checkerboard borders looks small. Did to just cut the border off? Nice to have good neighbors and for the Hubsters got to meet finally. Wish I could go to Bedford's event.

  6. I just binge watched all of The Last Czar while I was sewing up some scraps. Thought of you.

  7. We call that last time around the finished quilt "The Victory Lap".

  8. Silly question, Do you square up your quilt while it's still on the frame? Can you talk about that in a quiltcam? It would make it so much easier if I could do that on my Studio frame?

  9. I really like the quilt. I hate when borders just don't work like you envisioned. LOL I haven't heard of the series. Gonna have to go look. I don't know how you do it. All that travelling. My hat is off to you.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. That little hst quilt with checkerboard borders is reall cutethe red will really enhance it for you.
    Your Jeff is such a sweet boy so nice that he is their to take care of the cats and Sadie whilst your out of town.
    Hope you have safe journeys over the next month on your road trip, look forward to seeing the lovely photos of all the beautiful and interesting things you find on the way.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  11. There's a lot more to the execution of the Romanoffs than they tell you in these documentaries. Suffice it to say... Adam Schiff's great-grandfather, Jacob, was the one that ordered the hit on them. Well-documented by those that have done their research. What you're seeing in these documentaries are actually 'revisionist' versions. Just so you know. In order to bring about Communism into Russia (which is the NWO's agenda, one world government under Communism), the Romanoffs had to be eliminated. Trotsky and Lenin were friends of Jacob Schiff.

  12. I can do a comment, but something isn't working right.One day I hope to get it right.

  13. Haven't seen the Last Czar, I read about it, so it's on my wish list. As in "I wish I had enough eyeball hours to watch all the good stuff that's out there." We started watching season three of "Stranger Things" last weekend while we were babysitting our granddaughter.


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