Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Sand Castles in Bedford!

Workshop Day 5 -

Sand Castles from String Frenzy!

I so love teaching this class!  What better quilting fix is there than happy scrappy four-patches, setting triangles and squares cut from strips with my Essential Triangle Tool, topped off with string triangles?  It’s got my favorite everything, served up with a cherry on top!

It’s Quilty Busy in the Quiltville Classroom!

Singer Rocketeer sounding sweet!

Four-patches under way!

Whether from strips -

Or beautifully arranged squares -


For success with this pattern:

If you are strip piecing, cut pairs of opposing strips (light on dark, dark on light) into already matched sets ready to sew.

When chain sewing, watch which direction you are feeding the pairs into the machine.

Send DARK SQUARE up to the needle first.  The top seem allowance should point UP toward the needle so the feed dogs don’t flip the seam allowance underneath.

And to top that off, the action of the feed dogs will actually scoot the pieces closer together at the nested seam if you feed them this way.

Feed them the opposite way? Light square first?  Top seam allowance pointing toward you?  The top layer of the four-patch will also SCOOT towards you due to how the feed dogs feed, and you’ll end up with that dreaded gap in the middle of your four-patch.

But the BEST of all – if you feed them all with the dark square first, top seam up toward the needle – all the seams on the back of the four-patch can be spun in a clock-wise circle and they will nest each other perfectly when you lay blocks down and start assembling the quilt top.

Hanging with friends and stitching block centers!

Sharing the purple love!

ALWAYS trim all the dog ears!

Aren’t these lovely?

Neutral corners?

Or maybe purple!

Or bring in the sunshine with some sweet yellow!

We got almost a whole quilt top pieced!

Click to Play:

We've had such a wonderful 5-day run!

Anyone who has taken my Summer Workshop Series in Bedford PA knows about my love of ice cream and the open invitation to head on over to one of Bedford's summer bests - The Penguin ice cream stand! It's the perfect time to grab something yummy, sit around the tables in the parking lot, and make our day last a little bit longer!

It has become a Quiltville tradition! So much so that Doris gifted me with a T-shirt to prove it!

So happy this large group joined us for a very sweet and creamy farewell last evening! We'll see you next time, ladies!

On the home front:

Front upstairs bathroom at Quiltville Inn!

Two of the walk-in showers at Quiltville Inn are nearly ready for tiling!

Back upstairs bathroom.

The space between the end of the shower and the bathroom wall will be storage!

I am so grateful for photo updates from home while I get ready to move on to Hershey PA for the second leg of this 12 day tour.  I am hoping that the tiling will start today, and that photo updates will keep coming.

Today is my “rest day” before I leave for Hershey tomorrow morning.  Laundry has already been accomplished.  Mary and I have massage appointments at Bedford Springs.  It’s a day to relax, unwind, gather my wits – before I do it again!

Quiltville Quote of the Day-

It might seem crazy, but after 8 workshops in the past 2 weeks, with 3 more to come this weekend at Hershey, all I want to do is quilt!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Wow such a lovely bunch of blocks they all look so pretty. Each time I see what your students achieve I have a new quilt I’m needing to make lol. Think I’ll just work my way through the book but maybe a hunters star quilt first, as I loved it when you sent it as a pdf with my book and I won’t get the next one as I’m in the uk. Enjoy your rest day you deserve it .
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  2. I am seeing that space between the shower and wall and the ideas in my head are overflowing. I can't want to see what *you* do with it!

    Enjoy your massage.

  3. Ice Cream, you scream. We all scream for ice cream! This past weekend was National Ice cream day. Tiled showers and more storage is a good thing. I see quilt patterns in the tile...ummm??

  4. I'm thinking this is my favorite quilt you have designed - oh but so is your Good Fortune. So hard to choose.

  5. I want to know where your energy comes from so I can get some! Love your blog, Bonnie.


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