Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Long Arm On The Move!

Through the windshield view -

My Millie is going down the road to her new location!

This all came together really fast – I contacted the Long Arm guy on my way to California thinking I’d have to plan months in advance for him to be able to move it as he currently lives part time in Michigan and part time in Arizona -

But the reply came – “Can you do it July 1st?”  “Why yes, yes I can!”

Even considering the fact that I got in at midnight the night before – I was so excited to get this new journey started, and get my machine cables adjusted so I could be back up and running, I didn’t even care that I was dealing with jet lag and lack of sleep.

First things first -

Load the van with ALL the Scrap User’s System bins!

And all the string bins too!

(This room is going to feel huge with the machine out of here!)

All of the nuts, bolts and small pieces go into the box -

Don’t want to lose anything!

Table, rails, all the long parts – directly out the basement window to the trailer waiting in the back yard.  So glad I had the other men folk in my family on hand to help with this task -

Machine head, shrink wrapped and ready to move!

my 14 foot table is longer than the trailer bed!

But we tied everything down and by 4pm we were heading down the road toward Virginia.

Other items filled the trailer as well -

If we have to pull a trailer, may as well fill it up!

By bedtime last night – all set up and ready for today’s test run.

But first I had to drive over from the cabin -

Click to Play:

Not only has it been a morning of tractor jams, but of internet connection as well.  We’ve been on the line with Centurylink and really for our location we have the best we could possibly have, which is horrid.

ZERO upload speed is not good when trying to do what I need to do -

We are off today to get me another cell phone on US Cellular, the only one that works with 4G in the area, and it will be used as a hotspot here at the post office for my uploading.

And while I had no internet and couldn’t get this blog posted due to tests going on – I did this:

The backbone of my quilting life fills the “under the machine” space to the gills!

The big bins are strings sorted by color family – the drawer units at the front are my thread.  The back side has drawer for my strip sizes, squares, etc – I can’t quilt without these at hand and I’m happy to have them here.  But boy – can a quilter fill up a big space in a hurry!

Quilters are like foam insulation – we expand to fill the space we are given.

While the machine was being reassembled last evening, I was filling all of the orders that came in while I was gone to California.  After this blog posts – it’s off for errands and groceries (There is nothing but condiments in the fridge!) and I hope to be back here loading a quilt into the machine -

Backings were pieced while waiting for machine guy to arrive yesterday!

And you know what?  It feels SO GREAT to sew up yards and yards of less-loved fabric to build backings and have it OUT of the stash.  HOORAY!

There are a ton of things I need to blog about – including our next Leader & Ender challenge which will be ready to post any day now.  Another thing that happened – the computer that has my design software has also been hooked up so I can access that.  There is so much going on behind the scenes that this is a major accomplishment.  From this point – I can do graphics and get everything ready.

Be watching for it soon!

While you are waiting -

It is my turn on Elm Street Quilt’s One Monthly Goal!

Have you checked it out?  You can set a monthly goal, and post your progress in the monthly link-up and see the posts of others participating as well. 

You will WANT to participate as we are choosing one lucky participant who will receive a digital copy of my Garlic Knots pattern!

Fat Quarter Shop offers a tremendous selection of fabric, notions, books and just about anything you will need for your project. Consider their Sew Sampler box to receive a monthly surprise delivery of fabric and fun.  Fat Quarter Shop is offering a $25 gift certificate to one lucky participant.

Make Modern is a digital magazine launched by a collaboration of quilters based in Australia. Their magazine is filled with modern quilt designs and a wonderful source of inspiration. Make Modern is offering a 6 month subscription to one lucky participant.

So click HERE to learn more and participate!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Gathering the happy moments this week and into the long holiday weekend ahead at the cabin in Virginia. Wishing everyone the same!

Tropical Twist quilt from my book Addicted to Scraps first published in Quiltmaker magazine around 2009.

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Fat Quarter Shop is my favorite online shop!

  2. Love your commute! Congratulations on getting the long arm moved and ready to go! And thanks for all the updates inspite of your busy life.

  3. Quick question-do you quilt from the front of your machine? It looks like you would have to be bending over the bins. But I love the idea of all that great storage space. Maybe it’s just the photo and they don’t stick out past the bars. Love your new space with windows.

  4. YAY you! Back up & running that long-arm. they are one of the most wonderful toys in the world for us quilters. Have fun!

  5. Woo hoo! So great to see you all set up again. Also like seeing how you use the space beneath your longarm for your scrap system. Aren't those plastic drawers great? I've gotten all mine over a few years from thrift stores -- usually about $5-$7 a set. I don't worry if they're black or white as long as they're in good shape. So handy for organizing the system and they fit underneath so well.

  6. Bonnie when I saw your long arm machine head on instagram I thought they were cobwebs on it from lack of use. HA HA Oh shrink wrap.

  7. I do the OMG thing most momths. I don't always have the end of month link-up. Great prizes. I love Fat Quarter Shop.

  8. I wish I had your commute. I thought you were going to leave 1/2 your scraps at the house for now. Hope you have some time to get back to the LA and get caught up. Love your blog, it's the only one I read EVERY day.

  9. Thanks Bonnie for sharing about One Monthly Goal and being the featured designer. So happy to hear the long arm moved successfully!

  10. Love your commute and I love Fat Quarter shop and Missouri Star Quilt Company. Jenny has mentioned you a few times in her tutorials regarding your leaders and enders and your Scrap saver system....looking forward to the new L & E for 2019.

  11. What a great way to get your adrenaline going. For me, it was re-coating the stucco a different color on our home. Wow. All set up.

  12. Bonnie, are you moving to Mouth of Wilson full-time? You can so much done!

  13. What an exciting day!!

  14. I'm still laughing at this delightful truth: Quilters are like foam insulation – we expand to fill the space we are given. So funny and so true!!

  15. always enjoy seeing how your days go, gonna get to a workshop someday... looking forward to seeing the leaders and enders challenge.

  16. Moving right along! Congratulations! (Marilyn Marks)

  17. Your longarm Millie looks right at home in her new space. All those windows with such great lightening. Congratulations!!

  18. this comment belongs on 7/3, my computer has a mind of its own apparently and mid-typing rolled bacj to 7/2 -- or my magic fingers rolled me back. sigh

  19. Safe travels Millie. We look forward to seeing future progress on projects.

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