Monday, July 29, 2019

A Bearly Moving Monday!

Oh goodness.

This was 2 days ago at abut midnight -

The Hubster thought “Since the deer love the fallen apples from the apple tree at Quiltville Inn, wouldn’t it be nice if I put some by the salt lick at the cabin for the deer there?”

The deer never stood a chance.

My response? “Don’t FEED the BEARS!”

Now they will come back and search for more apples, so this little kindness is OVER, buster!

Forget that standing up thing -

Let’s just have a sit-down meal of it!

There were ZERO apples left by the time he was done.

The apples aren’t great.  The tree hasn’t been pruned or tended in likely decades.  We’ll have to see about that – but the deer do eat as far up the tree as they can get.  Wormy or mushy or whatever – they don’t seem to care.

Yesterday’s porch view -

SO green and lush – you can hardly tell there is a creek down in there – but I heard the moo-ing of cows mulling around as I pulled into the Quiltville Post Office parking lot to start the unloading process this morning.

You guys.  I am SO tired I can barely move.  I am currently entering full on introvert mode.

It’s a day of unpacking, reorganizing, settling in, getting mail out and just all in all doing the three monkey thing with a slight wording change.

See no one.
Listen to no one.
Speak to no one.

I had a blast – but July has been SO VERY FULL.  I can’t believe we still have any July left!  Isn’t it over yet?  11 workshops and 2 lectures – in just over 2 weeks. So many many miles on my van.

I’m looking forward to the next almost 2 weeks being spent here in Virginia.

Last night with my own camera!

I may have shared photos before, but I needed to see the bathroom progress with my own eyes.  This is the downstairs used-to-be half-bath.  Now a full bath!  I think I have made the executive decision to let that pedestal sink GO in favor of a cabinet with storage.  There isn’t room in here now for a wash stand (There was a really cute one in here previously that will live somewhere else.) or any kind of shelf.  So back to Lowes I will go and see what I can find.

Tiling is happening!

From the photo I can’t even tell if this is the front upstairs bath or the back one – It’s really hard to get a photo from within the bathroom itself.  But I am SO HAPPY with the choices we have made to do this.

By the yellow wall color I can tell this is front upstairs bath!

The narrow space between the shower and the wall will be for TP storage, etc…it’s not that much of a space, but it will be used – perhaps broom/mop – who knows.

This girl!

I’ve missed her so much and she was so excited when we came in the door.  The poor thing is developing a bit of arthritis or bursitis in her hip and is limping a bit.  I need to find a new vet up here and have her records transferred over and get her some elder-dog-care going on.  That is on the to-do list for this week.

It doesn’t stop her from catching pop corn though!

A bit of binding was accomplished last night – but I admit falling asleep in the middle of it.  I don’t think I’ve felt this worn out in a long time.

The van is unloaded.  The invoices are printed.  I have my lunch and snacks in the little QPO fridge.  One thing at a time -

Quiltville Quote of the Day

Vintage Nine-Patch shared in Hershey!

Is there anything prettier than a simple 9-patch quilt? This lovely antique quilt was shared during our show & share section of our workshop time in Hershey, Pennsylvania this weekend. Now all I can think of is making some simple nine-patches.

However you spend your Monday, here's to hoping you find some time to pet the fat quarters!


  1. Rest if you can, Bonnie. Your body is talking to you. Maybe you can fit in a nap today.

  2. Time to hibernate like a bear. Yes, just a few days left of this crazy month! Love seeing progress on the Tile jobs. Makes me want to rip out our Upstairs Tub. Yea for some Sadie time!

  3. great pictures, let them speak for you...curl up with Sadie and have a good nap...then maybe tredal a few four patches ... just because you can ... and if your Loew's is anything like the one here...Monday at loews should wait till tuesday!

    1. Lowes.....what can I say, 'w' & 'e' are next to each other on the keyboard and these are very old fingers....giggle

  4. Welcome home! Breathe in the fresh mountain air and feel yourself relax! Enjoy :)

  5. Welcome home! Love the floor tile in the bathroom photo. Really pretty!! Hope you take time to rejuvenate yourself after your latest journey. Enjoy the quiet!!

  6. One of the Cutest pictures of Sadie ever! Welcome home!

  7. Sadie is so photogenic! We can't get any kind of close-up of our Mickey. Put the phone up for a photo and he slinks off.
    Like the others said---take a nap!

  8. Alice Woodring said, "Thank you Bonnie, for all that you do for your many followers."

  9. 9 patch is my favorite. It is what my grandmother started me on years ago when I first caught the quilt fever. Enjoy your time at home.

  10. Hi Bonnie,
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  11. Home again, home again, jiggety-jig!


  12. ha ha ha I love your quote today!!

  13. I love your 3 monkeys sometimes it’s just what you have to do shut out the world and unwind. Hope you get plenty of rest you need it after such an intense teaching schedule.
    Take care of yourself love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  14. Instead of petting fat quarters, I'd love to pet your sweet adorable fur baby. Rest up and look out for bears. Oh my.

  15. Welcome Home Bonnie
    Some days I am so worn out myself. I get caught up on the computer at midnight, and read two or three days at a time.

    I love the pictures of the bears too. BUT, You are right, no feeding the bears, as they will come back for more and if they can't get any, that is when they break into places to find food! Good luck there!

    No actual petting of fat qtrs today, but did move some downstairs to the sewing room, and put quilting books away, so I am feeling good about that! My sewing room is such a disaster, but when little brother is here next week, I hope to have him sit down and at least sketch out my plan for the cabinets in there. I never had them made when the house was built three years ago, as I did not know how I wanted the layout. Now I do, and it is nice to have a brother that is a contractor!

    Happy Tuesday everyone. Time to heat my tea, and go to bed!

    Kasilof, AK

  16. Bonnie, please remember to take care of yourself. Putting everyone else first can drain a body and soul. Besides I pray every day that you will someday come to the Ocala Fl area and that I will have the funds to attend one of your workshops. As a novice quilter, I live through the beauty of your masterpieces. Take care, hugs from the middle of Ocala National Forest

  17. I really like the flooring in the first bathroom photo.

  18. Give yourself permission to take a day off. It really can be essential

  19. Stay cool and happy in Southern Virginia.
    Yes, find a good vet and bring your pup in. A limp could be a symptom of many things, not just old age. Enjoy the rest of your summer

  20. Bonnie Ask Sadie's Vet about a laser treatment on her hips. They massage their hips with it, and it takes out all inflammation for two weeks. Works wonders on my 21 year old cat and on my dog.

  21. I get EXHAUSTED just reading of your active life!

  22. Maybe it's time for some "Bonnie" time. Relax. Put your feet up. Maybe think about making a bear paw quilt.

  23. Both our dogs are on (different) supplements for their problems (bad knees and a bad back). The supplements are really helping. Enjoy your rest. You've earned it.

  24. The bears are more afraid of you... no worries


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