Saturday, July 27, 2019

Sand Castles and Growing So Fast!

Remember that “Old Home Week” feeling I was talking about?

It continues!  Tiffany and her daughter Gabby brought their entire crew back to sew in our Sand Castles workshop at Quilt Odyssey in Hershey PA!  While we grownups haven’t changed nearly so much – this little sprout is growing like a weed and is now NINE.

And she is still sewing up a storm.

While last year she helped in cutting apart chain piecing, errand running for more chocolate from the basket that miraculously re-fills at night while we are sleeping, to all around gopher-girl at the ready activity, this year she was a fully registered student complete with her own machine!

At the ironing station!

And pointing out her own block during our block lay down!

All through the day this was a great reminder that inside each one of us - is an inner nine-year-old just wanting to learn, to have fun, to be loved, to be accepted as one of the group.  While she came to learn, she in turn taught us SO many lessons -

Including knowing when it is time to take a time out and hide under the table for a bit when things aren't going right.  LOL!

I caught my breath as the classroom was emptying out thinking that when I am next back in 2021 Gabby will be 11.  Will she still like sewing?  At what age are they “too cool for quilt school” preferring other pre-teen activities?

I love how this whole group quilts together – these threads are the ties that bind, and such great memories are made in the process.

Full up at 40 quilters strong!

Hands-on demo time!

Way to chain the four-patches, Katy!

And yes, there WAS a prize for this Y2K fabric!

I hadn’t seen this one before – have you?

It made an awesome block!

So much gorgeousness by lunch time!

Really bad selfie by the Bear’s Den.

But so happy to see my friend Karen!

Karen just happened to be in town while her Hubby was doing something with the vintage car museum – and it coincided with the quilt show!  We had a quick visit over lunch before I had to get back to class – I love it when paths cross like this.

Amish style nearly vintage quilt from Cindy!

I could say that good things come in pink – but they come in all sorts of colors too.  Cindy popped by my class to gift this piece of Pennsylvania gorgeousness to Quiltville Inn.

This is HAND QUILTED, y’all!  The marking on the back gives the maker's initials and the date of 1982. I graduated high school in 1980.  I was married in 1981. The stitching is incredible – an unbelievable amount of work.

The kicker?  She found it at a yard sale for $2.00.  I nearly cried when she told me that.  Someone’s grand-kids sold it at a yard sale and had no clue what they were doing.  It has a sleeve – and I will find a place to hang it at Quiltville Inn.

The other pink thing.  LOL!

There are so many people I need to thank for gifts that have been given over the past 10 days I've been in Pennsylvania. Many items are going to reside at Quiltville Inn- doilies, linens, quilts, lamps, glassware, dishes. A lovely bedside table, mirror, chair, sewing machines all given in love and received with great joy at your kindness. I will share those things as they find their new place at home in Virginia.  (You should see the back of my van!)

This came in the mail to the Hershey Lodge and was delivered to me yesterday afternoon. I laughed so hard! #shifthappens is my buzz phrase when quilt pieces go wonky. Shift is happening in my life in every good way possible and I couldn't be happier!

One more day at Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, and this very full van will be heading home on Sunday. Thank you, everyone!

And while all of this was going on, we made more blocks!

The more blocks that cover this ugly carpet – the better! LOL!

Didn’t they do a fabulous job?

Thanks for such a wonderful FULL day, everyone!

Click to Play:

Up on deck today – Winston Ways from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders Bring on the four-patches – we never get tired of them.

Add some half-square triangles and the never-ending basket of peanut butter cups and it will be a day to remember.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage tulip quilt found in Virginia.

You choose the legacy you leave behind.

However you dare to do it, make your mark!

Have a terrific Saturday, everyone!


  1. Oh, my....How Blessed am I that my Grandchildren and Greatgrandchildren love and use my quilts...some at College dorms....some at Gmas house..some as forts at the cabin..one goes to the beach...none are the hand quilted beauty of this one which will, thankfully, have it's place at Quiltville Inn.

  2. One day I will come to you Bonnie. I am just up the road in Northern Virginia and can be down in a jiffy.

    This post is wonderful. Kids grow so so fast! Nine is a wonderful age. I love seeing Gabby sewing up a storm. I love seeing all of these happy snappy ladies. I have never been to a sewing gathering!
    All of this looks so inspiring

  3. Go, Gabby!!

    My twin girls are 13 and are learning to quilt. They would LOVE to be able to join me in taking one of your classes. Maybe someday!

  4. I am blessed to have some "kid quilter students" -- one pre-teen girl and two (14 & almost-16) boys. I need a bigger classroom!!! Their grandma brought them to me to help them make memory quits from their mother's clothes...Quilt Therapy! These engaging young people are such a bright spot and a good reminder that not all kids are spoiled, selfish and narcissistic. Further, Bonnie's "make your mark, leave a legacy" quote is so appropriate this summer, they are leaving a mark on me as i trust I am on them! And then the thought that stupendous wall hanging went for only two bucks is gob smacking!!! Happy happy Saturday, keep on keepin' on! Cats in Carlsbad CA

  5. I love that her mom signed her up this year. Fun to see all the blocks togerher. You give us Quilters so much, it's payback for you. Have a great Saturday.

  6. Looking at all the work, and I presume love,in that $2 treasure, I'm so happy it will have a home at QVI where it will be appreciated.

  7. Barbara, try scrolling down and watching the video slideshow, I think it may be the pink t-shirt that says shift happens

  8. Happy that you are giving that $2 quilt a happy home. The family should have kept it!

  9. Oh Bonnie I do appreciate you! Love reading these stories. How encouraging for the future to inspire new generations! Love the picture of that dang Y2k fabric! I almost had coffee come out my nose when I was watching your youtube video of "Winsome Ways" and Y2k popping champagne bottles popped up in the slide show. Cracks me up. Have a lively trip back to Quiltville. We sure love you here in Pennsylvania

  10. Well done Gabby! She may forget quilting as she grows, but she'll always remember how nice quilters are and likely to come back to it when she has children of her own - unless she has been bitten by the bug and will be a superb seamstress for the rest of her life! Can you imagine the size of her stash! LOL! Lovely work ladies, as is the poor yard sale quilt which is now going to a place it deserves to rest in.

  11. Hand-quilted in the '80s, when quilting by machine, even our DSMs, wasn't heard of. I got into quilting for the first time, when I was pregnant with my oldest, in 1979-80... remember going to a weekly class to learn how to do the actual quilting (I have been sewing since I was 7 years old, so that part I already had handled, and I STILL sew clothing, etc., today, and I'll be 62 in just a couple of weeks). And that weekly class was to learn to do the stitching for quilting... ALL by hand. I remember the feather wreaths we did, on plain white squares, sandwiched.


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