Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A Short Post, and Out the Door!

This stuff is not fun.  But so necessary!

Especially if you are headed to Africa with me in October!

Our Kenya trip is just around the corner.  Those who are traveling with me through Craftours will be receiving a letter with information regarding suggested vaccinations in August, a couple of months before we travel.

As for me – my schedule is so crazy, I am taking care if it just a bit early while I was already in town for other appointments.

(I picked up my new glasses yesterday!  WOW!  What a difference an updated prescription makes!)

You can ask your regular doctor’s office if they do the vaccinations in house, or they may refer you to a travel clinic specializing in what is needed for far away places.

I was referred here!

And it was more than just a couple of shots – they gathered information on my previous immunization history – asking things like “When was your last tetanus shot? Have you had Hepatitis A shots?” and just bringing things up to date.

And yes, I got the Polio booster.  My grandpa had polio as a child and I did it for him. I knew he'd want me to. Hepatitis A and Typhoid were on the menu for me yesterday.

And more than shots – as we sat at a comfortable table I was counselled as to what water filters to bring, what foods to avoid, what insect repellents to pack – both for on my skin, and on my clothing.

Don’t drink the water. Don’t brush your teeth with the water.  When it comes to fresh foods, if you can’t peel it, don’t eat it!  Cooked food is best – the heat should kill all problem bacteria. Don’t eat anything raw or under cooked.  Pretty much the same rules we have lived by in Bali, Peru, and China.

They have sent prescriptions to my pharmacy for antibiotics and traveler's diarrhea should anything untoward happen.  It’s all about planning ahead because you might be somewhere where you can’t get medicine fast.

It was also suggested that I take Pepto Bismol tablets as a preventative – one to two a day, just to keep things from becoming a problem.

All of these things I had never thought about!  But I now will.  And now that all of this is done, I won’t worry! I can just go, experience, and enjoy!

And from there I pointed the van back toward the mountains -

Oh my!  a 10% off sale!

My friend Chris contacted me a couple of days ago about a Singer 301 table she found on eBay in Jefferson, NC – for pick up only.

When she asked if I could pick it up for her, I really couldn’t think of how I was going to do it – as I was headed back to Winston.  But instead of leaving from Winston this morning, I decided to come back up last evening, stop in Jefferson to pick up her table – and spend the night at the cabin and head out from here.  And I’m so glad I did!

The meet up time in Jefferson was set for 6:00pm in front of the Dollar General. (It seems I’ve done the pass off thing in front of Dollar General before! LOL!)  I reached Wilkesboro and had about an hour to kill, so an antique mall wander was right up my alley and time schedule.

THIS!  Do you see this picture?  It said barn quilt – but even better than on a barn – this is the perfect thing for one shiplap wall in the den at Quiltville Inn!  And 10% off?  How much could it be?

It was marked $30.00!

10% off brought it down to $27.00.

SOLD to the lady in the blue QLTVLLE van!

It’s just too perfect.

I’ll hang it when I get back from Kentucky.

I also stopped to admire this 1940s lovely.

Gingham and polka dots.  Perfect!

Chris’s table on top of my load!

As of this morning, the table is here at the QPO, I’ve also offloaded the other sewing room stuff I needed here – including the trash cans and the wire shelving.

Lola, hindering the bed making yesterday morning -

Sweet girl!  I’ll see you next time!

Irish Courthouse digital pattern available in the Quiltville Store!

If you asked me a year ago -

How I felt about these two -

I took them on out of duty and love for my son.  They have become such a part of our family that I’m not giving them back! 

And off I go – yes, there is a machine in the car, and projects to go with it, and I am hoping for some evening sewing time while on the road – and I know with laughter and friendship these things will happen as we sew together:

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


  1. And Advil today if needed for the Typhoid shot after effects...I remember it well from many, many years ago. ;-) Have a great road trip!!

  2. Ouch! I remember my last Typhoid shot! :) Glad you were able to get all the medical prep done for your trip.

  3. Our schnauzer, Lucky, cuddles on my husband's legs the same way as Dresden is cuddling with you. Don't you just love fur babies? Safe travels!

  4. Safe travels, Bonnie! I'm driving to Louisville also today with a friend. We will see you tonight and tomorrow and Friday! Hope you don't have too many aches from all your shots!

  5. Lucky Chris to get a special delivery of a Featherweight table. I just don't find them around here. Cute picture at 10% off! I have shots on my agenda too. Hope your arm doesn't ache too bad. Happy days, require some ripping.

  6. Gorgeous old string quilt! I like how most of the blocks repeat the same fabrics on each side of the center string, mirror-style.

  7. Love that 1940's quilt! I've got a big tub of scraps and fq's to cut down into strings, so I can really see one of those quilts in my future.
    Love the fur babies pics, they are soooo sweet.

  8. Safe travels to you. If you every end up in interstate 95 just below Washington DC and are just too tired to make the trek any farther, you are welcome to stay here at the 143b mile marker.

  9. Loved everything about your post today. Thank you, Bonnie, for brightening up so many people's day in a way that makes us feel you are a part of our families. Enjoy your time on the road and stay safe!

  10. Oh Bonnie you better get those shots, we need you to take care of yourself for all of us. So glad you got that great table so you will be able to sew now at qpo.

  11. I went to Featherweight Club one month and a gal walked in with one o those tables and said "This is for a 301. It's available." No knowing these were made, I hopped right up and said I wanted it. I have used it a lot. Much more convenient than the sewing cabinet. Enjoy the road and thanks or your daily musings!

  12. Nothing enhances a quilt more than a cat.

  13. Just perfect I love your barn quilt it was meant just for you.
    So good that you got all your immunisations sorted better safe than sorry, your all bound to have a wonderful time. I looked up your itinerary and you have some Reagan things in store wish I was coming.
    Enjoy you trip to Kentucky have safe travels
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  14. Don't have ice in your drinks. You don't know where the water has come from.

  15. Aha, looks like String Flings have some history before us!

  16. I took my daughters dog for what was to be only a couple of years that ended up being close to 9 years up til the time he passed. I kept telling her he was still her dog, but truth be told he was MINE!
    He's been gone over 4 years now and I miss him terribly. He became my best bud.


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