Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Sharing Some Antique Quilt Love -

Cathy brought this wonderful quilt to Bedford PA -

Found in Marion, Indiana!

I am so glad we share a passion for old, antique and vintage quilts as well as new and fun projects.  We have so much in common - and Cathy's collection of signature quilts is always a joy to explore.

Who were these women and men who left behind their names in ink on fabric?

Huldah Starr, Maiden Creek 1851!

The quilt was fairly shredded, fabrics worn thin and full of holes, but every stitch is still SO precious!  We spread it out over the demo table, because holding it up was too hard on the remaining fabrics due to the weight.

A Simple Star block – each with stamped, inked appliqued names.

So precious!

I zeroed right in on that cheddar/brown polka dot!

(And begged Mary Koval to reprint it!)

A double stamp on this one!

(Oh, that RED!)

Amanda Thompson -

Such a beautiful stamp!

This one worn to threads -

Nathaniel B Reber.

Susanna Browning.

Forget me not.

So glad that Cathy got to share this quilt with Mary!

Pat brought THIS fun Sun Bonnet Sue!

How precious!

And also a signature quilt!

Antique Nine-Patch shared in Hershey!

Never washed!  1800s.

Lovely 1930s Dresden Plate -

Brought in  by Jean!

Jean asked why the quilt is only THIS size – and I guess the answer is simple: “It’s as big as the maker wanted to go!”  LOL!

It could have been for a child’s bed.  It could have been made for a daybed or a throw.  But the workmanship is SO nice – and all of those bound scallops at the edge.  LOVELY!

I really appreciate seeing the antique and vintage quilts.  There is a connection to quilters past when we look at the fabrics, feel the stitches, understand their love of needle and thread, piecing and quilting and even binding.

And the quilters in Hershey brought so MANY of their own quilts for show and share I have put them together in a slide show for you to enjoy.

Click to Play:

So very very well done, everyone!

This came off the machine yesterday -

Isn’t it amazing how much more we love something AFTER quilting?

Quilted in a raspberry colored thread using an edge to design called Frisky Feathers by Hermione Agee of Lorien Quilting.

Binding in purple and orange – of course!

Where I am right now -

I so love “coming to work” in the mornings!  The 7 mile drive gives me a chance to focus on what needs to be done for the day – I can gather my thoughts over what I’m going to write for the morning’s post, and surrounding myself with the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Southwestern Virginia – I unlock that little Post Office door with a grateful heart that I am where I am and doing what I’m doing -

Life is DEFINITELY good!

And even better - did you see that we have a July '19 Quilty Box Gift-Away happening HERE?  Drawing to happen Sunday so enter to win on that post!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

It's the important things that need to occupy space in our heads and hearts!

I just love a simple pinwheel block made with hourglass units, don’t you?

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Bonnie I do so appreciate the sharing of the stamped quilt. My maiden name is Thompson and even though the dates are a generation or two before my grandfather I always look through the names.
    My great grand parents must have thought my grand father would be a leader, he was named Andrew Jackson Thompson, guess all he led was a dozen children. ;)
    PURPLE binding, you go girl. Love it!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. According to Ancestry, Huldah Starr was born August 15, 1780 and died in Maiden Creek (Berks County, PA) on February 5, 1864 at the age of 84. If this is the same lady who made the quilt Cathy shared, it would have been about thirteen years before her death, when she was 71. She was one of seven children born to James and Elizabeth Starr, a Quaker family.

    1. Thank you Sandy.. that is really interesting, kinda hope it is the same Huldah Starr !

    2. That explains that wonderful cursive writing, then. I love seeing the flourishes of what our ancestors actually used, compared to today... a lost art.

  4. I'd love to see Mary reproduce that cheddar polka dot too. Betsy Chutchian has one that is good, but the dots could be bigger!

  5. Good morning and thank you for beginning my day again with a peaceful mindset.♥

  6. What is the name of the quilt you just took off the frame? Thanks

  7. So very happy for you Bonnie that your plans and dreams are coming to life. Congratulations...

  8. So loved seeing all the quilts that were shared today some absolute beauties. I thought the vintage signature one were so lovely what a shame that the families who created them no longer own them, but they are in goo hand now and loved.
    Your purple and orange binding is just gorgeous, I’ve got out my checkerboard rail flimsy which I’m going to get quilted next. I always get nervous of the sandwiching an quilting lol but it’s so nice to have them done. Have a wonderful dau.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  9. That vintage signature quilt was either a wedding gift to a couple, or a genealogy quilt. I'm leaning towards the latter as there are a lot of similar names. Maybe both!

  10. Happy Thursday Bonnie
    I love the quilt slide show, and the quilts shared.
    We do need to take care of our hearts, and try our best not to allow unimportant things to bruise it.


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