Sunday, July 07, 2019

A Gentle Mountain Sunday

Martha and I stopped here a few weeks past.

I find life in Appalachia to be full of kind, hardworking folk – where roots to community go deep – so deep!

Some have lived here in this corner of the Blue Ridge Mountains going back generations – and then others, like me – have adopted this area and are happily creating our own space here. These people are welcoming, inclusive, helpful, and enjoy the best of the simple things in life.

Laurel Valley Community Church in Konnarock, Virginia touched all the heartstrings and we had to pull over to see what we could see.  Rough hewn logs, red painted door, simple wooden cross.

We meant only to peek in the windows – but the door was open, and we wandered inside.

Simple pine pews with log stump legs.

Filtered afternoon light through the windows.

Beauty in all of its simplicity!

Isn’t this the cutest thing?

There was a guestbook – and in reading the entries came across some stories that touched the heart – one about a woman whose father has been buried nearby, the memorial service being held here at Laurel Valley.  Her next visit?  She is returning to be married to her sweetheart here.  Churches like this really are the center of the community.

Pump organ!

My grandpa Mach had a pump organ like this in his basement and as a young teen I was bound and determined to learn to play it – and would try tirelessly until my legs hurt.  LOL!  Good memories of summer visits -

And yes – this is the his/hers log outhouse!

It is so worth it to get “off the beaten path” and see what there is to see in small areas around you.  We could so easily have driven on by thinking “oh, isn’t that cute –“ and never have known what was inside. (Or out back!)

Further research let me know that the church was originally built in the 1940s, and community efforts have worked to restore the little church through donations.  Well done!

It’s so nice to see this happening with the beautiful older buildings, instead of just tearing it down.

Laurel Valley Community Church – 1940s to 1950s.

Meanwhile at Quilt Villa -

This has been going on!  Click to Play:

Who needs an alarm clock when this guy wakes you up like clockwork every day! He loves the back door best, but he is known to knock on love front windows, the side windows, and the downstairs slider to my sewing room.

Crazy bird. Good morning!

Other flying things!

These beautiful moths go from quite the transformation from green caterpillar to this beautifully marked winged state – their only job once emerging is to mate and lay eggs.  They only live a couple of days, and this one was no longer able to fly once we spied it clinging to the screen.  Can you see how delicate the hairs are on the inside of the wings along its body?

Beauty like this reminds me how life is so very fleeting – appreciate every moment!

Found clinging to the deck umbrella after the rain -

Isn’t this one beautiful as well?  I love seeing how symmetrical the patterns on their wings are – and that bright leafy green!  Gorgeous!

We sewed ourselves silly up until lunch time. Needing a break, we hopped into the car between downpours and headed over to Grant so Lisa and I could have lunch at Sarah’s Fox Creek General Store. When they told us ribs with all the fixin’s were the special of the day, we caved!  And split a piece of chocolate raspberry cake when we were done and well stuffed.  This is a place not to be missed if you are driving by.

We dodged more rain all the way back to the cabin and spent the rest of our day sewing while stew in the crockpot bubbled away for dinner - 

Lisa’s productivity!

This one is going to be a shop sample, and she is so speedy fast!  She says I’d get a lot more done if I stopped using such small pieces.  LOL!  Thanks, Lisa!


Yes, you know what black and white photos mean!

But I can show you THIS in color!

In fact over the course of yesterday I have added more than a dozen more Leader & Ender Shoo Fly blocks to my done pile!  Have you jumped in?  The instructions for this year’s Leader & Ender Challenge were posted this past Thursday and are now found under the Free Patterns Tab at the top of the blog – just scroll down to S for Shoo, Fly, Shoo!

I will soon have to cut more out – I’m about out of block sets.

We finished off the evening watching Mama Mia (Which Lisa had never seen!) and called it a night.

Today is the last day of our long-awaited 4 day holiday weekend.  I’m sad to see it go.  I’ve waited for it for months, but i can honestly say I have done everything I wanted to do with it.  This whole past week – The long arm got moved, set up, fixed, and I finished the first of many quilts-to-come on it while viewing the Quiltville Inn porch beyond through the QPO windows.  This dream has become not a some-day reality, but a RIGHT NOW LIVING IT reality.

I’ve had long leisurely hours making progress on other projects this weekend – the Fancy Baskets quilt has reached top status.  our Leader & Ender Challenge has been posted and we are off and running on that – and all of those mysterious black and white photos mean something else BIG is well under way.

Quiltville Quote of the Day

We have been working for the past year plus at making our biggest dream ever a reality. It could have been so easy to stay on the same course I was on, work until retirement, and not follow through with this. But it is going to be so worth it!

Long term goals take focus, determination, positive energy, believing in your dream...and TIME.

Don't give up on your long-term goals!

Have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


  1. Any chance of getting the name of Lisa's shop to try and obtain that quilt pattern? Thank You.

    1. That's Lisa's Square Pegs pattern and you can order it from her website at bearhugquiltworks.com Thank you!

    2. I really like her pattern for some large print fabric I have. Just ordered it!

    3. Thank you very much...heading over there now.

    4. Not a brown person BUT love LISA'S SHOP SAMPLE..

  2. I’m just finishing “Ringo Lake” ( I know - late start) and I agree with your friend that the pieces you prescribe are really tiny! I’m thinking this year, I might enlarge the mystery quilt you challenge us with and make the pieces larger and the blocks fewer - if, of course, the pattern lends itself to that.

  3. You should feel so proud of all you’ve achieved and are achieving! Your dreams are becoming reality and you beautiful Quiltville Inn and post office are shining examples of your hard work. It’s so nice to see all you are doing and lovely that you’ve had a friend with you to share in your fun.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  4. You inspire us all with your hard work, team work, and resilience in spite of all the setbacks!
    Enjoyed seeing the church photos... so much history and beauty!

  5. Living in the woods makes for lots of photos of wildlife. You have done baskets and now tulips. Have you thought about doing a pieced moth/butterfly block?

  6. Good to spend a weekend stitching with a friend. She made a cute Sample. Yes you use tiny pieces for a reason. I love the many tiny pieces in all of my Quiltville quilts. A few are being cuddled this weekend by my Wyoming Grandchildren in a Tent. No sleeping bags needed. "Grandma Quilt Camp" starts Tuesday. Monday is my free, resting day.

  7. Thanks for that word of encouragement, Bonnie!

  8. Always enjoy your daily blog, Bonnie.Thanks for sharing your interesting life with us.

  9. Thanks for the look into life in the mountains. I just yesterday finished my top for Good Fortune. Who knows when it will get quilted! I'm glad I got it done before the next one shows up. Thanks for all your hard work and generosity.

  10. Love butterflies. Their colors are so amazing! Thanks for sharing all of the pictures of your surroundings that spark some memories of those years. And there you go teasing us again!!

  11. We had the pleasure of a cardinal doing the same thing on our bedroom window. Tape a rubber snake on the windowsill and that will take care of the "wake up call" from the bird!

  12. Thanks for sharing your life and work on your blog every day. I love it when you are using fabric I have in my own scrap savers system!

  13. VERY timely post in regards to long-term goals!! Thanks, I needed that!!

  14. Thank You, Bonnie. I Like the pattern also, and like her bird printed fabric also.

    Thank You for the look into your quiet, yet productive Sunday. I Like my small town communities also. I grew up in them in MN, Lived in them in OR, and am so glad to get back to them in Alaska.

    Have a Great week!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it has been HOT,HOT, HOT. But it is a little cooler tonight.

    1. Hi, Donna. I also grew up in MN. Lived in Sturgeon Lake/ Moose Lake area. Moved to I'D from Grand Rapids, MN. Where did you grow up? I now live in Oregon.

  15. A bungee jumping cardinal! Now that would keep me amused for a while, crazy little thing. The moths are fantastic - and how huge the brown one! Must be like seeing bats flying! Cute little quilt by Lisa. Thank you for the lovely photos.

  16. Bonnie, love what you said “Long term goals take focus, determination, positive energy, believing on your dream.... and TIME.” I too planned and worked hard, as you are, and I am now happily retired. True words of wisdom!

  17. Our upstate NY bird expert, Rich Guthrie, says the cardinal thinks his reflection is another male. He is trying to chase him away! There is something you can put on the inside of your window that will discourage that behavior...a good bird supply store, like Birds Unlimited would probably be able to help with that. Good luck.

  18. We have the Old Mulky Meeting House, in Thompkinsville, Ky and they host a quilt show each year and the quilts are just stunning hanging in that venue. I think quilts draped over pews in a church are a great way to display a lot of quilts. This place would be a great place for a quilt show of your work!

  19. So happy for you that things are coming together. And thanks for reminding us to look at our goals - dreams, etc.

  20. Thank you Bonnie for all you give to us and your inspirational messages.

  21. I look forward to your blogs everyday. I already ordered the pattern from Lisa. I can't wait to make this one.

  22. I had to look up the moths you found. I have a younger brother who was an avid butterfly and moth collector so am always curious. The large brown moth is a Tulip-Tree Silk Moth it is part of the Gaint Silk MOth family and the second moth is an Imperial moth. Lucky you to have such wonders of God's creation in your backyard. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Funny, we had a Cardinal doing the same thing to our windows for several weeks. I tried putting a grid on the window like was suggested online, but to no avail. He just kept at it. Then all of a sudden he has stopped. Crazy birds!! Love the old church. Simple things really are best.

  24. I love the quilt in your quote photo!! The colors really are ringing my bell! What is the story on this one??


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