Thursday, July 18, 2019

All the Way to Pennsylvania!

Rain, rain go away!

The rain is better than the full on sunny heat of summer, but it sure makes for a long miserable drive!

Still through the rain, I can appreciate the verdant green and rolling hills as I traveled up through the I-81 corridor of Virginia, across a tiny parcel of West Virginia and Maryland into the Southwest corner of Pennsylvania.  It’s LOVELY.

And it just reconfirms to me that I MUST MUST MUST live in the mountains.  I just love feeling surrounded by their strength.

I had a plan to meet up with Joyce in Berkeley Springs WV for the great pass off of some goodies she had saved for Quiltville Inn – Berkeley Springs is a cute little town directly on my route, so it was a greatly needed stop as well.  325 miles from The QPO to the bank parking lot where we were meeting up, but it was worth every mile for the hugs and smiles and catching up on our short little meet and greet.

This little stop was a great one too!

Interesting garden gates, anyone?

Now this would have come home – if I had a spare $300 on hand!

(Spool cabinets are a weakness, but there is a price limit on what I will pay.)

Utility quilts are THE BEST!

I love this wonky log cabin -

Especially since there is that half row on the right!

Lovely Dresden plate.

I was first captured by the folded quilt over a chair – spying that red bottom plate firset =- I loved how it looked so open with the white petals in between the red.  Just cute.

There was a vintage treadle to pet -

And I didn’t even have to “Free the Machine!”

Oh, little lady – someone loved you long and hard!  Your decals are about gone!  This one looks to have been made by the National Sewing Machine Company – you can tell by that medallion shaped fancy access cover at the top of the pillar.

Beautiful carving!

THIS is coming home for the Inn!

I’m not sure where I am going to put it, either inside or outside, but it was too perfect to leave behind.  It’s funny how things run in spurts – the past couple of antiquing trips I’ve found barn quilts for the Inn.  Fun!

More rain on my way, and a lovely church scene.


Taking a walk to the Lake!

While Joe and Loretta (Joe’s cousin – so happy to see her here this year!) were cooking dinner, Mary and I took the two dogs to the lake to get their energy out.  LOADS of energy.  So much energy that I couldn’t even capture them both in a photo together.  Say GOOSE! And this is what you will see Miss Buddie do – Off she goes!

Was that fun, Buddie?

As you can tell, more rain was on the way -

The geese are now way far to the back upper left and we are on our way back to Mary’s before the downpour lets loose again.

Perogies for dinner!

These were made by Loretta’s granddaughter and they were just SO delicious served with a cucumber salad and fresh sliced tomatoes.  The best food of summer.

An early night to bed after so much driving and that brings me to now.

I also have not had time to post the Show & Share from last weekend’s Louisville trip – so without further fuss, Click to Play:

I am ready and excited to meet with our folks in workshop number one of our 5 day workshop series hosted by Mary’s Quilt Shop in Bedford, PA. 

We are starting off with Punkin Patch from String Frenzy for today’s round of quilty fun and I can’t wait to dig in!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage quilt top found in Virginia.

Today:  Say NO to DOUBT and believe you can!

Get in there and prove it to yourself -

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!


  1. I'll be making just about the same drive this weekend from Winston Salem up I-81 through Virginia, WV, Maryland on into Pennsylvania Amish country just above Harrisburg. We have a 100 yr old farm house we're updating to retire in next year. I'm so upset I couldn't fit time to come to Hershey next week. I would have loved to meet you. Did you ever hear of Felts Custom Creations? He makes the most beautiful barn quilts...made to order. I found out about him from a friend in Belews Creek, NC (just outside W-S) who has the most beautiful setting for her longarm service...DogPatch Quilting. She does gorgeous work! Safe travels though my home state. We are huge fans of pierogies up there! We were raised on them. :)

  2. OH sweet Bonnie, pay close attention to that pull to the mountains. I believe that a higher power is giving you strength there, for I feel the same as I get close to my Rockies!!

    1. Yep. Mountains = high places, in the Word... which is where our ancestors, in all cultures, would go to, to worship.

  3. Glad you made it safe. Your dinner sounds delicious. Nothing better than fresh tomato sliced and cucumbers from the garden. When mine are on, it's a BLT with cheese dinner. Love that Dresden Plate! Lucky to find an old Barn Block. I think it was waiting for You!

  4. You and Mary always seem so comfortable together.

  5. I enjoyed the slide show. You take great photos from your van as you're driving down the road. On a recent trip all my road signs were blurry.

  6. Beautiful scenery and such beautiful quilts, have a wonderful time in Pensilvania and enjoy your visit with special friends.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  7. Bonnie- it sounds like your drive was not the best, but the view was heavenly. I too am drawn to mountains, AND Water. That is why the Kenai Peninsula is the perfect place for me.

    Another fan is visiting the area, from texas, while her husband fishes. I met her in person today, and we had a great long conversation about quilts we are working on. We actually met online in 2016, after the big 7.1 earthquake here in Kasilof, she had such kind words then, and is very lovely in person! Great to meet another of your fans, traveling through our area.

    I so want to make a trip to Amish Pennsylvania, but torn between going in spring or fall. Which do you think is better?

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it has cooled down some, and we had sun again today.

  8. Have a great time. This area is beautiful. I live an hour away from Bedford Pa

  9. Welcome to PA, Bonnie! Born and raised 32 miles from Bedford, further up the mountain on Route 30 past Flight 93. We still have a "Get Away" place there which we look forward to spending time at--me sewing and he has a sawmill to tinker at sawing lumber. We sleep much better there in the mountains than at our city place near Mechanicsburg, PA. Enjoy your time in Bedford and hopefully our paths will cross again some time you are at Mary's.


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