Monday, May 21, 2018

Manchester’s Mega Epic Show & Share!

The end of our lunch break in class is always an event -

Those in the know (because we don’t announce it formally!) know to bring any Quiltville finishes or other quilts they wish to show.  Folks rarely need more than 30 minutes to eat, so the last half of our lunch break is filled with so much quilty eye candy and quilters get to introduce themselves, state where they are from – and we had many from all over the Northeast, as well as a visitor from California!

This is Jeanne – Jeanne of the aqua WHITE gorgeous machine I shared yesterday!

And her quilts are truly phenomenal!  We all gasped when she unfolded her Perkiomen Daydreams quilt from my book Scraps & Shirttails!

The postage stamp squares just danced before our eyes.  100’’ x 100’’ there are 10,000 squares in the quilt!

Don’t let the sheer size scare you, it’s strip pieced from 5 different easy strip sets, and it is all about the color placement – no triangles involved!


Jeanne’s hexie in progress!

Oh my goodness – I just love seeing that OTHER folks have eternal hexie projects in the works..so great for stitching on the go.  She stated the size of her hexies are 1/2’’.  Braver girl than I!  I stuck at 3/4’’ – but you go, Jeanne!


Sandal’s Talkin’ Turkey from String Fling!

She said she was “all goosed out” by the time she got to the outer borders, but I love what she did!  Do you see that binding?


It’s not striped fabric!

It’s rectangles sewn end to end – Think strip piecing and then sub-cutting -

I love this fun finish!

She also said she free motion quilted this on her home domestic machine.  It’s a big quilt – and it can be done!

It was so wonderful to see you again, Sandal!


Bonus Triangles on Parade!

Even though this isn’t technically a “Quiltville” pattern – it was inspired by saving bonus triangles from many projects and stitching them together as Leaders and Enders!


I love that splash of cheddar in there!

Remember that Leaders & Enders don’t have to be any particular shape or unit – just get into the habit of sewing REAL pieces together at the end of any seam instead of just ripping your work out of the machine leaving long (and wasted) thread tails, or repeatedly sewing over a folded over throw away scrap of fabric that will only end up in the trash. 

Make each seam count – and make it fun!


This special quilt was shown during my presentation night.

Remember our discussion from last week about “doing away with raffle/donation/opportunity quilts” and just writing the guild a check so it is less work for everyone?

Less than a week since that started playing on my brain after hearing these queries brought up in Washington,  and there I am at another meeting in Manchester.

They used my Virginia Bound pattern from Scraps & Shirttails (with glad permission) to make this year’s opportunity quilt.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  I got to meet the long-armer who quilted it, too.  She did a beautiful job.

The Amoskeag quilters do more than use their opportunity quilt to pad the education budget.  They use it to raise funds for various charities as a viable part of the surrounding community. 

With this quilt, members got together  to paper piece block quarters (paper piecing is a wonderful way to have everything come out the same size!) and they sold tickets to raise money for the chosen charity, Meals on Wheels.  Those who bought tickets knew where the money raised was headed.  They learned about quilting, and what the guild has to offer.

The representative for Meals on Wheels was in attendance to receive the check of more than $2,000 that the guild had raised.

The winner of the quilt was also in attendance.  There was joy and good feelings all around because the money was going to SUCH a worthy cause, and those who worked on the quilt felt the love of giving.

It’s not a charity quilt.  It’s not a raffle (gambling) quilt.  It’s not a donation quilt – it’s an OPPORTUNITY quilt.

And the opportunities were many, from building friendships, strengthening skills, opening hearts and giving –REALLY GIVING – of your time and talents.

What a difference this was as compared to the “Why don’t we all just write checks and then no one will have to do the work, it’s so much work.” argument.

The blessings that will befall Meals on Wheels because of this venture are so far reaching – so much farther than simply writing a check. 

I understand the arguments on both sides – but which one provides more opportunity for personal growth and friendship?

And without further ado – Click to see the rest of the fabulous Show & Share brought to our workshops! 

Amazing quilts, each and every one!


I have to thank the powers that be!

Laurie and Kathy, you made my time with your group SO amazing in oh, so many ways!

Thank you for all you did behind the scenes (5 years in the waiting!) to make this happen.


Somewhere close to La Guardia airport yesterday afternoon -


1 2/3 stars made during my 2 flights!

I walked through my door around 6pm last night.  With hugs from son Jeff, we unloaded my car, grabbed a bite to eat, and then I started right in on catching up on 4 days of mail order.


Hiding behind the green!

I love this view of Quiltville Inn from the road.

As I look at this photo I am laughing hysterically over the crazy week before closing, with all of the headaches, hoops and snafus we jumped through when the bank stated mistakenly that the house was on a flood plane. The house was first built in 1884, renovated in 1906, And with a ravine this deep, has never flooded in 134 years! It just can't. Not possible.

Let me tell you, were the house to flood - the entire valley would be in a dire situation!

The Hubster is already up there working hard on our dream. He mowed the ankle high lawn Saturday, and spent yesterday trimming bushes, trees and vines and stacking wood -- he's working hard, so I’ll get up there as quickly as I can today.

I don’t leave for Mississippi for a week – My last check on the String Frenzy manuscript is due June 4th – and I’ve got plans to just unplug at the cabin and finish that, with a bit more Quiltville Inn work on the side.

The van is full of goodies –2 sewing tables (one treadle in a parlor cabinet, one Singer Queen Anne  style class 15 cabinet without machine (but with bench!), the twin bed I bought last Wednesday from Craigslist, assorted lamps, and quilty décor, etc.

I’m going through my house and deciding what can easily move from here to there –this house will get minimized a bit, and the Inn will become quilty without me having to purchase much!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage quilt found in Georgia.

When was the last time you just sat quietly - no TV, no music, just you, your thoughts and the sweet sound of birds?

Take time to find some stillness today.

I plan to, too!


  1. I don't remember if you mentioned it, will you be selling the NC house by the time the Inn is ready for occupancy? Such an exciting project! No whining about 'having' to go to antique malls :) Sharyn in Kalama

    1. No, not until we are fully retired. Dave and I still travel for business. He has 7 years to go until full retirement. It's pretty much paid off, it doesn't hurt us to keep it for easy airport access.

  2. Your contributions to quilters is so great. I pondered your story about the Guild Quilt Project and it bothered me. I know there are two sides to every story and there may be other reasons this group is considering cash donations vs. a precious quilt. I have gifted several quilts that I know (I have seen) them used as anything other than their intended purpose. I have also seen truly grateful recipients who cherish the quilt and the work required. I suppose that is part of the process. In any case, thanks for bringing the subject to the forefront. Have a great week!

  3. Such beautiful quilts you must feel so proud of each and every quilter for all the beauty they produce. It’s so inspirational all that you do and share with us all thank you, safe journey and have a fun week at the cabin and the inn xxx

  4. Your star blocks confused me at first! On the 2/3 block in the photo they appear to be tumbling blocks to my eye. How interesting that three of these 'tumbling blocks' makes a star! LOL
    You are an amazing lady, and I'd be delighted if I could meet you in person one day! Keep on quilting!

  5. What an amazing show and share! I find myself sharing the names of (most of) these quilts with my dog. This is what happens when you're home alone!

  6. I just came out to the porch at the cottage to munch a sandwich ad's check your blog. All I can hear it's birds. My son asked yesterday why they sing. I enjoy contemplating all the reasons...
    Wishing you a wonderful day from sunny Manitoba.

  7. The Opportunity Quilt has given so much to all envolved. Thanks for all you do.

  8. In that shot from the plane you are actually looking at Co-op City in the northeast Bronx (just south of the New Rochelle/Westchester border and a mere 11 miles northeast of LGA in Queens) and where I live, LOL! Ironically during the week prior I was in our community garden (which is right along the river you see in the picture) and we had watched and commented on a plane making a turn in the sky above us. Had it been on the same day you were flying I could have waved hello!

  9. In our quilt ministry,, we raise monies with a silent auction and a raffle quilt each year to provide needed materials for quilts given to the outreach program at church, leukemia quilts for a local hospital,baby quilts given to social services,nap blankets for kindergarten children in the local school system and other projects.For all of us, being able to provide the auction/raffle quilts is an honor that we share with our church.

  10. Hi Bonnie! Thank you so much for sharing all your quilty adventures and all the pictures! I love following along with all the happenings and sharing! It almost makes me feel like I was there too! It's so inspirational to see everyone's work and all the fun! I'm hoping to get to one of your classes sometime soon or if not, definitely when you open Quiltville Inn for retreats! You are truly amazing!

  11. Had a guild meeting last night, and one of our new members brought her On Ringo Lake quilt. It was beautiful. It made me a little sad that I am so far behind on mine. Our guild does not do the opportunity quilts, but we invite every guild around to come & set up at our meetings to sell the tickets to theirs. All your thoughts are very on spot. I've never thought about it being a gamble at all. I am just given the privilege to donate(thus donation quilt)to a worthy cause that otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity (thus opportunity quilt) to participate in. Charity (thus charity quilt) begins at home whether you make quilt to help a pacific person, or group, or you help others to help others. Giving any way you can is the plan. Our guild makes baby quilts for the pregnancy aid center, adult bibs for a nursing home, pillow cases for CASA & others, place mats & mug rugs for Meals on Wheels at Christmas. If you give first, you will get later.

  12. I agree on the tumbling blocks. I really had to focus my eyes to realize what was really being show. Funny wasn't it.

  13. Yesterday - Monday was my catch up day after a fast paced weekend. Sinuses are kicking me right now, so I sat down with some quilt mags while the laundry was churning, and had the TV on to a Criminal Minds marathon. Suddenly there was a bam on my screen door - no one or nothing there - weird. About 20 minutes later (again deep into Criminal Minds) it bammed again but aha it was a squirrel playing chase across my porch with a friend and they were using my door to spring across the porch!!! I love nature.

  14. What a wonderful explanation of the opportunity quilt. It is gorgeous but i love all it achieved.

  15. I love the raffle quilt they did, love the border too with the constant chedder every other block. I am in a very small guild and usually for raffles a very few do most of the work. We do a small quilt show every other year and we each make two smaller items (mini quilt, table runner, purse, things like that) and do a tea cup raffle and have done very well raising money that way. People love it and stay around until the end of the show to watch the drawing and see what they might of won. I do understand both sides of the situation as well. Love their quilt a lot.


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