Wednesday, May 09, 2018

A Day to Play in Snohomish WA!

It was a day of small downtowns!  Of Fabulous quilt shops, antique mall wandering, much trying on of funny hats, a short walk along the river, and of “lunch out with the girls” for Thai.

Because we could!

We could do all of this because the only thing on my docket for yesterday was an evening lecture, and we had the day to ourselves.

When traveling across country, that time zone and travel time thing must be taken into consideration.  My alarm went off on Monday morning at 4:30am Eastern – or in other words 1:30am pacific time….it takes a long day of travel to make it from east to west coast, and there is always the chance luggage may not show up with me, or travel delays could make it so I was not there to speak myself should we have arranged my travel so that I fly in and lecture that same evening.

Besides.  There IS such a thing as “too tired to speak.”  So I come a day early to allow the luggage to catch up with me should it have gone AWOL (which happened on one trip to Canada!) and I’m not trying to pull off a lecture that ends at midnight east coast time – which is what my body would be saying it was.

No, it’s best to grab some adjustment time so that I can give my best to those who come to hear my presentation.  Good Sleep, some sunshine, some exercise walking around and a plethora of vintage fun, and we are good to go!

Our first stop?  Quilting Mayhem in Snohomish, in the most fabulous EVENT CENTER sized shop I have ever seen!  Click to play:

What a fabulous shop!

And I must confess that Dianne and I both caved a bit when it came to the sale table – what can I say?  Very fun fabrics at only $4.50 a yard.  It was one of those 1 yard minimum kind of things – so we found pieces we both liked and split so we each had half yards.  I got out of there for under $20.00 so I’m a happy girl!

It would be very dangerous to live near by though – ask Dianne – she will tell you how she has had fabric mysteriously follow her home on numerous occasions.  LOL!


Walking along the river.

It was just the most perfect day, so peaceful! 


Can you smell spring??  Heavenly!


Fabulous old tile entries!

I love entry tile outside of vintage shops.  And this little town has many!  Do I see some border ideas happening here?


How about here?


Oh fun!!

Look closely at this one…there is an extra adjustment made so this one would turn the corners where it should…an extra doololly in the center, a partial motif.  I didn’t even catch it until I posted this photo here.  Whatever it takes!


Hexie Letters.  What history!


Lovely treadle in the antique mall – one I’d never seen before:


New Crown.

But the quilts, oh the quilts!  There are too many to post individually, so I put them in the following video.  Click to play and enjoy:

There were SO MANY!! WE just had the best time laying them out, checking out the fabrics, commenting on this or that.

Oh yes, antiquing is much more fun with quilty friends in tow.


This precious is coming home!

This was a hand crafted item, made from fired clay and hand painted.  The woman is sewing on a treadle and the detail is amazing.  $18.00.  For all of that artistry.  I couldn’t leave her there. You should see the braid detail of her hair! She is coming to Quiltville Inn to live.


And so is this box.

It will likely go in one of the bedrooms. Cute vintage notions box, made in Japan.  On its way home to Virginia.

We had a great time with the “Find the weirdest thing!” contest.


Partridge Family Bus Mirror??



Creepy nun doll parts in original box.


We laughed until our sides hurt, and before we knew it it was time to get ourselves in gear so we could be over to the church to set up for the evening arrival of all the guild members and visiting quilters from all around.

(Still giggling about nun parts in a box…..)


Last night’s bustling crowd!

Oooooh, the raffle quilt – GORGEOUS!

We finished the evening with meeting and greeting and happy smiles.  And we do it again this morning, so everything was hustled off to the church library where it spent the night on lock up and we’ll pull it all out again for this morning’s day meeting followed by a half day Basket-weave Strings workshop.

Nearly 10pm by the time we left the parking lot, we realized that we were famished – Dianne and I pulled into a near by A&W for root beer floats to toast the night – boy did that bring back memories of going to A&W as a kid!

I’m sure I was asleep as soon as I head hit the pillow.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage Drunkard’s Path quilt found in Snohomish!

So happy that I get to spend my time sharing something I love so much and brings me so much happiness – with those who feel the same way.

Have a delightful Wednesday, folks!


  1. I really like that sweet red-white-blue Log Cabin in your slideshow, and your figurine is a lovely piece of craftsmanship. Fun!

  2. Love the finds for the Quiltville Inn! The border ideas are way cool on those doorway entries. Glad you had a fun day playing with Quilty friends.

  3. What a fun, fun day! Thanks for sharing all those beautiful quilts. Those nun parts will crack me up all day!

  4. Sister Mary Elephant! So *that's* where she ended up.

  5. I must have missed it. What is the name of the fuild you were visiting? I'm just a short drive from Snohomish, but I didn't realize you were going to be there! Bummer for me.

    1. The guild is called Quilter's Anonymous and Bonnie's talk was just awesome last night. I was thrilled to be invited by my guild friends to come hear her speak.

  6. Shortcut to happiness - quilting? Have you MADE a Bonnie Hunter quilt? Hardly a short cut to ANYTHING!!! HA HA HA!!

  7. Lovely entrances. I like the finds for the inn.

  8. Oh! Bonnie and friends you crack me up. Off to the races in those hats I think.

  9. Bonnie your lecture last night was so fun and informative. I feel so blessed to have been able to meet you and enjoyed your talk and your quilts. Thanks again from one of your biggest fans.

  10. My Mother had one of those little notions boxes when I was a child - so many years ago! I loved seeing this one. It will be perfect at the Quiltville Inn.

  11. Washington has sure given you a warm welcome! The weather this time of year is not always so lovely, Haha! Snohomish is a great little town, I need to go see the stuff you found. I just live down the road...Thank you for coming and sharing the quilt love. I enjoyed your lecture.

  12. I am going to Seattle in June. And will be staying 30 minutes south of Snohomish, I might just have to get my sister to take me to the quilt shop. It looks fabulous!

  13. OMG, Bonnie....the things you find. Love to follow you in your travels. I never laughed so hard at the creepy nun doll parts. I was having kind of a crappy day until I came across that in your blog...thank-you 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  14. I had to look up the Partridge Family Bus. The mirror looks a bit like it. The first thing I thought was: Piet Mondriaan's Boogie Woogie! What can I say, I'm Dutch ;-)


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