Thursday, May 10, 2018

Morning Lectures and Afternoon String Blocks…

Double Duty Days can leave one a bit numb by bedtime – but oh, the quilter-connectivity they bring!

As I have noted earlier, there is a definite difference between evening guild meetings, and morning ones.  

And it’s understandable – an evening meeting at the end of a very long work day for many – dealing with traffic issues and carrying the weight of the job they just left still on their shoulders – Evening meetings are just one more thing added to an already heavy work schedule and a very long day.

Morning meetings?  All happy and smiles….greeting folks they haven’t seen since last month’s meeting, catching up on all of the goings-on, there is a reason there is “Joy in the morning….”  There has been a full night’s sleep the night before!

I’m holding here a little shout out to Desa who wasn’t able to join us for yesterday’s workshop due to illness at home, and we missed having her amongst us.  Our thoughts were with you, Desa!  I know the gals will catch you up on anything you missed, and I hope to catch you another time.

Busy morning and a very full house!


Manning the donation quilt table.

GORGEOUS!!  Oh goodness!

I have no info on where to purchase tickets, but you can look up the guild’s website – they are Quilters Anonymous in Shoreline Washington.  There should be a contact email address should you wish to throw your name in the hat for this beauty.


Getting busy with String Piecing 101 aka Basket Weave Strings!

Tutorial from the free patterns tab.

We had time for a quick lunch in between the morning meeting and start of our afternoon workshop.  You know how much I love string piecing – and I was thrilled to be able to give this easy intro to folks who had never done any string piecing before – or had never tried it on paper foundations instead of fabric.  It was a win/win!

We talked about the 4 things I love in any scrap quilt – Color, Contrast, Value, and Variety and how to put those to work in every block.


We’ve got it going on here!


Stringin’ with my Besties!


*Singing*  “99…..oooohhhh!” “99….I love you….”

This is the soundtrack for my high school years…

But back to quilting!


Our 3 hours flew by way too quickly!

But they got so much done, and the quilts are going to be FUIN and GORGEOUS!


A smattering of blocks!

More fun in the video below (to help get the 99 ear worm out of your head…thank you very much!)  Click to play:

Great job, everyone!


Dinner at Arnie’s in Edmonds!

Of course if I’m on the coast – I’m going to go for the seafood!  The little bit of cloud cover made the bits of sun peeking though that much more dynamic on the water.  So many colors and reflections.


And the smoked salmon wasn’t bad either!


And the ferry just went back and forth adding to the ambiance!

I was in bed fairly early – still not quite adjusted to this pacific time zone thing.  And I suppose that is just as well as I head back home tomorrow.  And there is some news from the home front:



News from home- the first BIG purchase for Quiltville Inn! The property is nearly an acre and the grass will soon be ankle high. Grateful for son Jeff and his landscaping job and the people he put us in touch with to get what we need. In the right color of course!

It might be a while before we are ready for quilting guests, but the grass needs attention NOW!

Today’s workshop is Tropical Twist from the Addicted to Scraps book  – I’m ready for a fun day ahead.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Positive or negative - you are in control of what you allow into your life.

What will you let in today?  What will you leave out?

Have a Terrific Thursday, folks!


  1. Yeah for a Day of fun Strippy stitching. Ooo, a Cheddar lawn mower. Have a great day in Shoreline. Safe travels home for the Mother's Day weekend.

  2. I never liked evening meetings - too tired from the full day and ready to chill at night

  3. What a fun day you had. May your Inn be blessed with happy memories only. Shake off the demands of others and do what you need for your dream! This is your time to shine.

  4. I'm glad our guild meetings are in the evening to allow people like me to attend. Most of the activities are during the day, and I find myself busy with other life stuff to join in weekend bees or the like, but it's nice to take that one night a month just for me.

  5. I'm not telling my husband about the Scag!


  6. Loved the 99 music video—my high school days too!��

  7. I am grinning ear to ear listening to that song. There are much worse earworms, for sure. Who else would be sure to have a cheddar lawnmower? Thanks for the smile.

  8. I had no idea that was what they were singing — i Listen to 70s and 80s now and am astounded by the lyrics to songs I always listened to years ago - apparently never thought about the words. I have 2 99’s so now I’ll be thinking of that every time I see them! Thanks!

  9. Oh, it sounds like you and the ladies up there in Snohomish are having a lovely time! I had to laugh just a little when I read your line about Color and Contrast, Value and Variety... I remember reading about that here on your blog some years ago, and took it to heart, and even referenced it in a recent blog post (https://tinkerstitch.blogspot.com/2018/05/nancys-quilt-finished.html) about a quilt that is not from one of your patterns... but is very definitely inspired by your style and what I have learned from you.

    Thank you for everything you do, Bonnie! You inspire so many of us every day, in so many different ways.

  10. Thank you so much for the wonderful day!! I really enjoyed the trunk show and class. Paula & Ozzie (301)

  11. Oh, I love string piecing! Sew fun! And congratulations on your first big purchase for the inn - my husband would just love one of those zero turn mowers!


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