Monday, May 14, 2018

A Mother’s Day of Stitching, Kitting & Reflecting…

It’s nearly the end of a hexie era!

I think I’ve spent nearly the last 5 to 6 years working on this quilt top as my “on the go” project, busy bag in hand for many travels from international to domestic.  It’s seen SO many countries, witnessed so many memories!

And it isn’t that this project isn’t going to see anything else – there is still a lot to come after I finish attaching the last half of the last border.

I’m looking forward to many happy evenings of stitching with my feet up in the recliner or comfy stitching chair at the cabin.

Maybe I’ll be stitching on this during evening visits with the retreaters at Quiltville Inn

All I know is that this quilt holds so much of the past many years, and there are more years in front of this quilt than are behind it.

Oh yes, Jeff will get this quilt EVENTUALLY, as will Jason – who’s quilt is in the quilting process but hasn’t been touched in a couple of months due to other deadlines and busy schedules. (queen size basted quilts don’t travel as well!)

Does this mean I’ll likely never make ANOTHER hexie quilt? No!  I love hexies!  I think I just need a break for a while….

But this border keeps coming back to mind!

(From last week’s visit to Snohomish, Washington)

Hexagons are by far my favorite English Paper Piecing shape because the angles are so easy to join.  I’m sure I’ll be back to them in at some point.

So what’s up, doc?


Cutting diamonds on the Accuquilt Studio!

Do you remember the stars I was making in preparation for our China trip – and they ended up in the Rishi digital pattern? 

I have so many diamond papers left over that I thought I’d start in on making a bigger quilt than the wall hanging version in the pattern.

In this photo I have layered two scraps – all I need is 3 diamonds of each fabric, and I’ve got one star set ready to add background diamonds to.


Sample block laid out!

These diamonds are 1/4’’ bigger than my papers, and due to the size of the diamonds, I will be basting THROUGH the paper because the sides are more than 1 ‘’ and I like my fabric snug against the papers (without glue – not a fan.)


Instant quilt – just add thread!

I think I’ll be set for at least a year on these! LOL!

I cleaned out and reloaded my busy bag with the things I need for this project – and only packed 8 block kits as I KNOW I won’t get any more than that done during this trip to New Hampshire.  I have long flights to England scheduled for August so I just kept cutting, enjoying my Mother’s Day with my music playing in the background.  It felt great to putter.

The sizes of the diamonds (And a free pdf page to print your own foundation papers) are included in the Rishi Pattern.  Why not make some along with me and we can see what they will become!


Evening Sadie walkies as evening fell.

It’s gotten to that point where you either get your walk in early early in the morning, or wait until late evening when the sun is not blaring down.

Saturday it was 92!  NINETY TWO!?  Such a late late spring, and then BAM into summer.

The Rhododendrons, however, LOVE the heat and humidity (which has come back with a vengeance) and are happily showing off their best colors.

Evening walks during my favorite time of day are a great way to reflect on things that have happened since LAST Mother's Day, to contemplate all of the  Mother's Days I have lived through as a Mother - and give gratitude to the powers that be that have blessed me so abundantly in my life.

Monday home.  What will I do with it?  Mundane normal stuff and I love it.

My car’s maintenance light came on while driving home from Georgia which lets me know it’s time for an oil change.

I’ve got that scheduled for this morning (YES!  New busy bag project in hand!) and then after a couple of errands, I’m off to Virginia! 

String Frenzy!

My book manuscript is back for final edits, in what we call “FLOW”  and it is my last chance to check everything over and get everything right.  


Jeff is at work, The Hubster is on a biz trip to New York, and I’m by myself anyway – so I think a couple nights at the cabin with some time at Quiltville Inn, and some time with peace and quiet and final edits will do this girl good.  

My deadline is June 4th, so I have time to do more AFTER New Hampshire, but I want to take a load over to the retreat house and just say hello to those walls and start nesting.

The post office building (CAN’T WAIT!) can also use a clean up and a dust out and some decision making for when we move the mail order fulfillment center in there before the release of String Frenzy.

Remember, those who wait and order when I make it available in the Quiltville Store will be helping Quiltville Inn with your support, and you will be receiving TWO free digital PDF patterns as a thank you at purchase.  So hold off on pre-ordering anywhere else - it's worth it!

Adding a mop/broom/bucket/Windex/paper towel run to my day -

Photos to come!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Dresden Plate quilt found in Illinois.

Let’s begin!


  1. Glad you had a quiet day to putter! Those don't happen very often for you. Always enjoy your updates and like knowing String Frenzy is the FLOW mode. Enjoy your time doing normal things this Monday and taking time to visit Quiltville Inn, the PO building, and the cabin. Your dreams are a swirling reality now!! Hugs, Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas USA

  2. Enjoy your quiet Monday time. It's good seeing you relaxing and enjoying your dreams. Can't wait to see your new published book--yes, so many I want to make in the other ones but always like what you give us.
    Have a great week and be careful!

  3. Enjoy your time at home.....we'll wait for your book :0) I enjoy looking at your books for some down time for myself :0) Happy Sewing!

  4. Yea for cabin and Quiltville Inn time. Have a great week. It's Quilt Market in Portland. Gonna see what's new!! Love the Dresden quilt in today's Quiltville Quote. The Diamond Stars will be awesome to stitch in your travels.

  5. Enjoy your day! It sounds busy but doing the satisfying small details. I just finished ORL top and am ready to get it quilted. I believe that quilt had more matching and pinning that any other quilt I've done. And I loved every minute of it! Thanks, Bonnie. Cherry Boom

  6. I'm not sure I want your hot weather, but I'd sure like it warmer here. It was 40 this morning and raining. Trees at least sre responding to more daylight like so it's looking like spring anyway. How lovely for you to have a tew days to putter and visit your new purchase.

  7. “Instant quilt-just add thread” I love that.

  8. I am so glad you had a great day. Do you have a pattern for this quilt yet. placement wise for stars

  9. I'm glad to know that you've had a little "down" time. You need to take care of you..I'm looking forward to "Scrap Frenzy" book coming out. Also love hearing about your plans to the Quiltville Inn. Be well and have fun with your "diamonds" I wish that you had time to come across the border from NH to visit me in Maine. Have a good trip.

  10. not blog related....when the datebooks are available, can you show an inside page so we can see the setup? thanks!

  11. A new book -- how exciting! But the Big Question is: how are you gonna quilt HexAmazing?

  12. Will you be taking preorders for your new book?

  13. Bonnie what are you going to name your hexie quilt that you worked on for so many years while traveling. How's about "Travel Time Memories".

  14. Love your 6 pointed star Bonnie!
    Wish I could start it too but I promised myself that the UFO's have to be finished first!
    Bet your head must be spinning at times so many things. Red to be done getting everything ready in that. Beautiful place!
    You are one amazing lady and so talented!
    G-D bless you,
    Yoka Bazilewich
    PS: I have a lot of very nice quilt books would love to donate them to your beautiful new place!

  15. Looking forward to pre-ordering because I love your string quilts. Thank you for all you do to make these amazing projects available to us.


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