Tuesday, May 08, 2018

On Wings to Washington!

Flying over snow capped mountains is always a “stop, pay attention, and reflect” kind of thing.

The magnificence of this world we live in – the vastness. 

It’s times like this when I realize what a small little speck of dust I am on the face of this planet, and in its history.

And I am grateful for the opportunity to witness such beauty.

It is at this point that the captain comes on the overhead announcing “Ladies & gentlemen, we have started our descent into the Seattle area – flight attendants, please make the cabin ready for our arrival….”

We are almost there!

I quickly packaged up what remains of my hexie project – 1 1/2 rosettes is all that remains until border #4 is complete and ready to attach to the mothership – another spot on the timeline of my life.
Click to play:

It was a rush of getting bags – Dianna was there to meet me at baggage claim and when we were at the curb, we texted Patsy who was waiting in the cell phone lot to swing by and get us.

What did I want to do?  Was I hungry? (not really – I try to get onto local time and habits as quickly as possible) Was there anything I wanted to see?  Oh yes – everything!  And off we went.


Downtown Seattle Drive-by!

The camera image is greatly zoomed in at this point, but it was still a miracle photo as we were driving pretty fast as I was snapping away.

What a gorgeous day!  Let’s make the most of it!


Down along the shore.


Over to see the pier!

I love the smell of the salty briny air – and the sunshine felt so wonderful!

Check this out for an optical illusion:


Ferry over the wall.

Doesn’t the water the ferry is on look higher than the water in the forefront?  It’s no different!  I was just boggled – so interesting!


Dianna and I caught in the act of selfie-taking.

The afternoon was still ours.  It was a couple of hours before dinner time yet, and we hatched a plan…..Antique mall time!


Hello, Gorgeous!


Improved Eldredge Rotary.

Gorgeous cabinet, but parlor cabinets are not my favorite – I am too tall to stitch comfortably within their boxy bodies.  However, the couple that I do have will be finding new residence at Quiltville Inn!


The quilts were plenty, and this top was giant!



Oh the simplicity!

We spread it out on the floor and sat for the longest time examining all of the fabrics which date through the 1920s and 1930s.  The muslin background is quite rough – likely flour sacking.  There are some gathers and easing to make it all work – the blocks were pieced by hand, as are the sashing – many pieces joined together to achieve the right length in places.

I love how the “dark” squares are the 4 side ones, leaving the lights in the corners…and all the while my mind is screaming LEADER & ENDER PROJECT!  I’ve already got a different plan in the works for this year, but maybe next year we can go back to simplicity and do something like this?  I love it!  (And I would so quilt this with Baptist fans if given half a chance.)


Check out the appliqued flower pots!

And notice that bias tape border!  The bias tape was stitched down by machine close to the two sides.  The curves are free form, not meant to be even.  The pots were all appliqued by hand.  FUN!


Sweet 1930s  bonnet girls!


Check out the embroidery detail.  SO CUTE!


Winding Ways in Pink & White.


Such a great mirror image design of circles.

Positive/negative in all of its splendor.


But this one….It’s hard to see the embroidery, but -


How cute is this?


Turkey gobbler!


Electric trolley!

The embroidery was finely done, and this quilt was loved to death over its life.  Who was this quilt made for?  What was the story behind each and every square?  There are dogs, and birds, chickens, flowers, fruit, and more than one reference to Daisy:


Daisy: 1921


Daisies peep from every field.

There are squirrels and a donkey, a couple of Sunbonnet Sue figures either doing laundry (Monday) or doing housework (Tuesday)  and so many other things.

I snatched this one up and purchased it for $40.00.  it was too precious to leave behind.  I slept with it last night.

Perhaps it will find its place draped over the yellow gingham chair I picked up in Lavonia on Saturday?

This quilt was lovingly made and loved threadbare by Daisy.  And now by me.


This wouldn’t fit my luggage!

But I want it!


Dinner at the Taco Truck!

When in doubt, follow the locals to the best eateries - in this case, the taco truck! The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we enjoyed eating outside at picnic tables and sharing much conversation!

So happy to be here – today is a day to play as well, (And adjust the body clock to Pacific time) until lecture time this evening!

There is supposed to be a ferry ride happening – but I woke up this morning to rain.  We’ll see how that goes.  If the rain doesn’t go away, there are also more antique shops, lunch out and a couple of fun quilt shops in near by Snohomish!

For those who follow my other social media either via Facebook or Instagram, you may have seen my Quiltville Inn kitchen sneak peek.  For those who follow me here, click to play:

Like any home, the heart of Quiltville Inn is the kitchen! The first time I walked into this kitchen it spoke to me.

From the old style farmhouse sink to the gas range and the double sets of doors that open to the huge wrap around porch and the flowing creek beyond, I knew this was a place where Quilters would love to start their day, grabbing a cup of coffee or tea and taking it out to the porch to say hello to the morning in preparation for a long quilting day ahead!

Incoming questions have had me laughing daily. 

There have been requests to offer “organic vegan fare” as well as people letting me know that they can’t have onion or garlic, no dairy, no eggs, gluten free, paleo, low carb, kosher, whatever their dietary need is way way way ahead of time.

I know how it goes.  Things are not like they were 50 years ago where we would all eat the same thing.

And it is because of this that we are planning to offer up this beautiful kitchen for YOUR USE.  Meals will be prepared by YOU, so you can take care of your specialty needs.

You will be able to coordinate meal prep with your group so you can have it the way you want and need it.

As to the person who emailed and said “I hope you don’t have cats, I am deathly allergic – “ Well, I do have a cat.  She won’t be at retreat, but I can’t guarantee that I or any other retreaters haven’t held a cat that day, giving it a fond farewell hug before heading off to retreat.  I can’t guarantee that someone’s clothing (or fabric) doesn’t have cat hair or that the quilt they brought with them doesn’t have residual cat love on it.

If you are deathly allergic, maybe you should find another venue. Or bring your epi-pen.

I was asked if I am putting in an elevator.  NO.  This is a historic home built in 1884.  I can’t afford an elevator, nor do I want to change the house to accommodate one.

Please understand that I love my handicapped readers.  I am not able at this time to make this house accessible to all due to the historic nature of this home and the strong desire to preserve it in its original state.

All 5 bedrooms are accessed by 2 staircases. You must be able to do stairs to get to the bedrooms.  I have no plan to build another bedroom off the house on the main level.  

Again, historic home with long time ties to this community.  

For those who can’t do stairs, I’m sorry, but I will be unable to accommodate you. For those who live local, I may try to work out an arrangement where you “day camp” with us, but return home to sleep in your own bed at night. I will have a ramp up from the ground to the back porch door (2 steps high) for wheeling in machines, etc.

I will not have "couples" rooms for your hubby to come stay with you.  There is no "man cave" for them to spend their time while the quilters sew. 

There are no motor home hook-ups nor do I plan to install any.

There will be no accommodations for children, and no pets allowed.

For the person looking for the nearest dialysis center - we are 25 Blue Ridge mountain miles from Jefferson, North Carolina.  I don't know if they have a center or not.

Please understand that this purchase has already strapped me  - it will be worth it, but in the mean time there will be no income from retreaters to help with the mortgage and bathroom remodels and work room remodels and furniture purchases and everything that has to happen before I can even accept guests.

So these crazy requests are just way too soon, and way beyond what I am capable of handling.

I am overwhelmed with requests even for bookings.  And at this point we are not booking as we don’t have a hard and fast opening date due to the things I mentioned above.

The best way to be “in the know” is to sign up for my newsletter, and to watch this blog.

It is likely that our first year will be booked by lottery system.  I will be booking groups of 16.  So gather your peeps, and be waiting!

The nearest airports to Mouth of Wilson, Virginia are Charlotte NC, Greensboro NC, and Roanoke VA - all 2 to 3 hours away.  There is no shuttle.  Uber doesn't come here. You will need to rent a car.  Or a van, and bring your whole group.

And with that, I’m off to breakfast!


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Winding Ways quilt found in Edmonds, Washington.

One thing I must always remember when things feel out of control!

Happy Tuesday, folks!


  1. Please understand that I love my handicapped readers. I am not able at this time to make this house accessible to all due to the historic nature of this home and the strong desire to preserve it in its original state.

    1. I totally understand your decisions. You cannot let things bother you that cannot be accomplished. So much work and planning, I don't envy you that part. But the finished product..WOW.

  2. Shook my head in disbelief as I read the answers to the questions, really? lol My hope is that you have fun getting the Inn ready to open and knowing that dreams can come true! I did have a little fantasy daydream that hubby and I could be the caretakers until you and Dave retire!

  3. Keep sharing pictures of the Quiltville Inn. Sorry about the outrageous questions! Have fun in Washington. You're just in the opposite corner of my home state.
    I love that quilts you found. And is that a 'mangle'?? I would be tempted too.

    1. Yes, it's a mangle. I just finished using mine about ten minutes ago. I love reading this blog, and I love reading about your new Inn. Mangles are fantastic for ironing flat stuff but they also do a great job on most of anything, once you figure out how it works. I've had mine for about 15 years, and couldn't do without it.

  4. Bonnie, I have been following you only a year or so and love your quilts. Have a couple projects started but nothing complete yet. It just floors me how some people can be so “demanding”! They expect you to accommodate their every need. You just build your dream and live your life without trying to please everyone! God bless you!

  5. Whoever remodeled that kitchen did a beautiful job of making it look appropriate to the age of the house. Really lovely, and looks like it will be easy and efficient to work in.

    Bonnie, I'm sorry you're already being bombarded with demands and special requests. I spent several years working as a guide in a historic house museum, and well-meaning folks sometimes don't understand that there's only so much you can do in an antique building. You just cannot bring them up to modern accessibility codes. That's just reality.

    We all know you'll do everything you reasonably can to welcome as many folks as possible. Here's hoping people give you enough time to take a breath and heck, let the keys warm up in your hand for a minute!

  6. Love the new quilt retreat venue. I am fascinated with historic homes an am looking forward to seeing more pictures. Thanks for all you do.

  7. Well, you made me belly laugh this morning!!! Cats? Vegan? Low Carb? Oh my goodness!!!! I love people. Just enjoy and do exactly what you want. Build it and they will come as they say. Quit sweating the small stuff and enjoy the moment. I am just so excited for you! This is fun - have fun with it!!!!

  8. Wow! I’m amazed! You keep your love on in the midst of the demands. Your retreat center will be fabulous. What a great accomplishment! Enjoy Washington!

  9. Bonnie, I hope none of this takes the shine off this quilting retreat and living your dream. I know people with special needs of any sort get tired of feeling they must miss out on things, but unfortunately any place has it's limits as to who and what needs they can accommodate. You are a small enterprise. Please just keep doing what you are doing, sharing your quilting talent, gift, and your love and bright attitude with the world.

  10. With all the challenges you mentally listed (or even physically--I would've!) when pondering the leap into this new adventure, was "expectation of accommodating every need of every type of human" ever considered? What an eye-opening post for anyone considering this type of business! Thank you for sharing some of the background noise and stresses you're slogging through.

  11. Oh my gosh. All of these requests and demands had me laughing out loud. Please don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s your dream. Your money. Your Inn. Your timeline. Your choices. We are all just along for the wonderful ride 😊

  12. Oh Bonnie, the requests, the honesty, the dream. You make it so easy to love you. And I do. Thanks for sharing your life with us. It gives more shine to my day. Rhonda

  13. Oh, your post made me laugh today. I totally understand that you are not excluding anyone. You can only do what you can do. You are trying to live your dream and so many others want to tell you how to live it. I have a quote for you today from Ricky Nelson..."You see, ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself." There are many of us out here waiting to share your dream. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  14. Hey Bonnie, I can live on bread and jelly and peanut butter is OK too. I usually eat anything that is offered me :-) No complaints. Also do stair climbing for exercise--no problem there. Love cats and dogs, own many. Only request is that Chocolate be allowed in the sewing area. Would love to come. Putting it on my bucket list.

  15. Heavens to Betsy! All those questions, requests and demands must be mind-boggling. 'Patience is a virtue' people! Also, it is what it is, and it will be what it will be. Not everything in life is supposed to be 'one size fits all'. LOL I'm just happy for you. Pleasant dreams of Quiltville Inn x

  16. I'm floored by the special "requests" you've had before you've opened your doors or barely taken a breath! People can be demanding beyond belief! Do what you can and forget the rest! All who are able to come will love their time! Is that a mangle you let behind? I haven't seen one in years.

  17. I just had to laugh and read some of this off to my husband as I was reading. You specifically stated when you wrote about this purchase that you would not be open for awhile and for people to be so obsessed with you to be making these request is crazy -- People - get a life and let Bonnie get to the point when she is going to be opening her retreat center to get all your info.

  18. What is the thing that wouldn't fit in your suitcase? I couldn't figure out what it was, maybe some kind of pressing machine?

  19. I'm sorry so many people are making requests for special consideration at your new retreat center. You can't please all of the people all of the time. . . . Without even asking I knew I wouldn't be able to go there but enjoy seeing all the pictures. Why can't people be happy with what they DO have? I happy to have YOU in my mailbox daily. See you tonight.

  20. I, too, am amazed at the kinds of requests/questions you are already receiving. I hope that you can remain your beautiful positive self as you implement this dream, even when things get crazy. I like your idea of having the guests prepare their own food. People are getting weirder and weirder about food nowadays. We all have something or some type of food we can't eat for health, allergy, religious, or other reasons. So, big deal, just don't eat it and enjoy what you can of the meal. I don't think each of us can expect the world to meet all of our needs all the time. Love what you are doing, keep laughing, and have wonderful fun bringing YOUR dream to life!

  21. It always amazes me as to the 'requests' that are thrown out for SOMEONE else to accommodate others. I always believed if I want to do something it is up to me to find the way to do it. Please ignore and/or laugh at this silliness. Enjoy your new adventure with Quiltville Inn. Don't let others make your dream a nightmare. I am patiently waiting, as I do so hope to visit someday. But I will enjoy your stories watching it all come together while I wait. I do so enjoy your daily musings.

  22. I find it utterly stupefying the "requests" people feel no compunction what-so-ever about making of you.....Shesh!! I look forward to seeing the progress on the wonderful new chapter of Quiltville. Congratulations :)

  23. I smiled when I saw the mangle. As I grew up, the mangle was as much a part of our lives as was the iron. This was before 'no iron' and with a family of 8, we had bushels (no kidding) of ironing. Mom sat at the mangle and was an expert - she could do pants, shorts, etc. My sisters and I were at the ironing board. For sure a whole day or day and a half task.

  24. I am very happy for you that you have found your dream place to take you and your hubby into a wonderful retirement for the two of you.
    The best part of all of this is that you get to have company when you want it, and on your terms. Stick to that goal, and your retirement will be golden!

  25. I tried to visit Quilt Mayhen while in Snohomish last week, they were closed for a grand re-opening this past weekend, alas, I had to head home to Florida. Please if you get a chance let us know what we are missing out on!!!

  26. I'm loving your pictures and post's, and so loving them about Quiltville Inn. Do what YOU have to do Bonnie, I'm in agreement with all you've said about getting the retreat ready. I am so hoping I will be able to come when you do open.
    Love old buildings and this house is a treasure!😁

  27. Oh Bonnie! I guess I shouldn't read your posts at work. I was laughing so hard at some of the ridiculousness. It is so amazing that others want to turn your dream into a nightmare. It's YOUR dream and you have been nice enough to share it with us. My only concerns are, don't ban chocolate and please don't let others selfish me - me attitudes have you shut us out of your dream. We should be so grateful that you are willing to share the ride with us. Bonnie, do it your way. If others don't like it, they don't need to come. Keep dreaming your dream and keep your bright, positive smile.

  28. The embroidered blue framed white swquare quilt is so precious. You've made my day with your Quiltville Kitchen and I am so looking forward to the day I can share a cuppa with you at one of your classes.

    Thank you for doing this and sharing your progress. I keep you in my prayers daily for the good feelings you bring to so many of us.

    Loretta McGinn

  29. You have indeed had some interesting questions....er... demands. People just need to understand that their every want and need will not and cannot be accommodated. Hey, I'd love to see that lovely old house, and you along with it, transported to the wilds of Nebraska, but I also have enough sense to know something like that could never happen. LOL I'm going to enjoy seeing what you do with the place.

  30. I too am amazed that so soon people are making requests and demands about what they want YOUR retreat paradise to be. I am glad you have a sense of humor and can take this all in stride. Enjoy the process of creating. Talk with your "advisors" and see what works. I'm pretty sure you are also flexible enough to change an idea when it is not working. Again...enjoy your new to you old house. :)

  31. I am sitting here shaking my head and picturing how you must have reacted to so many 'questions' being asked so so so so early. I am looking forward to watching your dream plan come to fruition. Your vision of preserving the historic value of the property makes my heart sing. God bless you for your patient and kind responses to all of the early inquiries.

  32. That Kitchen! Oh my! As I was watching the pictures of the kitchen I thought...man I have to go for no other reason than to see this house! Love it! Thanks for wanting to preserve the history! I just hope we get to schedule antique mall excursions with you! Love your new quilt acquistion!

  33. Oh my!!! So, so, so funny from my perspective...although maybe not from yours!!! LOL. Have a great evening, Bonnie!!

  34. As I said in my first comment about your inn, I want to stay a month (!!!!!) and I'll cook. I'll even sleep on the couch, whatever makes you happy!!!! And the others can just drool, pout or whine. It's your retreat so have a ball fixing it up. Like I said, Tennessee really isn't that far ��

  35. It's not much fun to be handicapped and feel left out, but don't stew. There are other retreats in other historical houses that are handicapped accessible. Just google for them.

  36. I really don't understand how people have rained on your parade. It is unbelievable that they are asking you to make things usable to them without realizing how difficult it would be to please everyone. Just enjoy the process of getting things set up and put all those questions on the back burner. I think your plan sounds WONDERFUL

  37. Your dream, your financing, your way!

  38. Oh Bonnie you have to watch the Kevin James comedy special on netflix called "Don't never give up" ... he does a hilarious set on all these special requests/dietary issues!

  39. You made it to my hometown in Edmonds! We've been having some great weather too. If I caught wind that you would be at Quilt Mayhem, I would have stalked the shop all day to say hi (and I'm still working on my retreat project from Royal Ridges last year!). Try and just enjoy your retreat center dream and don't worry about the rest. I may never be able to make it out that way to experience it, but I love seeing it come to life through you.

  40. Maybe we start a guessing game as to how many times you get these types of requests! You might want to create a standard paragraph so you can copy and paste, because I'm sure it will happen over and over! I hope to visit your retreat one day - just have to find 14 others interested in coming! (Have one so far!)

  41. I wish you so much success with your new adventure, Bonnie. It's so funny some of the requests that people have. It doesn't hurt for them to ask, but ultimately it's YOUR business to run how you would like to! I was wondering what the size of those nine patches were in that amazing quilt you shared?

  42. Here's a suggestion for your marketing. Quiltville Inn Retreat Center, A NO Whine Zone.
    Sorry for all the pushy people. Just do it your way, that is all that counts.

  43. Our group of five is looking forward to the day we can make reservations from northern New York. Will pack our lunch bags and be ready for any co tingencies or requirements the Quilt Inn requires.

  44. Quiltville Inn looks wonderful maybe I will have the pleasure of staying there one day. I look forward to seeing every thing come together for you as you make one of your dreams come to life. You are a blessing and a inspiration to us all.

  45. Oh, I broke out laughing at all the requests and things you've had to address so early on in the Quiltville Inn adventure. I did, however, in my excitement, think about asking when we could sign up for a retreat...grin. So looking forward to coming when you're up and running and ready for us. Congrats. We're all excited for you and for us! From Mobile.

  46. This is an "I" "ME" world, unfortunately. Your post was hilarious. This is "your party" and you should "do what you want to do" as the song says. Keep a list of all this "ME" stuff, will make great copy in one of your up coming books like 'QUILTVILLE COMES TO LIFE'. Please don't let these "I ME" people ruin your plans, your fun, your dreams because the rest of us a loving living your life vicariously and that brings much joy to a lot of people. Maybe you can even find one of those life size card board cut outs of RICKY NELSON that you can put at the entrance with his quote on it, just to get things started right. Blessings to you for all you do for us, your loving fans, and even those not quite so loving.

  47. Bonnie, you have the patience of a saint! Sorry you are being bothered by self centered people who want the world to revolve around their needs.I hope their demands do not take away from your amazing dream.
    I wasn't able to join you in Sept - due to the fires - but I sure hope to sew with you one day! Bucket list item.
    Your Inn will be amazing because it was created by you!

  48. GOBSMACKED...I think is a good way to say "what are these people thinkng!" You are handling it so well. Are they not really reading what you are writing.Good luck to you in your new adventure and I hope your patience level holds out!! Smile and laugh...it might be your circus but they are not your monkeys!!(so to speak)

  49. Welcome to Seattle! I'm a few hours west of there, and have only been into Seattle a few times myself. What fun it would be to be able to meet you in person!
    Your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    As far as your business goes, it can be hard to make the decisions you have had to make. But it is your place and business, you need to do what you need to do!

  50. People can be a pain in the @$^%! I will almost bet you that one or more of these entitled complainers will go as far as trying to sue for discrimination of whatever handicap they have.......Ignore them dear Bonnie and go and create your dream!! Hugs to you!

  51. I cannot believe the requests. I found it absolutely ridiculous

  52. My husband suggested you have a bidding system for your first year versus a lottery. This way people can get the week they want and you benefit as well.

  53. Bonnie, I love! that country kitchen and the porch looks so welcoming! Tune out the crazy demands and enjoy the process of creating a fabulous quilt retreat. Hoping to be able to visit once you are ready to hang out your 'Open" sign - don't think you will ever need to hang out a "Vacancy" sign. - Mary Beth

  54. You are probably wishing that you had not even mentioned your wonderful purchase until it was ready for guests! I can't believe that people can expect so much! I hope that one day in the future I will get to enjoy quilting at your beautiful house...and I would even cook for you...just you, just to enjoy that kitchen!

  55. Absolutely incredible what people are wanting or demanding of a historic home retreat center that is far from being open. Places I have gone over the years have said if you need something special bring it yourself then you get what you want! Even though it looks fantastic already I can just imagine one project after another to get it to code for your purpose. Electric alone $$$$ you need so many more plugs in bedrooms, bathrooms and especially sewing/classroom. Will you put plugs in the floor? I've seen that in older homes. They are covered by the floor boards but they have a knot hole let's say that one lifts and ta-da recessed outlets! You don't see them unless you look.(just an idea). **I do hate to ask a very busy tired person but is there any way you can tell us the price of the machines, Quilts,etc. that you share on the blog? I never know if someone is honest or not when I see things. You have a keen eye for these beautiful items. Thanks, Robin quiltyladyrr@gmail.com

  56. Reading your blogs over time I have become concerned for your health with all the travel, adn all the stress it is putting on your body. I am so happy for you that you soon, down the road, will have a venue to teach without all the travel. I am excited for you in this and happy that this will be happening.

  57. Remember it is your dream and you do it the way you want. Be strong and tough. You and your inn will always be busy because of the person you are. Keep up the hard work and it will be opening in no time. There will be bookings galore and waiting lists. I just hope people are not rude and put you down for your decisions. Remember the old saying. You can't please all the people all the time, only some people some of the time.
    Live your life / future for you. I'll be reading on and watching your excitement grow.


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